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  2. Nice straw man argument on Gwen Stefani. The point was made originally that Gwen Stefani would be a similar booking to Lana Del Rey. I don’t agree with that premise. Will leave this here from her recent Christmas album
  3. Shuttle buses are great. Traffic can be crap but you're never waiting more than 5 to 10 minutes to get on one even at peak
  4. Was talking about the crowds they appeal to. The sort of people that would keep tabs on an All Points East lineup. All of what you said (apart from The xx being an album away from headlining Glastonbury and significantly outselling Kooks/Wombats) I would agree with but it’s not what I was talking about at all.
  5. Wife's hoping for Billie Eilish. I'd be very happy with Placebo. Line ups shaping to be a nostalgic trip back to my late teens!
  6. It is quite easy to get back to the centre of town on the shuttle bus isnt it? I will have to look, it just seems cheaper to stay a bit further out.
  7. New album just announced for May. Must be a good chance of her being there.
  8. circus92

    2020 New Music

    Love Jessie Ware - any chance she might be playing this year? Think she has a new album due
  9. Honestly would Also, I think we’ll get Halloweens which is two of the Vaccines somewhere, which might mean no Vaccines
  10. Christ, do you know the source for this? The bass player is my step dads grandson. Although my mum hasn’t text me so I’m not sure it’s Charlie.
  11. Hoping for Andy Paak, and Placebo are still available for that day.
  12. Any clues who the act after Kendrick might be?
  13. Even in these times of Kooks and Wombats bullshit... Not. A. Chance.
  14. I was contacted by a recruiter the other day to ask me about a role at News UK (The Sun’s parent company). Up to 10 grand a year more than I currently earn. Told him I wouldn’t even consider it on ethical grounds.
  15. Oh, silly me... I’ll throw out my copy of Tragic Kingdom immediately!
  16. So it's not just the rain and mud that makes 2020 feel like 2016 then.
  17. I think someone has roofied you then... The Strokes are top drawer headliners, have produced an album that was era defining and will be talked about for decades to come, and are one of the few bands to have actually sold out a day at APE. The fact they spawned countless shitty bands in their wake is testament to how influential they are - but I wouldn’t count The Kooks, Wombats or Catfish in that number. The XX are one good album away from being able to headline Glastonbury, even before you consider how popular and influential Jamie is by himself. Those other three, on the other hand, are utterly irrelevant dross that have sold a fraction of what The Strokes and The XX have (both in terms of record sales and tickets), have not created one remotely memorable album, and will not be remembered by anyone except Steve Lamaqq in 20 years.
  18. Harry49

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Looking at his website it will be either the Friday or Saturday. Do you have any tips for where to start listening to his back catalogue?
  19. Off topic but my boss wanted me to look at one of their stories as it was connected to our industry. I made her well aware of my distaste of having to go to that website on my pc. I purged my browser afterwards.
  20. Big Thief were glorious in London last night. Don't want to get my hopes up too much but, yknow, they're a perfect Park band and they are in Europe and free that weekend...
  21. That Saturday and Sunday are stacked! Can't wait till June...
  22. By sharing their links and encouraging clicks you're only doing that rag's job for them. Don't buy / click The Sun.
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