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  2. Don't you ever apologise for anything
  3. That set I posted is just masterful. Sadly, I fear his Glade set may follow Other such Thursday treats and be so busy as to be frustrating. I need at least some space to dance. Seth and Kölsch on Blues in 2017 were great sets but it was proper sardines... Ben
  4. Have you been trying for Oxfam? I really think that is your best shout at getting in there now.
  5. I remember one year when it was at the cider bus we had also arranged to meet friends there at the same time as the efests meet , anyway up rocks the group of friends, with a guy from work as well who I didn;t know was going..... for some reason , which was so so so out of character I grabbed a sticker , wrote 'c&^*&(' on it (you can imagine) , and stuck it to his lapel .... my friends have never let me forget it , and thankfully he found it funny !! I cannot be trusted with stickers and being giddy at the same time !
  6. Tuna


    Breadcrumbs is far more than we're getting from anywhere else..!
  7. Robofish

    The National

    How we all differ. I think TWFM was the best album, the best tour and has their best track (Pink Rabbits, although About Today runs it close). New album has a few moments of unnecessary noodling, but is pretty mesmerising. A lot better than SWB (Carin, System and Nobody Else notwithstanding).
  8. See you down the front of Digweed
  9. This lack of announcements is pointing to no early next week full lineup! Dammit
  10. I know, silly isn’t it putting hope in these things that are really pure luck. Unless they are contacting the winners a few every day, there hasn’t been any noise online about it.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Genuinely shocked that none of us seem to have won! What's left? WaterAid and eFests, right?
  12. Sleater-Kinney have been announced for an American festival on the first weekend of September. Not going to get my hopes up...
  13. Defo. Breadcrumbs are actually more exciting. It’s all about the journey...! Ben
  14. Sorry for being cryptic one day and direct the next. Trying to eke out only what I think is fair game to give, for fear of ruining the fun / blowing up someone else's spot. A breadcrumb trail of hints is better than waiting and starving though, right?
  15. sloseph

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    A little tip that I imagine most sensible people worked out a long time ago but it took me (too) many festival to think of it If you wear glasses take a glasses case with you so you've got somewhere to keep your glasses for sleepy time I must have done a good 10 festivals precariously placing my glasses around my tent until I realised
  16. Well yes. The vote as to whether to have a second referendum is AFTER the agreement is passed. PV insist on it before the agreement is voted on
  17. sisco

    day and stage

    Reckon that’s the Sunday park header then
  18. Loving this! Cheers mate!
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