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  2. Spriitualized ❤️ Baaaaaby, you set my soul on fire ~
  3. Which shop in Liverpool? In the Baltic Market?
  4. I think Corbyn might be more at risk than Farage around here 😣
  5. How sweet, I love it, you are going to look so cute in that. Charm x
  6. scarletmist

    Resale Club 2019

    Womad, Latitude, Maui Waui and Connection (a psytrance festival in Spain). No hassle getting in or out, no hassle camping, good selection of music, good food and cheaper.
  7. Been putting this with my cheese
  8. a6l6e6x

    Resale Club 2019

    I'd also be interested to know. Got a bunch of day festivals in my calendar but would like to go do a proper one with loads to do at night and the ability to walk around with my own drink all weekend
  9. Husband sat opposite him and his wife on the train in first class the other week. Neither of them had a first class ticket and his wife tried to blag it but they were told to pay up. /end story
  10. Interesting! Which ones would you did kind of compare?
  11. scarletmist

    Resale Club 2019

    No way. Last year when there was no Glastonbury I went to several other festivals, and realised that although Glastonbury is great it isn't the only one. This year is psychologically harder, because Glasto *is* happening and there's the frustration of knowing that other people are going and I'm not. But £2k????? No way!
  12. FloorFiller


    Damn this things gonna be a monster (possibly quite literally). Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory.
  13. scarletmist

    Resale Club 2019

    Yes, I founded scarletmist.com - though someone else has been running it for the last couple of years.
  14. Must sees: Janelle Monae Christine and the Queens AURORA Sigrid Bastille Would also really like to see Lizzo, Vampire Weekend, Sharon Van Etten, Two Door Cinema Club, Shura, Hozier, King Princess, Years & Years, Kylie, Sam Fender, Billie Eilish, Tom Speight, Jorja Smith, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Kate Tempest, aaaand Cat Power. Of course this isn't physically possible, but I'm glad to have options.
  15. Today was somehow a better day of releases than last week. Flying Lotus won it. honourable mentions to Amyl and the Sniffers (fun Punky type stuff), Black Mountain (big psych riffs), Los Scallywags (worst name ever contender, good Aussie garage sound), Surbort (EP over before it begins, its a fun blast though) and one of my favourite bands The Intelligence (slower than I'd hoped for, I love them though, I'll work on it during the week).
  16. Bargain. A few other beers and it is mine.
  17. I don't want to be that guy, Fuzz, but that Reinier Zonneveld track is excellent ( i love a bit fo acid...) and Beatport lists it as 128bpm! Ben
  18. Today
  19. I love a cheese toastie and follow it with a ham toastie. Sadly I also fed them to my pet rabbit and it died a horrible death I had forgotten all about the danger of mixing my toasties
  20. Well quite, the hypocrisy of where different people stand is ridiculous, but I didn't really fancy bringing up Corbynites again given we all know how those conversations go!
  21. Mich1268

    Resale Club 2019

    Guilty. credit card. Glastonbury. My addiction. It's not a good thing. Please gamble sensibly
  22. 1. Ben Howard 2013 & 2015 (couldn't possibly choose) 2. Adele 2016 3. Bastille 2016 4. Dolly Parton 2014 5. The Staves 2015 Notable mentions: Haim in the Avalon Cafe 2014, Daughter 2016, Coldplay 2016, Sigrid 2017
  23. Well I hated him in education, but compare him to Morgan that followed and he clearly did a better job than her. The climate change denial scares me a fair bit though, but in his current shtick and as a potential PM. The others are seriously awful though. At least of the heavyweight contenders.
  24. I don't disagree! I think he's an excellent player and they'd struggle to improve on him, particularly as he's getting better. I was just answering the question of what the criticisms are.
  25. +1 All Points East watching Little Dragon. Lovely guy!
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