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  2. Lollapalooza Paris has been cancelled, the same weekend as benicassim and shared a few acts
  3. I am so excited to stand on the shoulders of all the giants of Glastonbury quizzery who have come before me. Here’s hoping I I don’t f*** it up! In 2009 one chart-topping act officially played all three days of the festival. Which act and where on each day?
  4. Perhaps my wording was a little out ... in my defence I took it from another online quiz
  5. Rage Against the Machine (30) The 1975 (35) +5 Foo Fighters (20) Muse (10) -5 Foals (45) Biffy Clyro (15) (-5) Queens of the Stone Age (30) The Cure (30) Arcade Fire (45) +5
  6. I wondered whether you were going to allow "Glastonbury Song"
  7. Today
  8. July events are starting to be cancelled. My guess is Latitude will be cancelled in the next few weeks. This thing will still be going on in the summer.
  9. It was scouting for girls I was initially thinking of ... but since googling as I forgot .. I discovered 💦 boys .... and as you came up with 2 answers it’s your turn ... I think @parsonjack has had a go already maybe ?
  10. Italy's worst day for a COVID19 death toll was 919.
  11. This is awesome. Going to spend some time with this over the next few days. Thank you!
  12. And, in my top ten list over overrated bands - Scouting for Girls.
  13. jparx


    Obvious but still an all timer. Apologies for the weird link. https://archive.org/details/RadioheadGlastonbury2017 I know some here will criticise but for a fan who waited a long time for the moment, it delivered and then some.
  14. interesting that both Novarock and Download have moved their dates to be earlier for 2021.... that weekend is usually RaR/RiP kicking off the European summer rock fest cycle.... I wonder if RaR/RiP will also move as all 4 fests usually share a lot of bands which will become impossible if all 4 festivals are on the same weekend.
  15. Nope, I think any July festival will be cancelled in the next month or so.
  16. You think your bored? Look what's happened to Andrew Cotter, the BBC sports presenter;
  17. I think that we may see a wave of cancellations mid-next week (probably quite a lot of thinking being done over the long break), but I guess that Blue Dot might feasibly wait until May.
  18. I guess it all depends on whether it gets picked up by the media again. I could see them kicking out the drummer if it is picked up, but it might just fly under the radar. I've only seen the story here and NBT reddit, nothing mainstream, so may just be swept under the rug and not addressed.
  19. I’m not sure how much I believe considering I’ve read it once, I’m not going to actively read anymore into it, if it’s true then the drummer is a weirdo but he looks kinda outa place in my eyes on stage anyways If it all happened 5 years ago and they addressed it fair play but if it comes out again or fresh cases do could you see them being booked for anything like this again??
  20. I’m stuck in my decision now 4 weeks almost in ... back to work in 8 ... hopefully the nhs will be more able to cope but I also don’t fancy getting it as I really don’t know if I’ll get through ... probably yes but for the first time in my life diabetes is a f@@king pain !! Living alone is also a factor in decision because if I go downhill fast there won’t be any help there for me ... I’d really just like a mild version please ... if I’ve not already had one ...
  21. I have a feeling that next season just won’t happen, this one has to be finished first, and I can’t see that happening any tome soon
  22. I really didn’t wanna go coz I thought I’d miss Kasabian but my Dad dragged me there and they were very good, glad I saw Kasabian tho I think Arcade Fire could be booked, it’s more a hoping coz I recently realised how much I like their music but idk I could just see them on a Friday night
  23. But that's the moral quandary here. He won't want his Dad to get it and need that help - and that'll be played out up and down the country. On a MUCH lower risk scale, my girlfriend has mild asthma, but still it's a dice we don't want to roll. Even if the expectation is that things will go back to approaching normal with a sort of herd immunity situation, we've already agreed we aren't taking ANY unnecessary risks until there is a treatment or antibody test, or it's explicitly stated there will be no working antibody test for the public and vaccination is impossible. We're lucky that we work freelance and remote so we can, but we won't be participating in the consumer economy more than we have the past couple of weeks during that time. wonder how many others that'll apply to as well? So the NHS would be able to help people, but does that mean people should be put into a situation where they need it? Then there's the counter argument about the economy issues taking many more lives in the long run. I don't envy those who have to make these decisions....
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