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  3. Alice Roberts, the thinking man's crumpet.
  4. bamber

    Resale Club 2019

    Begrudging is a very harsh word. One I regret evoking here already, but begrudging, due congratulations it is to all ticket holders and winners. Enjoy! Having been so many times, it seems fair I should miss out on at least one year. But it is hard still to stomach. So be it. Love, Peace and Octaves.
  5. 01seb

    Your 5 Must Sees

    1. Christine & the Queens 2. George Ezra 3. The Killers 4. Sigrid 5. Frank Turner
  6. rzwodezwo

    Guest Appearances

    Jorja Smith has a song with Loyle Carner, who has a song with Ezra Collective who are playing b2b with Sons of Kemet, of which one of the members is Shabaka Hutchings, who is also in The Comet Is Coming, who have a song with Kate Tempest
  7. 1. Rosalía 2. Rosalía 3. Rosalía 4. Rosalía 5. Rosalía (and also The Cure)
  8. tpark

    Your 5 Must Sees

    1) The Chemical Brothers/ The Killers when I decide which one I should turn up to 2) Two Door Cinema Club 3) Gentleman’s Dub Club 4) Sam Fender 5) Liam Gallagher
  9. I've been to twice as many Glastonbury festivals without a mobile phone than I have been to with one. 20:10 at least. Mobiles are useless when you are baked and in the moment anyway. Best just leave them at home where you can't misplace them. Losing your friends and hooking up with strangers is a big part of the appeal. All my memories are in my head. Two of my all time favourite tunes, forever.
  10. bamber

    Your 5 Must Sees

    This is bold seeing as I have no ticket... 1. Ms. Lauryn Hill 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Hot Chip 4. Roy Ayers 5. Ye Streets
  11. Only really used to worry because of the battery thing, and now that's not ridiculously heavy I just go for it. This current cruddy Motorola g4 thing that was old news when i got it has been through tonnes in my back pocket and it's still ok - bit bent, still ok. iPhones are ridiculously fragile though. That seems to be quite the dividing factor on phone survival for whatever reason.
  12. Whether all time low and busted sound similar or not, there’s still a massive crossover in busted’s fan base and people who attend slam dunk. Maybe not so much in their core fanbase but fans in general. At least from people I know anyway. They were massive in their day as well, so a lot of people would’ve grown up them. Im excited about it, you can see adtr with a crowd like this any day, but Busted with a pop punk crowd is something that would rarely (if ever) happen
  13. I have anxiety trying to answer this thread and just can't. Im also going to have to wait for the schedule... knowing Lizzo and Janet clash has me spinning.
  14. bamber

    2019 New Music

    Fuck, I love the Jungle.... (L O U D please adjective adjective: loud; comparative adjective: louder; superlative adjective: loudest 1. producing or capable of producing much noise. )
  15. Didn't mean to offend, just didn't see a top 5 in your reply @MrZigster and it seemed snarky for the sake of being snarky. Chemical Brothers, Friendly Fires, Tame Impala, Michael Kiwanuka and The Streets are my "can't miss" acts, hopefully there aren't any clashes!
  16. As a book-reader, it felt like they took serious short-cuts to get to the ending. I understand that they can't cast every character for obvious reasons but cutting the amount of episodes in the last two seasons surely made a hard job even harder.
  17. KVShinedown


    Why not just have the Jericho-Omega match for the title? They're comfortably the two biggest stars in the company..
  18. It looks like the Brexit party will fairly comfortably come top in the election, but that the total vote share of no-deal parties (Brexit party & UKIP) and 2nd Ref/pro-remain parties (Lib Dems, Green, Change) will be similar. In an ideal world some common sense about how fucked our general election electoral system would come out of this, not holding my breath though.
  19. It isn't though is it. It generates sympathy for a c**t who deserves none. Would much prefer if people asked him challenging questions that would expose his ignorance rather than take the cheap (and arguably cowardly) option of chucking a soft drink at him.
  20. Both bands announced times on their own pages And it seems music starts earlier that previously stated 9pm, as one of the bands announced they are opening the woodland at 4pm
  21. Yesterday
  22. @Wilcosican Wow! Why the immediate downvote? I'd hardly hit Submit Reply. Guess I should have put a /s, or an emoticon, or a smiley after the "Please stop doing my head in line"? That was my honest answer to the threads question. Wasn't saying other people can't have solid, unchangeable lists. Seroiusly? Why the downvote?
  23. Another, impossible, I'm a million different people from one day to the next, "give us a list" type of question. I'll have changed my mind/realised I've forgotten/missed something by the time I've hit Submit Reply. Please stop doing my head in. Particulary hard as I'm volunteering this year. When the full (and I mean full) line up is up I will do my usual thing of making up my own Clashfinder (TM). Then I'll get on the volunteers bus, get given my shifts and work something out around that.
  24. Yes! Positivity for once. From what is publicly known, and leaving out DJs (no spoilers!): 1. Kylie – Pyramid, Sunday. With the right weather and the right mood, this has the makings of an all-timer. 2. The Cure - Pyramid, Sunday. One of the biggest bucket lists to tick off for me. Hoping for a Disintegration-heavy setlist, even with a truncated runtime. Going to hug my mates and cry. Going to be good! 3. Rosalia – ??. The thought of Latin brass echoing over the hills, calling everyone to action, before a full-on stage show of the most exciting electronic pop in yonks, got me proper giddy today. 4. Gojira - Truth Stage, Friday. Barring something unexpected, like Placebo topping the JP, I will be trying my utmost to get a searing hot metal injection at Glasto. Hope to fuck there aren't bad queues... 5. Suede - Other Stage, Friday. We can dream, right?
  25. I just noticed what you did there. Big red circle and I still missed it at first glance!
  26. Thea!

    Resale Club 2019

    Hey Charlie ! Thanks for your post and positivity, we need it! Likewise I’ve written to what seems like every organisation... even writing to a few contacts through my work which I definitely shouldn’t have - hah! I wrote to feststaff several weeks back and seem to have been put on some kinda cancellation waiting list.. but haven’t been offered anything since, so that gives me hope that you were contacted! I’ve just sent a follow up 🤞 Best of luck everyone. X
  27. still not feeling it. some good tracks but a bit of a mess overall, and a lot of forgettable songs. probably should have cut 3/4 tracks. doesn't really feel like a National album with all the different guests, "The National and friends" would have been more apt. several of the tracks feel like odds and ends left over from the studio that they just cobbled together with little cohesion. for me it's probably their worst since Sad Songs... seeing them at 2 festivals this summer and I really hope they drop a lot of these songs from the festival setlists, as I reckon they'll die a death on a main stage with most tracks from this album.
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