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    This happened to us last year, at a festival that we were stewarding at. Chatting on the first night sitting at the bar. I mentioned my first Glastonbury when there were ladies selling truffles from baskets. A bloke who was a supervisor said "oh it's cake you want then is it? Wait there" He came back with two small cookies and gave us one each. By the time we'd finished a pint we were totally gone and had to help each other back to the tent.
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    Should of asked for Avicii, I heard he's giving up touring at the end of this year so it might of been the last chance to get him on the wow stage. You blew it 42
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    Spent the whole night partying with Bicep literally. Been backstage and everything playing wow tent on the Friday all day (I know!! All day) with guests I expect it to be something similar to what Craig ricards did in 2015 such amazing and nice guys!
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    http://www.essentialibiza.com/news/25-years-of-back-to-basics/ Back To Basics will be opening Glade in 2016! This should be great fun.
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    As shit as everyone says they are I guiltily quite enjoyed the first 4 albums when I was younger, so I'd be happy with them. Everyone thought they were gonna be announced last year to be fair before Metallica were revealed. I think they've gotta be potentially in the running for 2017 if they're around, it'd make sense
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    been reading through this for tips and dates this morning. I thought we were sorted this year, but it turns out far from it! My girlfriend's brother used to get DLA for his dyslexia and other learning issues but because of the Tories he is not eligible for the new version of DLA, PIP. Glastonbury have therefore declined to issue us a PA ticket for his dad to come and as we thought we were home and hosed we never bought him one when we got our other 3. We will be trying in the resale for his dad so we can all go, failing that will have to try for BOTH of them in the secret sales after the refund period on May 6th ends (after refunding the original ticket as we can't be sure his dad will get one and he won't come without his dad). Chrome page monitor is very good, I used it last year on secret resales for a few mates and offered my help to people on here who were struggling. The advantage of the secret resales are that if you already have it loaded and waiting with a monitor on you are the first on. Them few seconds between the monitor going off and See tweeting they have tickets available are vital when it comes to securing your ticket. I could have ordered as many as I liked last year for the first 2/3 mins of the sale.
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    Linkin Park seem long overdue playing Reading again, not really a fan of their newer stuff but they're still a big act and it's been a long time, wonder if they're in with a shout
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    Best video by a country mile , who cares what acts are and aren't playing it really doesn't matter , this place is absolutely magical and if you've never been before you better be prepared for the time of your life , God I can't wait I'm going to explode !!!!!!
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    Just need to add this to the collection for those that missed it
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    That Royal Blood tune is terrible. Worst I've heard by 'em.