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  2. I've been watching lots of IOW festival coverage and the Latitude artists have all been very good, I'll be interested to see plenty of the others at Glastonbury in a few weeks too
  3. Also if you are going from Paddington and arrive in good time then make full use of the first class lounge. Free tea, coffee, cold drinks, fruit, cakes and biscuits. Also have a shower there if you were coming back 1st class you would be able to use FOC on the day of your ticket back.
  4. Skoo

    Mainstream Dance

    Last time I saw Carl it was a techno set and he was bloody great.
  5. Just got ultra excited. Recieved a call from Manchester...ohhh, is it the BBC? Answered the call. Guy on the other end sounded very excited and asked to confirm my details, I did. He then says 'Congratulations...', my heart flutters and he ends the sentence with 'we can offer you a new deal on life insurance...' Fuck.
  6. Could still be in for a heatwave yet...!
  7. 'Where the headliners play, such as; Killers, Stormzy and Kylie Minogue' :(
  8. This reminds me I need to book my ticket home!
  9. Driving to Southampton from Brighton to pick up the campervan, hopefully for about 11am, then lots of faffing while we fill out an inventory form and learn all the bits and bobs, then onto West CV I hope by 3pm. Never done CV before and so this is our first time doing a Tuesday arrival. Excited to have an extra day of camping and getting settled in.
  10. Yeah email Fiona tomorrow if no sign of it. Theres 4 of us across 3 different addresses but all on the same team who haven't received them yet so we will be doing that tomorrow so assume that will mean an email back with mentioned pdf to print out. We are arriving Sunday and have planned it all out so will be there regardless
  11. They’re getting excited on the forum, yikes
  12. Still looking for me to go on Sunday now then. Shame to have an extra evening at the festival
  13. Thanks all. 1st class ticket booked. She is going to expense it anyway as if it wasn't for being called in to London for this inconvenient meeting then she would have been in the car with me and a few friends earlier in the day.
  14. I'm arriving by train, so I don't, at least, have the hassle of faffing with car park tickets. They have our names and photos etc., and I think they do email people who are overseas. It just seems bonkers to go to the time and expense of printing letters when you can get on an aeroplane or a gig or a million other things with a code on a phone. Anyway, if it's not here tomorrow lunchtime when the postman comes I'll email Fiona. My train is pre-booked and can't be changed, so I'm rocking up at the Red Gate at 11.30am on Monday no matter what...
  15. Me again - I've just remembered that a few years back my letter did go missing. I contacted Fiona and she sent me a pdf of the letter, which I printed out and used to get myself in. If it doesn't turn up, I would suggest going that route.
  16. briddj

    The Weather Thread 2019

    GFS 12Z, Sunday to Tuesday before the gates open Sunday: Pressure remains good, keeping the low out to the south west. Very small amount of rain, though there is a heavy band about to move in overnight. Pleasant at 19-20 Monday: Cooler at 14-15 as the rain moves through overnight and through the day, but higher pressure keeps the low pressure area at bay. Could be a fair amount of rain around. Tuesday: Higher pressure really builds in and takes command, temperatures up to 19 with zero rain. Brilliant for any drying required even though there is the possibility of a small amount of rain. Next.... the gates open.
  17. Please could you post the options? Cheers!
  18. Travis Barker could be there but it’s very unlikely but I don’t think it’ll be blink
  19. Yes, of course those songs would have gone down extremely well. I was about 5 people from the barrier and everyone absolutely lost it to songs like Zero, Cherub Rock and Disarm. Playing any of Tonight, Tonight, 1979 and Today would have done down a storm. Not everybody at Download is an extreme metal merchant who wants the heaviest of everything all the time. The Pumpkins put on a good show but I certainly wasn’t the only one who felt disappointed at the setlist. Everlasting Gaze was banging though.
  20. Very low rainfall amounts though
  21. "Profoot Moleskin Comfort Padding" from amazon is probably the best thing for this. Amazon incorrectly sent me 4 big packets of it instead of what I had actually ordered earlier in the year, they didn't want it back. It has come in useful for a couple of things since, but I pretty much have a lifetime supply of the stuff now. It is pretty inexpensive anyway, but drop me a PM if you want me to post you some. 😀
  22. I am interested in taking up a hair and beauty course
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