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    By March 2019 is for sure a possibility. Perhaps NS will call it for just before then. Perhaps the Tories will still have a firm grip on the UK and Labour will still be a shambles. Perhaps we will be in an economic mess and out the single market etc. Perhaps 2 years is a long time in politics. Perhaps NS can get the 5ish% swing she needs during the next 2 years. They certainly managed way more than 5% in the 2 years before the last vote. Way, way more. Support for Indy has remained pretty solid despite the predictions of it falling away. Huge support, around 70% in the 16-40 age bracket. Perhaps it's a bit early to be writing NS off. I think it is.
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    Sean Paul Gaultier
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    So, as far as I can tell, last year in January there were 2 Open'er announcements; Friday 22nd Jan: Tame Impala, Caribou, and Vince Staples Wednesday 27th Jan: At the Drive-In, The Last Shadow Puppets, and LCD Soundsystem (headliner) & by the end of January there were 15 international acts confirmed. So hopefully lots of names to come this month
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    Sub Focus releasing new material. Hopefully a live set in The Glade or Sonic rather than a DJ set this year
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    Me after posting that NME link
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    The amount of people waking up this morning to this news with piss all over the bed must be staggering.
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    We will find a way, @Notorious J.O.E. ! Desperados are pretty tasty, beer & tequila
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    Yay! There's a little good news for a Monday

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