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  2. Such as booking one act in favour of another solely based on gender? Sounds an awful lot like sexsim to me...
  3. chazwwe

    The 1975 2020

    Yup and I'm saying you should support more artists especially the ones you're paying to see that most of them have been handpicked by the band you're seeing.
  4. He tours in Europe in June basically every year and never plays. I've given up.
  5. circus92

    The 1975 2020

    I am a little bit jealous - I believe they played "Undo" and "Me"? 2 of my absolute favourites that they hardly ever play anymore.
  6. Happy Monday. Weekly playlist cleared down again ✅ (Link) Songs moved to megalist ✅ (Link)
  7. Did 10K on the treadmill a few days ago in 50:45 which is a PB, can add 5 mins on for road running for that to me I would guess, but pretty pleased with it, just signed myself up for the Birmingham half in October, never done one before so feeling nervously excited, if I can do it in sub 2 hours I will be delighted. Tips are absolutely welcome, done two 10K park events only previously
  8. I would describe that as sold out. Nobody with any sense would pay those prices
  9. Which is why I say I understand the difficulty and if there isn't that many available, you can't book them. but I guarantee there are some who are free who would draw crowds. honestly the way you put your argument kind of reads to me a bit as 'we don't want to or can't be bothered to fix the problem'. Fact, it's easier/there is more opportunity to be a man in music and these hugely male heavy line ups send completely the wrong message to young girls and exacerbate the problem more. there should be an effort to address the issue even if it means making decisions that are slightly at odds with how they'd usually book a festival, without having resort to people who aren't good enough to be there for the sake of it.
  10. Just checked and you can only buy the terrace or ultimate bar experience tickets for Taylor now £324 or £399. All the punter tickets seem to have gone.
  11. I still think we're a couple of weeks off an announcement (sticking to my 12th March prediction!) but I am really excited and would love it to be sooner
  12. I said personally. I would rather have some drinks and enter later.
  13. Bit of a special case though - got an affluent fanbase who follow them around the continent seeing them multiple times.
  14. Were safe then - he is clearly not big enough 😁
  15. I never got this. Obviously they will book whoever makes most business sense. I can’t imagine making good decisions based on what’s between the singer’s leg. I doubt they went this year: you know what, let’s book less females, they suck! Most likely they had less available that makes business sense to book.
  16. And there are still folks on here who say Pearl Jam can’t headline Glastonbury, when they’re the only one who have sold their day at BST
  17. It will be interesting to see what this actually looks like considering the failed attempt at moving Electric Fields there last year.
  18. Still seems to be availability https://www.bst-hydepark.com/tickets/2-july-post-malone
  19. Yeah fair enough I didn't realise the Primary Entry tickets were like £350, that seems an outrageous price.
  20. Announcement coming in on wednesday at 10:58 Dutch time according to DTRH Instagram.
  21. Wonder how quick Posty would sell out BST? 😜
  22. Yeah they would have to cancel all gatherings of people you would imagine. Let's hope it doesnt come to that. We cant account for other countries being slack and useless like Italy appear to have been. We may have to start testing every single person coming into the country.... mental.
  23. 5 Seconds of summer. Australian pop rock/ boyband. They've had a few big hits, recently youngblood which was from their last album.
  24. While that's true, when the only "tickets" left are the 300 quid plus hospitality ones, most people would view it as near enough that it makes no difference.
  25. Any of Accoustic headliner, Avalon, during the day on Other. Could even do early on Pyramid maybe?
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