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    Thoughts go out to Jerry Lawler, horrible thing to happen, spec live on air. I hated Cena's promo at the end, loved his intensity which I wish he could bring every week but the content was total BS. He twisted the truth about Punks title reign just to fit the face/heel dynamic. Calling Punks reign irrelavent basically said "it doesnt matter who the champ is, im top guy round here" and then to say for 300 days Punk has cheated and gone to any means neccesarry is where he started to twist the truth, from my memery for the past 300 days Punk has made the title relevant again by putting on match of the night most PPVs and winning most matches cleanly. Its as if they just let Cena shoot on Punk and then did what they always do with heels, make Punk a coward who couldnt retaliate, total BS.
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