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  2. I forgot about Gaga actually. But Ariana I don't see, Billie would need a new album no., and I think she subs. Madonna isn't happening, I think Beyonce is a one time, I don't know if FM will agree the fee and Lizzo is not headlining Glastonbury yet.
  3. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    La Liga plans for closed door matches and to complete season https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/07/la-liga-prepares-for-return-to-training-and-sets-target-dates-for-season-restart-javier-tebas
  4. No, I don't think it says anything about the government response, but I think it says something about the way IDS views the world...which is actually quite consistent with his previous actions.
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  6. Rage Against the Machine (20)The 1975 (25) +5 Foo Fighters (30)Muse (25)Foals (55) +5Biffy Clyro (20) Arctic Monkeys (40)Queens of the Stone Age (30) -5The Cure (40)The Strokes (30)Arcade Fire (35) -5
  7. They had some absolute bangers, I remember choreographing a dance to When the Lights Go Out that was basically just turning the lights on and off 😅
  8. If they aren’t specifying the type of mask to be worn then there’s not much point wearing one, basic face coverings do sod all, even the N95 mask is of limited use.
  9. Rage Against the Machine (20) The 1975 (20) (-5) Foo Fighters (30) (+5) Muse (25) Foals (50) Biffy Clyro (20) Arctic Monkeys (40) (+5) Queens of the Stone Age (35) The Cure (40) The Strokes (30) Arcade Fire (40) (-5)
  10. Because you lot actually did something sooner than other places to try and curb the spread? Despite the numbers being inflated, it should get you into thinking you should do better to keep the numbers down and to tell the number crunchers to piss off. Fortunately where I live in Los Angeles, theyve been trying to be ahead as much as possible given the circumstances. The mayor just required facial coverings when going to essential businesses or be denied service. Employees at all essential businesses will also be required to wear facial coverings. So let me know when you get there and arent just waiting for Boris to order everyone around.
  11. This is the song we need.
  12. This confused me earlier as BBC breaking reported the individual figures as follows: England - 758 N.Ireland - 73 Scotland - 74 Wales - 19 So that is 924 not 786??
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  14. Yes cos one mans badly worded comments shows us how the tories as a whole think🙄🙄
  15. Is that an insight into what they think of those who die from it? That they just haven't worked hard enough at it? Absolutely terrifying if so
  16. "I've got such bad manners I eat with my fingers."
  17. Could it be possible the greatest UK, not Irish, boy band potentially be playing if (hopefully) Glastonbury is going ahead next year? Rumours are out there. So many good tunes & who wouldn’t want to hear “wiggi wiggi I’m getting jiggy” belted out live?
  18. Rage Against the Machine (20) The 1975 (25) +5 Foo Fighters (25) -5 Muse (25) Foals (50) Biffy Clyro (20) -5 Arctic Monkeys (35) -5 Queens of the Stone Age (35) The Cure (40) The Strokes (30) Arcade Fire (45)
  19. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Madonna, Beyoncé, Fleetwood Mac, Lizzo to name a few.
  20. This is something else. Incredible
  21. Do we think Octavian Could be in the next announcement?xx
  22. I've found that Amazon (normal Amazon, not Prime Now) is a decent way to bulk buy stuff. I've got loads of tins of tomatoes and fish coming. I know stockpilers got a bad rep, especially a few weeks ago, but I do not want to leave the house. At all. And especially not to go to a big shop where other people have been. You have to wait a couple of weeks, but it turns up. And it keeps.
  23. hope you have your recycling out!
  24. I'm just going based on that Arctics for mostly every is a stick on, The 1975 makes a lot of sense, and Macca before he can't. I would expect them to back it up by having at least one Pyramid sub female either way and at least one on Other. They had no problem booking guitar bands in the past and no sellout issues either. There doesn't have to be a female headline just because every year though and if Taylor isn't around it's hard to say who unless FATM is about. I'm working on that Taylor may have different plans and unless she plays BST next year then I can't see Glastonbury being on and it's highly likely she was ticking Glastonbury off on the big anniversary as it was close and the same with Kendrick probably being advised even if you aren't that bothered the 50th is the one you want to do but I think the same BST thing will apply. Macca I feel is a totally different situation.
  25. I think that's just badly worded, i think IDS is saying Boris hasn't yet managed to beat it on a personal level despite working like mad, don't think it's a comment on the government response.
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