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  2. Surely Grace Jones herself wouldn’t accept any slot that wasn’t headlining. She is Grace Jones after all, last time I seen her on tele she was necking someone on Graham Norton show haha. Nobody anywhere needs to have 2/3 of their headliners Biffy and Royal Blood.
  3. DeadAmos

    Volunteering 2020

    Oxfam may have places after the resale, remember Oxfam over subscribe to account for drop outs, but after the resale is the most likely time and everyone on these forums who wants a ticket will get lucky in the resale.............. I have faith
  4. These are all fan-made, there'll be confirmed times in another two months or so.
  5. Still has Mayday Parade and Derek Sanders clashing, even more than before though.
  6. I've had a peak at the numbers again and noticed since my update this morning Italy have announced 37 recoveries which is very encouraging as they didn't announce any of these people as patients until last Friday. That would suggest a potential recovery time of under a week. Early days and their case numbers will definitely rise by tomorrow's stats but thought it was some good news I had noticed (and not seen widely reported in the coronavirus live feeds I'm following).
  7. Isaac LK

    Other Stage 2020

    You think they'd do same slot again as 2017?
  8. When do we expect the full line-up announcement?
  9. Maybe it's all a Chinese gambling conspiracy to stop Liverpool winning the league 🤔
  10. I think some of the confusion is Bath & West vs West …. hopefully they'' have already realised they've got B&W and its a shuttle bus in daily
  11. BKS is updating it's website right now. It looks like the festival will not be fully vegetarian... https://www.bestkeptsecret.nl/en/feature/food-drinks/
  12. they already did, next year.
  13. Chirst Kier Starmer is boring though isn't he? He's like a TV drama's depiction of a prime minister. Been pretty much ignoring the whole process but i watched a speech of his yesterday and nearly dropped off
  14. I actually hope ratm don't do a secret set as I'd probably miss it and never forgive myself. Either that or waste many hours of fun elsewhere waiting for it to happen.
  15. I still think it's Royal Blood, Calvin Harris & Pet Shop Boys. I think Biffy could sub the Pyramid on Sunday again.
  16. Elipsis charted very well and Opposites contained some of their biggest songs. You can't really count B&S as it was only a soundtrack album meaning that they really have not dropped off the mark at all. I see this argument for lots of British rock bands who have not released material in a few years (such as Royal Blood) although never much evidence to support it.
  17. this was also my thought - but also came to the conclusion they're booked elsewhere, im still holding out hope otherwise im going to have to go further afield to see them as I cant make reading/leeds
  18. brettredmayne

    Volunteering 2020

    Oxfam will have places after the resale
  19. Based on what though? Going by your previous chart logic, Ellipsis was their most successful album ever.
  20. Ella Eyre and Moncrieff just announced as supporting Picture This on Glasto Sunday in Belfast.
  21. No that was not clear.....and is pretty damn disappointing!
  22. Would definitely be interested to hear the "what if" of who they were talking to for the Friday slot at a later date
  23. Perhaps, but then with Frusciante coming back they seem to want to play before sitting down and recording an album. They've just stepped in for Metallica at Sonic Temple and with all the talk of a co-headliner on the Friday, it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility. Not saying it was ever likely, but...
  24. Do you think there will be more names to be add? It seems an headliner for sure.
  25. I've seen Jimmy Eat World twice touring this new album, and will see them the week after Werchter headlining 2000 Trees in the UK, so although I'm a big fan I'll probably use Werchter as an opportunity to see someone else. Would also really enjoy Frank Carter though, so fingers crossed there. Will have to check out more of the other names you mentioned. Thanks!
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