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  2. Eh? This makes no sense. They would not drop RATM from the lineup for these reasons!?
  3. I just think it’s too early. Not exactly a novel point but predicting what August 2021 is going to look like is pretty difficult. This could be a problem of the past or still a really pressing issue. Did you miss RATM announcing a world tour that ends the weekend before Reading?
  4. Hi Neil. Do you have a copy of these, both links seem to have been taken down. I wonder if someone at no. 10 is not happy and has intervened. Full capacity may be a lot lower than what has been assumed......
  5. Hmm. I don’t really think it’s anything to count her out. I don’t think she’s the type of act to cash herself out. Develop on this because Glasto have booked artists before who have said controversial things in the past. They booked Morrisey and he has a history of saying genuinely racist things.
  6. Ian Dunt does some good live tweeting of PMQs
  7. I was one of them! Ahh well, certainly gave our group chat a chance to throw around some crazy, ludicrous hypotheses for a short period, and to reminisce about some of the outrageous moments we've shared over the many years of attending Boomtown.
  8. Yeah getting Radiohead was massive
  9. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/starmer-outrages-britain-with-sickeningly-partisan-suggestion-that-things-arent-going-brilliantly-20200603197130?fbclid=IwAR1aXHQYCkEfFO8TEa7ZYX4hN6vT8wnEt82uuEAxt-y_47_tp9KrCaioKv0
  10. Impossible to say but it's unlikely it'll be any time soon, and if it does the festival will make it public that tickets are running low. Far too many variables for a lot of people to commit at the moment.
  11. When do we think that they will sell out? Sorry if already been asked
  12. Yeah, I think it’s sensible for the industry to look at different options that may have some obvious drawbacks, over just sitting on their hands and hoping for the best.
  13. Actually, that works really well as an analogy. It had lots of interest when it was moving quickly, then once it slowed down, people got bored. Incidentally, is that the single most disappointing moment in TOTP history when that cool song started, then a DJ put his hand on the deck and slowed it right down to that awful dirge?
  14. Kendrick Lamar - 65 Lana Del Rey - 45 Fatboy Slim - 60 Editors - 60 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 75 Kelis - 75 Manic Street Preachers - 75 Laura Marling - 58 Paul McCartney - 40 Dua Lipa 101 Robyn - 79 Charli XCX - 60 Glass Animals - 80 The Isley Brothers – 60 Thundercat - 45 Caribou - 100 The Avalanches - 78 Taylor Swift - 90 Diana Ross - 70 Pet Shop Boys - 50 (-10) Supergrass - 56 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 40 TLC - 35 London Grammar - 55
  15. was it on Dice? Waiting lists on Dice are when the ticket allocation has sold out. Both VIP packages on Dice have sold out
  16. Because it feels like every year we have this discussion when Primavera pull off outrageous line ups and many of the acts don't end up playing both, especially where American rappers/r&b artists are concerned. I think there are other acts that Emily would "chase" before Doja, especially with the recent news about her.
  17. A friend used my code this morning to buy a VIP for 2021, but has been placed on a Waiting List ... Am I right to thing PS are waiting to see how many are returned in the next 2 weeks before redistributing to the waiting list?
  18. It is stupid though, Boomtown put up a post on FB and the result is 400 people commenting absolutely nothing at all apart from Tom Jones Paul Smith Lucy Adams xxx Its so boring and it suggests a real lack of intelligence from attendees of the festival.
  19. zahidf

    Black Lives Matter

    It's just ridiculous for a racist like him to post something like that..
  20. But that might mean not at all. And most festival organisations won't survive two years with no festival. So we're not just talking a couple of years off, but potentially a good five years past that until the industry properly recovers. If it ever does at all, at least to the level it used to be.
  21. Would she? Eh she seems like someone who would just turn up to lovebox+parklife or maybe wireless.
  22. This was obscene. Primavera smash it every year. For me, it's always the best line up in Europe.
  23. Mattymooz

    Black Lives Matter

    the blackout was designed by 2 black execs at a record label (think it was Atlantic?) and the aim was that they promised not to relase any new music/post on social media etc. promoting their buisness and instead focus on sharing information and helping in their local community. Sadly it seems most of the message was lost at some point along the way and instead it just became post a black square and then if that wasnt bad enough there was then a huge amount of anti-blackout tuesday stuff clogging up the feed too...
  24. Hello everybody! I just bought my ticket using a discount code, if someone needs help. If any of you has got a discount code with no one to give it to, I'm looking for another couple of codes. Thanks. See ya in a year
  25. haha thanks - will pass on your kind words to my friends
  26. A run of Spoon > Kendrick Lamar > Nine Inch Nails > Foals to close the final day too. Crazy good.
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