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  2. Random question I know. But a friend is wondering whether there are parking restrictions during the Glasto week in or around Castle Cary. She is new to the area and can't find any information out. So I turned to the collectivefor assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Where's Gazza? He normally loves this vague clue, tour history type thing.
  4. after all that, we got a booze-related announcement we already knew about! Good to see Michael doing a big smile as usual... tho can't see his knees, but I assume those are shorts https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/local-company-mallets-to-supply-cider-at-glastonbury-2019/
  5. Apparently Kaleidoscope at the Alley Pally is back but this years it's under a "presents" banner with a proper one returning in 2020. Until then the presents show/shows are free entry with Norman Jay doing a day on the 25th Aug and it seems to be 12-7pm.
  6. I panicked for a minute that Hot Chip and Hopkins were clashing.
  7. there are a few yet to be announced ... no point giving up yet ...:)
  8. So these 'ere fruity, spirit infusions....is there a max length of time they can be left for? Does the fruit run the risk of going mouldy?
  9. I can get over the John / Dany stuff being rushed (if the stories are true about budget/ episode constraints) but again my main criticism of this series is the same. It sort of felt like a different show which maybe ok in its own right had been transplanted into game of thrones. Its always been a show about politics which just happens to be set in a fantasy world and what fundamentally drives the plot is the political decisions of the characters. Again these decisions made no sense. Firstly I assume John / Tryion have been in prison for a number of weeks judging by the beard and the unsullied have been running the place. They then seem happy to piss off and hand the city over because someone who just betrayed their queen and they hate made a really good speech about who should be king when they were baying for his blood moments earlier. Why does Sansa get independence with no argument from the other lords (I believe the iron islands had also been independent before? ) and she has less of a reason when Ned Starks son is in charge. In fact no argument from the lords doesn't seem in keeping with the books, most of them there wouldn't have a clue what Bran's "magical powers" are. Finally Arya deciding to go off and discover America felt a bit weird. I don't think they could work out what to do with her character
  10. Have you considered a sheath catheter?
  11. It's really confusing having all this chat about another festival.
  12. LeeHC

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Hats off to you sir! A valiant effort in the face of adversity! 😂
  13. Sorry to inform you, JH headlining West Holts Friday mate.
  14. What's all this talk of Jon Hopkins clashing with Hot Chip/Chem's... I thought Jon Hopkins is Friday night and the Chems are Saturday? *Edit: Ah, All Points East festival... Enjoy!
  15. i only managed 1 entry to the guardian competition so not too hopeful on that one, think that just leaves me with the efests competition or the fading hope of a secret resale
  16. gfest2009

    The Beat Hotel

    Got a real taste for absinthe cocktails in Prague at Christmas. Are the ones here any good?
  17. Oh, give them a listen, hopefully you like them. Like a weird mix of Soul, Blue and Rock
  18. I am going now regardless of whether I will like them or not 😂
  19. That's great news. Having nearly drowned in mud at Glastonbury, I'm all for avoiding fields, but ten hours walking on concrete, with too few places to sit down can be tough. The "grass" at Mad Cool last year made for a much more relaxed atmosphere.
  20. Sezz

    Flag help

    Think this is the winner 👍
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