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  2. Tell you what, I did not have "Tommy Dickfingers" down as a Stewart Lee fan. That's the sort of plot twist your Game Of Thrones writers can only dream of pulling off.
  3. I'll get a pic of a good spot at the bar later and post it Around 5-5:30 then on the Thu afternoon sounds good.
  4. I've started a twitter argument with someone who: a) believes that Tyler the Creator had no input on the prices. b) wouldn't make profit if he didn't charge at least £50 before fees. I honestly thought it'd be something around £30.
  5. debted

    Resale Club 2019

    Ive lost my tiny glimmer of hope I think it corporate etc that need to purchase tickets and parking, camper van tickets or Worthy view & some worthy view will have been refunded so they will be there for a while, but secret sale hope has faded considerably this morning. Sorry to be so negative guys
  6. Which I believe. I can't really see him palace except for the champions league either.
  7. You probably get this all the time, but I think you’re really cool.
  8. Me, I doubt it. Rumour is he wants to stay in London.
  9. Its true. The poll should be Flops V Crocs
  10. Thursday and Sunday both run from midday-midnight, with Friday and Saturday being the "big nights" running until 4am. Sunday will be a full entertainment lineup though, and Thursday a lot more limited. That said, there is a lot of fun to be had on Thursday if you enjoy being able to amble around leisurely with less pressure to get to your "must see" acts. However I would still go for Sunday, because the entertainment is much more "jam packed" into fewer hours. Between the hours of about 8pm and mignight there is a LOT going on, all at the same time, which gives the place a crazy buzzing atmosphere. Culminating in elaborate closing shows on the 2 dance stages. I wouldn't factor arrival/leaving into a decision so much. Decide what aspect of the festival you would prefer to see! I'd go Friday-Monday personally, so I didn't miss out on Sunday. But there is a fair argument to be had for leaving on Sunday, especially if you plan to stay late into the night.
  11. Maybe you're right....it does seem way too quiet!!! Watch them drop a Park announcement at 2 now
  12. I've ordered my ingredients for a skitzhat Fluro orange bucket hat + googly eyes = SKITZ HAT Those who know, know!
  13. mrchnry

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Turn the data off on your phone if you're not using it. Apps will constantly try and refresh automatically looking for data and this drains your battery much quicker.
  14. Bullshit that muting words feature. I literally had every possible hashtag muted, and it was still coming on my TL even after deleting the app, logging out/back in... not a happy bunny this morning i'll tell you that!!
  15. You will be able to get a program on the Thursday. What time are you talking about leaving on the Sunday? Like after the acts have finished or first thing in the morning.
  16. was 20 pounds when I saw him in Bristol just before the ban, would have liked to have seen him post flower boy especially after he pulled out of bennicassim, I was gutted when I saw I'd be on placement but not with those prices
  17. Good thread this, I've always just taken a burner phone and it's been absolutely fine (except the one year where we all managed to buy burner phones that had a similar battery life to smart phone!) Shocked to see so many people vote for smartphone, never really considered it before, but now after reading this and seeing the other thread about the decent power packs you can get, i'm now definitely thinking about it. I'm a bit of a phone addict tho, always find myself just scrolling through twitter almost involuntary sometimes, and 100% don't want to be doing this at Glastonbury. Airplane mode seems a good shout, as people have said. So do you all just give it a good charge over night and then that lasts the whole day (if it's used sensibly)?
  18. Might be worth considering that the Music finishes earlier on the Sunday so if you want you last night to be a big one you should maybe make it Saturday?
  19. Desperate for an announcement today too! Want to keep those excitement levels up. Im feeling that theres something amiss with the Block 9 announcement however thats messed up timings. Im thinking a potential major drop out, or a last minute confirmation.
  20. I once had a white t shirt made up with the words 'Suck Satan's Cock' written in large black letters on the front. I'd plagiarised it from Lord knows where (see what i did there?). Anyway, I took it to Glastonbury one year, and my wife ended up wearing it. I was surprised at the number of people who appeared shocked by it (I think t was 2011).
  21. Trainers/Cons.... the weather is going to be glorious again like 2017
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