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    They aren't one of the most relevant, they are very popular though and would get a high placing, as high as sub I'm not sure...I have ML down as that myself but an NME headliner I wouldn't shocked by. I don't dislike them myself. So did Radiohead! and what?
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    Fabric reopening being announced on the 2nd Dec
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    The farm looking beautiful on a cold frosty morning!
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    I was doing some DIY last night. Painting the ceiling of the back room. Second coat, brilliant white, matt. When I finished I stood back and could see it beginning to dry. That was, by far and away, much more interesting than last night's episode of The Walking Dead. I hate this show.
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    I went mental in the sales. Hitman full season, Batman full season, Gears 4, AC Black Flag, Mafia 3 deluxe, F1 2016, DIRT Rally, Skyrim remaster, Doom. Whoops.
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    Because they're one of the most relevant dance acts in the world right now, I'm not even a fan but that's the truth.

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