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  2. 1 Litre of Grapefruit&Orange infused Gin 1 Litre of Cucumber infused Gin 70cl of Havanna Rum 70cl of Buffalo Trace Bourbon 4x Premixed Edinburgh Gin&Tonic cans for the coach
  3. picked up a pretty fucking snazzy moscow mule mug which is going to attach via carinbiner to my rucksack (although i cant see it being out of use long enough to clip to the bag)
  4. secondr0w

    Alcohol Thread

    34 cans of cider 1 Ltr Smirnoff Rasberry (was cheaper than normal vodka woo!) 4 Cans of cocktail for breakfast Prefer to buy more in there really, can't beat that cider bus cider!
  5. Supporting Newcastle just brings turgid relegation fights and more money in that twat's pocket.
  6. SouthbanKen

    EPO bands

    Not sure why people are pissed off. Standon Calling have used it for a few years. Really simple system, preload your cash, top up online at anytime from your phone. no-one needs to carry any cash at all, all the traders accept it, keeps queues down and increases security. Apply for a refund at the end of the festival (up to a week afterwards i think) any not reclaimed goes to charity.
  7. There's always a way, but it might cost you a bit. Keep a keen eye on social media Tues/Weds, the 'rogue trader' route in can sometimes be found online. A placard may get you escorted off site so I'd give that a miss. You'll just need to ask around - a lot, potentially. Walking through the gates isn't as impossible as it sounds either. Seen people stroll through Ped Gate C when they open the big gate in the middle.
  8. Unfortunately, Zapier only works for US and UK numbers. The rest of us need to use Twilio, and for some reason it just doesn't work for me (Dutch number)
  9. briddj

    Hot Chip

    One. Joe Goddard DJing left, right and centre. Expecting a Crow's Nest slot for him too (when the rest of HC will probably be lurking)
  10. Bags73

    Alcohol Thread

    About 20 cans of ale and a box of red wine. Should last me the journey down...
  11. I have had this.... I wont go into specifics because I'll sound mental.
  12. Hi Ceri, Would love to take these off your hands. My girlfriend and I could meet you there on Thursday? Contact me at jackparker93@hotmail.com
  13. 2 ltrs vodka 6 Robinson’s Squishy things Will just mix with water from site. That’s for Friday onwards. First couple of days I’ll just buy pints.
  14. Did everyone just fill in the Get in Touch box on the main page ?
  15. If I was you id turn up with a few hundred quid in my pocket and see what I can do...keep low key, listen out and keep your eyes peeled. Even try hanging around in Glastonbury town nearby, I think you'll get in if you just give it time!
  16. I know you'll be very sus as this is my first post, but if your way in wants to help anyone else get in, i.e me, then please message me. Pesky QR codes on EPO's has ruined everything!
  17. The anxiety has kicked in today. I know it happens but wasn’t expecting it to be quite full on. A slight niggly pain in the leg has turned into something massively sinister in my mind. Want to be there but also want to enjoy the final few days build up
  18. foolee

    Alcohol Thread

    30 cans dark fruits 10 cans fosters 10 cans captain morgans & coke 1 bottle of captain morgans 1 bottle of JD Plus mixers That's between myself and my girlfriend. We're on the coach so need to get these in our rucksacks really.
  19. They do indeed. They drive to the top of Paines/bottom of SP2. Milky Milky!!
  20. Mezhyp1

    Alcohol Thread

    8 pint cans of Desperado, 2 bottles of white, 2 bottles of buckfast and 1 lt of pineapple gin
  21. As a further sacrifice to the weather gods I've just purchased a rain mac, just in case.
  22. I’m over north bristol today and it’s so say 20-21 and yet it’s fucking sweltering hot. The humidity factor is going to make some days proper sweaty even at low 20s never mind 28!
  23. I've seen adverts on Craigslist and Facebook from people selling EPO's, from between £350-£500. Seems legit as they are asking buyers to meet them at the festival by end of play Tuesday. I imagine that this is to register you as one of their crew? After Tuesday, they'll be busy.
  24. been grabbing one of these around 7pmish every night since '16, delicious and the tequila is a welcome boost.
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