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    New Metallica arrived today. Double 180g, sounds magnificent.
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    The besiest, dark, smoke filled rooms of my youth were filled with this exact sound.
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    Just finished up a stream of Watchdogs 2 (Which i'm really enjoying btw) Had loads of interaction and gained a few followers which always makes twitch more fun but Jonathan Dubsky saw my tweet and came into the chat. He plays Josh (aka Hawt Sauce) in the game and seems really proud of it, said it's his first video game role so I was asking about the difference between TV/Film/Stage and video games. Was really interesting to see what he said about Mocap performance and he was telling me about the writers when I was praising the level of detail the game goes into on geek culture. Thought it was really cool of him to come into the stream and discuss the game.
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    Pure squelchy, dreamy, goodness that. Outstanding! Love a late entry.
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