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  2. The last pandemic, Swine Flu, had 55,000 case a week by July 2009. Glastonbury still went ahead as usual the week before. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2009/jul/16/swine-flu-cases-rise-britain People were even diagnosed with it during the festival and they just sent those people home. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/jun/28/glastonbury
  3. What do you guys think of this lineup compared to the last ones over the decade? To be fair I think the main stage is lacking a bit, many names I would've expected to see at the barn are on main stage.
  4. Saw of one festival in Thailand that Foals were meant to be playing, although the band are still going ahead with shows in Singapore and Japan from this weekend. Spain having relatively fewer cases mean its in an OK place for now, but I'm aware the arrival of a large cluster in Italy is easy to cause a bit of anxiety about the whole thing. But I'd leave it a few months yet before the question has to be asked in earnest.
  5. Still four months until Glastonbury. I think I'd be more wary about the suggestion of pulling the plug on this if this is still a big story in April/May, which isn't out of the question, depending on where this story progresses. Until the weekend, I thought it had been beginning to dial back a little, until the news of a rise in cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea pretty much in synchronicity. Definite concern that this happened in 3 separate nations in different areas pretty much at once. I'd already felt a little wary simply by virtue of one of these repatriated Brits quarantines getting put in a hotel very close to my office in Milton Keynes, even if I know they've all since been let out after testing negative 3 times for the infection.
  6. Saw DIIV in Glasgow last night and they were incredible. Tour dates have them in Europe early June. Any rumblings of them playing the farm? Have the been there before actually?
  7. Not sure why they get so much hate
  8. They said on their website since October that the line up is “coming soon” and we got the names in February so i am not sure that we are going to get the announcement this week😬
  9. What are the chances of Mabel to perform at the festival? I hope also to see Celeste - she was amazing at the Brits.
  10. Yes, I think you have a 50% chance, she will say yes or she will say no. Anyway... I think you are wrong. The famous carnival in Venezia just got cancelled. I thing a lot of stuff will be cancelled in the months to come, and it might take a few quarters before it all will normalise, both with respect to fear and to actual spread of the virus.
  11. He's fallen quite a bit down the festival bills since subbing AM at Reading in 2014. Doubt he's got quite the same lustre now.
  12. https://www.dw.com/en/italy-cancels-venice-carnival-amid-coronavirus-crisis-third-person-dies/a-52488725 Not a music festival, but a festival nonetheless...
  13. Hugh Jass

    Ticket touts.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve contributed about 90% of my total rep.
  14. 50 % are you out of your mind ? Like your logic puckno either I bang lana del rey or I wont, does that gives me 50% likelyhood ? I dont think so 😕 There is no way that festival in europe will be cancelled because of corona, only festivals that are being cancelled are chinese new years and festivals in asia around China ( btw death rate from corona is lower then death rate from seasonal flu )...only in some serious zombie apocalypse scenario it will affect Europe but then primavera will be last of our concern
  15. Either it get cancelled, or it won't. Thus there is a 50% likelyhood of the festival being cancelled.
  16. Oh, Bob. You've so let me down, man.
  17. Terrible, tedious character. Added nothing.
  18. Today
  19. Damn you @Hugh Jass and your guaranteed upvote
  20. chazwwe


    See I like You need to calm down for the most part an I can imagine it'll be fun live, ME! I'm not too fussed on but would be fun with Brendon came out for it(doubtful) You belong with me would be a fantastic surprise.
  21. Festivals are already getting cancelled, I wouldn’t rule it out.
  22. I don't see Gerry Cinnamon any lower than subbing Liam.
  23. Although they made an absolute fortune out of touting, I can't imagine that jailing two guys will make the slightest bit of difference. For me, the main issue is those scumbag resale sites and the only reason I can think that the likes of Viagogo haven't been shut down is because many of the ticket suppliers must have a vested interest in them. We're all fed up of the same story when popular events sell out within minutes only to find them on resale sites immediately (and sometimes before they actually go on sale) but nobody seems to want to make a stand. Even the punters seem to be so desperate for that live experience, no matter the cost. Resale sites wouldn't supply if the demand wasn't there. It's sad.
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