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    Kate Tempest

    Makes you wonder why Cousin isn't a gendered term really.
  3. Any chance of you me at six next year
  4. Hello guy, I would dearly love to put money on you, and good money at that. However, a very unusual situation has occurred. Normally it would not matter me a jot that I had no comprehension of the 'form'. But, and I'm loath to admit it, yours is information inwards that is far too cunning to be understood, and to a level that is almost harrowing. I'm not entirely sure even what tense that I am to read the contents of your post. So, it saddens me to say - not for me. I do sincerely hope that I've got this all mixed up, and that your wife's dad hasn't actually died. If I'm wrong and he has, then I proffer my sincere condolences to you both. As an aside, the last time that I bet on a horse race was many years ago at the Glenbeigh Horse and Pony Races, in Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. As is my want, I put a significant bet on the only three legged 'donkey' running in one of the races that day. I can inform you that the horse was called 'Here comes the pain', and I can also notify you that this mare did not disappoint. It was indeed truly painful to watch its performance 'running' on the beech that day. Of course, I use the word 'running' very very loosely. It came a good last. Whoever had named it had obviously tried to warn me, but my stupidity was a far superior force. This is for you and your wife guy. I hope that you enjoy it;
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  6. Now I'm waiting on Shame to announce their next album!
  7. henry bear

    Kate Tempest

    Whilst I have no reason to blunder in on this discussion particularly, and would possibly be wise to keep a safe distance, I’d imagine that by and large parents use various non-gender words to describe their non-binary children. I guess those referring to a non-binary sibling have less choice though? Good point though, and I’m interested in what a more informed person might say.
  8. First weekend booked camping in a private field.. This weekend Fri.. sat.. Home sun for grandkids Mon.. Wife's dad dies,, freezer dies,, sky dies Tue call it off more imp things Wed.. OK were going.. Freezer ordered.. Sky sorted.... BUT VAN NOT WORKING Tomo replaced everything but wife's dad.. Sort out bucket toilet and a tent Friday raining thunder storms.... Remember not van Sat to drunk to care a 12 noon hoola hoop challenge me and my mate loser pays for everything.. EVERYTHING Every think bro by anyone all day... A bets a bet Sun.. What ever happens.. Home.. Hopefully not skint Anyone want to put the money on me lololol
  9. Yeah? Problem is I pitched sideways so full weight on to one hand, fingers first. Scan shows I’ve actually bust 3. Surgery tomorrow 😱
  10. There are some alcohol free ones tht seem to work!!! After plenty of investigations!!! At the beginning of all this it was a nightmare I was having reactions to it beI guess used Everywhere!! Especially the supermarkets where they were wiping down everything but I seem to be a little more tolerant It now which may be the antihistamines or environments are being less vigilant!!! I would hope it’s the antihistamines!
  11. Phoenix Girl

    Hot Chip

    Do you know, I actually nearly did a few years back. Really regret not doing that now and renting it out. Apartments quite close to the sea front were ridiculously cheap at the time- probably some of the cheapest property in the UK. Gone up quite a bit now though :-(.
  12. At what cost to the festival and additional risk? a lot of these suppliers have spent many years working together, so they know each other and the ways of working. introducing new suppliers will increase build time and cost, plus the might charge more.
  13. Endless supplies it’s everywhere ... we have some outside our staff entrance which is very liquid ... every time I enter I get a puddle in my hands and smear all over the entrance door handles ... I’ve then enough left to rub into my hands
  14. Must admit in the early days of the lockdown and the empty supermarket shelves we raided the Glasto box for sanitiser but as you see from above post that’s been replenished. The home made stuff is ok as long as the mix is of correct proportions. Boots sell rubbing alcohol and aloe Vera but it looks as if there is plenty sanitiser now in the shops.
  15. Who was the First ever act I saw at Glastonbury Clue: they've headlined in the past 10 years.
  16. I support keeping Sam Fender fans in pens. It’s good for them.
  17. Nah, they don’t really, not on the top two stages, not very consistently. Whilst being a smaller festival, Bloodstock consistently book younger, exciting bands on their Main Stage. Download seem to put them mostly in the tents. When they do, they afford slots on the top two stages to younger/newer bands, they go to dull as dishwater water bands who ape classic rock and American rock radio, such as Wayward Sons, Stone Broken and Those Damn Crows. Wayward Sons sound like your typical local pub band and play 300 capacity venues. How have they landed a slot opening the Main Stage at the biggest festival of it‘s kind? There’s plenty of young exciting bands who should be getting slots on those stages, such as Code Orange, Black Peaks, Employed To Serve, Knocked Loose, Conjurer, Loathe and Jinjer to name a few. I was pleasantly surprised when Alien Weaponry and Power Trip played early Main Stage slots last year. They both pulled decent crowds, particularly Power Trip. I think my issue is that the top two stages at the biggest rock and metal festival in the country don’t reflect what is exciting about modern rock and metal and I think they should do more to address it. I’ve already got my Download ticket so I don’t have much right to moan but I am I’m hoping to attend Bloodstock too for the first time.
  18. I'm with you on outdoor festivals next year. I think one way or another they're likely to be fine. Most of the rest, we'll need to agree to differ on. As far as the Hong Kong flu goes. All I can say without tedious research, is that I was 11 at the time. Don't remember a thing about the Hong Kong flu. I suspect in 50 years time, today's 11 year olds will remember covid19.
  19. My Glastonbury box needs restocking for next year!!! I need work to order some to replace what I’ve used out of the box for work purposes!! Being allergic to alcohol is having a strange effect wen using!!!
  20. So I would have loved to go to a festival this summer, but my big issue is that even the few that ran/scheduled themselves, would have attracted the sort of people that care so little about the virus that I wouldn't want to be at a festival with them. I can't imagine that most people I'd want to be in the same fields as me wouldn't feel the same.
  21. I’ve got two litres of Ethanol (industrial spirit) which is basically pure alcohol. Mixed with aloe Vera or glycerol and a few drops of a perfume makes good sanitiser. Also got eight 300ml packs of commercial sanitiser and loads of the little pocket sized packs. Just seem to pick one up every visit to the supermarket! At least we are prepared for Glasto next year!
  22. Lovely, you are lucky to get anywhere this late, most places are fully booked in the area. As someone who was born and bred in Lowestoft and has lived in Norfolk for over 20 years, I can suggest a few lush places if you need recommendations. Where are you staying, and how many days are you staying for? The east coast is surprisingly big, Southend is a good 80 miles from lowestoft so I woudln't go there on a day trip tbh, try Southwold which is lovely and home to the Adnams brewery. If you can get there the North Norfolk coast from Cromew westward is lush, there are some of the most beautiful beaches and harbours along that coast, especially Wells-next-the-sea and holkham (so much so we have two weeks there this weekend, and we live only 20 miles from it!) Lowestoft has a great clean sandy beach, and Outlton Broad, a couple of miles to the west is lovely if you want a pint overlooking the gateway to the broads. Its a wonderful part of the world, very chilled, very beautiful, no stress, always seems very safe, you cant beat it. But then I am biased I suppose!
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