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  2. Yes, problem in 2016 was trucks, cranes etc moving around the site on sodden ground prior to festival opening
  3. Slashing down in Frome at the moment....just keeping the ground soft....nothing to see here 👍
  4. My arse fits snugly on it and it doesn’t collapse so it’s a chair/table combo.
  5. tinaw

    Resale Club 2019

    Everything crossed for you all for the guardian.
  6. eastynh

    Guest Appearances

    Morrissey with Johnny Marr???????? There is probably more chance of Prince.
  7. Ive found some pouches of nikwax waterproofer so ive decided to reproof my coat ... and ive packed my spare stay in the car bag ... with medical bits .. clean clothes and spare waterproof coat and trousers .... my legs and kitchen floor are now also waterproof as I was a little exuberant with the agitating
  8. Woffy

    Guest Appearances

    I prefer my crackers as free of smarm as he does his hands to be sanitised from the contact of his actual fans.
  9. Any seen this documentary on Sky Arts? https://www.sky.com/watch/title/programme/7da3e289-fca8-4900-aff7-7cf85fc5b1d5 I’ve been watching it this afternoon, getting me right in the mood for next month, would recommend if any of you haven’t seen it.
  10. Yeah it's not even anything people should be concerned about for a while. There are plenty of act that are actually playing that are worth getting into, rather than someone coming in for half an hour to flog their new material.
  11. New mini-album by Putochinomaricón was released this week. https://elefant.com/album/15787/miseria-humana
  12. poundland are doing small fold up chairs, about a foot long folded. Light as a feather and easy fit in a small rucksack. Ideal if ground is damp for a quick rest.
  13. The way they said "UK headline tour" implies to me the are a non-UK act.
  14. Did you get yours to work mate? Mine hasn’t worked today and has now disappeared.
  15. I think the water aid may have already been done, maybe....
  16. pink_triangle


    I don't see backstage politics as evidence of cracks. Name me a wrestling company that doesn't/hasn't had politics. Wrestlers have refused to lose matches as long as I can remember.
  17. Mine has just worked in a McColls, receipt says entry successful
  18. jump


    Your posts are so weird. They are cancelling matches because they can't agree on the winner which you feel isn't a sign of crack and then talk about how it's gonna be more politics backstage.
  19. They are cool! Where did you get them?
  20. Ddiamondd

    Guest Appearances

    As someone who is a gannet for cheese (both kinds), I will absolutely take Robbo jogging on in some fucking awful tracksuit, doing a schlocky speech about how Glasto 1998 changed his career/life and knocking seven bells out of an overloaded duet of "Kids" with Kylie. Sometimes you just have to walk into the corniness with arms wide open, like Creed.
  21. Stormzy could show up at Jorja Smith
  22. I am shocked by this. Wyld Wood cider is immense! I always have a bag of it in my rucksack at Glastonbury Maybe I just have a weird scrumpy-resistant stomach
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