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  2. you might get Abu Dhabi'd.
  3. yesterday Heidi Allen was talking about them changing into LibDems. It's their best bet I reckon for not having a change of jobs.
  4. That’s the Coxy I’m looking for, Fuzz 🙌🏽 Ben
  5. Unfortunately it seems to me labours hope is to be slightly less crap, rather than be slightly better.
  6. European elections 2019: Brexit Party dominates According to the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation, winning less than 32% of the votes is domination.
  7. I think they may have left it too late. People were already willing to forgive the lib dems by the time they formed. They therefore don't really have a clear distinction why they are there
  8. I have seen some Corbynites already have the knives out for this disloyalty.
  9. Got it from the states pointtwodesign.com came fairly quickly & in a strong tube so little chance of damage
  10. Superscally

    Resale Club 2019

    Can't believe people would consider spending that much. Think some perspective is needed...
  11. Superscally

    Resale Club 2019

    Don't worry about it fella, as long as the journey is this fun, it'll be grand. If we'd have had it in our hands on the last day and lost it I'd have been fussed, but we couldn't have done any more...
  12. Which unfortunately is Jeremy's way of saying "nothing has changed" whilst I'm happy enough trying to VONC the new leader into a general election at that election we have to offer more than just our version of Brexit is better than theirs.
  13. nikkic

    Other stage Sunday

    Same thoughts over here. Thought I’d see what all the fuss was about, she had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Emotions were high throughout. Not my bag really but if there’s nothing else on at the time I’d probably check her out, out of curiosity. The Miley show was a bit of a wet weekend in comparison.
  14. Very glad to hear Christine knocked it out of the park. Also curious about the Beach House performance. And a top 5 weekend 1 ranking in general. 😉
  15. Hugh Jass

    Other stage Sunday

    We should never forget. For those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
  16. I hope it is true. Be good for the game.
  17. timbrass

    Brexit at Glasto?

    If only Lord Buckethead had been running...
  18. Today
  19. Decent day at Hatfield but I feel a Midlands date is needed, just felt overall better and none of the stupidly long queues. Getting a drink was ridiculous after 2pm until about 9:30pm. Sound was decent.
  20. Where did you get this? Is this available to buy anywhere?
  21. Can you not just blag it? Two years ago I straight up went into my bosses office and said "Can i please leave two days early to go to Glastonbury?" He was fine with it. Now admittedly, this was an international school at the end of term. Are you back in work on the Monday? If so, fuck that.
  22. This thread (and boredom) made me look for hot chutneys. Here's one that might interest some; https://acornpreserves.com/index.php/chutneys-and-relishes/
  23. Had a missed call from Senegal on Thursday and I’m still terrified it was a Glastonbury competition announcement call that I missed... It wouldn’t be though right? Right? G-guys? GUYS!?
  24. are the 1975 the best band in the world rn?
  25. Milk Teeth, The Bronx and The Interrupters were the highlights for me. I was abit disappointed with Cancer Bats, not the best I've seen. The bar queues were really pissing me off, it took 30mins one time. How am I meant to get drunk with these wait times!
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