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    There's over an hour between the two. Face it, pal, you're in for an evening of two amazing performances back to back.
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    Kermodes "kermodian rant" on Entourage - The Movie has become quite the viral sensation, and rightly so, its a classic.
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    Just watching that now on YouTube, great run of songs
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    Ramsay, his just been misunderstood
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    I guess I just cant imagine watching all the rape, paedophilia and castration scenes with my parents. It'd be far too awkward to have a w*nk.
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    I personally am now rooting for the white walkers.
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    That Ecco the Dolphin offa Sega Mega-Drive was a right mardy bastard...
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    I dont think you have the right to speak for him. How on earth do you know he said this to gain a reaction? And a reaction from whom? People like you? I rather doubt he gives 2 short shits about your reaction. He clearly believes all living things are equal, therefore the slaughter of millions in tortuous conditions ranks higher than the slaughter of 86 to him. And he is far from alone in holding this view. Why is this so hard to grasp? This is what he believes, how dare you assume otherwise just because you do not share this view. Just because you rank the life of a human above the life of an animal doesnt mean everyone does. Perhaps it is you that are the miguided one. How arrogant you are.
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    McDonalds has an awful effect on human lives, let's not forget. It is an awful organisation and must be responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans.
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    Fantastic setlist!
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    Hoping for a few things from The Queen is Dead what with it being it's birthday and all that.
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    Love the setlist, spec the start of it. I know he likes to mix it up but if the played the first 8 in that order I think I might have a little accident in my pants
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    The 2nd one I found earlier and was going to post anyway. The No U was something else i found and thought apt to question your hate of Biffy.
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    Well you'll be glad to know theres more than one stage at Glastonbury to no one is forcing you to watch them or even like them.
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    Not if they're even saggier, you're not! *kabum* *tish* I'll get me coat and me crumpled Tesco bag with me own-brand Value larger and the bag of baccy I got of the Chinese fella round our way and I'll be on me way then....
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    The Song of Ice and Fire, at it's heart, is an ongoing libel against the greatest house in the kingdom. The Lannisters, through sheer force of will and a defunct gold mine, held the seven kingdoms together in peace for twenty years despite the incompetence of the Baratheon usurper. Now the kingdoms are in shit and piss because of uppity northerners who didn't know their place until they were bleeding-out in front of each other, other Baratheons as incompetent as fatso fucksalot, the conspiratorial avarice of a whoremonger and the farmer kings, and a malformed patricidal imp-like creature full of envy, lust, and low cunning. And a baldy gelding who looks like the bloke from the orange Tango ads. The sooner they regroup, lop the heads off the rival families, and have mass hangings of you traitorous gossips, the better for everyone. Then everyone in Wessos can once again reunite against the true threat, the French Dornish.