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  2. 1. The Cure 2. Chemical Brothers 3. IDLES 4. Jungle 5. Loyle Carner
  3. AliceR

    Resale Club 2019

    Stupid question.... what were you able to carry in with you at that point? And also what day did you try this?
  4. Unfortunately, that's merely opinion* to much of the world - and not a universal one. (* one I agree with, to be clear) I've got an issue with their laws, but I don't think cultural imperialism is the answer.
  5. Madyaker

    Resale Club 2019

    I think this is the general consensus. Most people are pursuing alternative ways now. Tickets will probably be sent out next week.
  6. I love mine, I think it's a Lidl but might be an Aldi. Enough give to prevent you feeling that one wee stone that's always right under your sleeping area and they keep the ground chill from coming through. I used one of those thin yoga mat things before so it was a significant upgrade. Aldi have them in this week https://www.aldi.co.uk/blue-self-inflating-mat/p/098034286074003
  7. I like that, my body is ready for the album.
  8. dont think so ...hes got his head in the clouds at the moment
  9. Glad to hear he’s good live, he’s becoming top of the pile of must-sees for me now.
  10. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Don't get despondent - get out and vote....If you don't vote you can't complain, even if you make it a protest vote. I wish there was an extra option "None of the above" so you can register your displeasure with the system. This is a real opportunity to get some Green party MEP's as the traditional Conservative/Labour voters will be split between Conservative/Labour/UKIP/Brexit/Change UK. As they give the political finger to to May/Corbin for making a complete arse of Brexit & Democracy by trying to score political points against each other and factions within their own parties.
  11. I also seem to remember a campaign around the Brazil world cup and paedophile sex tourists due to their age of consent being 14 and their prostitution laws. Because Brazil allowed peado's to attend all countries should follow!
  12. That would work better, maybe they may trial something different this year. As you say we are both pretty sure there would have been a few no shows. I bet lots of people even forgot about booking it.
  13. Homer

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Just checked two different tactical voting sites. One told me to vote Change UK, the other Lib Dem or Green. Most helpful!
  14. Last time I checked my passport didn’t say gay or straight.
  15. Homosexual people are discriminated against in Qatar and for visitors it will be no different. As I said, sexuality is very different. My issue is with discriminatory laws.
  16. It's not even that important to me to be honest, I just think that Field Day had a better overall vibe than APE, the line ups were never anywhere near as wide and varied as they get at APE (across 2 full weekends of course) but I think that they really hit the brief with bold and interesting bookings - more so probably than APE (just not as stellar names) I just think it's a bit of a shame that it looks like Field Day will probably end up finishing at some point soon, and that a company like AEG is one of the biggest causes of that.
  17. nikkic

    Park Area Announcement

    Has anybody put together a Spotify playlist for The Park yet?
  18. No issue with pointing it out, my point is corporate football brings both advantages and disadvantages. People who moan about how everything is dictated by money have no issues when it advantages their team. However if I asked you to simply describe where that line should be set, you (and anyone) would struggle as life is not simple. I have no doubt if UEFA moved this final, future players would try and move others quoting precedent. I don’t think it would be that interesting. Qatar would let the player play and hope his team got knocked out quickly!
  19. We were talking about this and I hate the idea of pre-booking anything at Glastonbury as I'd hate to have to walk away from an amazing discovery because I was on a schedule. I thought a nice compromise would be 50% can be booked but you have to be there by 10 minutes before the start and after that it could be a free for all on the rest of the seats. I bet a lot of people book and don't turn up due to inebriation etc.
  20. just looked at this and amazed at the numbers browsing currently .... anyone reading this thread I wonder why you haven't signed up to gold membership yet ?when you are clearly enjoying the forum and its great community ....WHO'S ONLINE 339 MEMBERS, 7 ANONYMOUS, 1,041 GUESTS (SEE FULL LIST)
  21. everyone is allowed to attend the world cup, without discrimination. No one is allowed to break local laws no matter what locale. That's how it works. so (say) the UK should let in Canadian weed smokers and let them act as they would in Canada? And (say) the uk should let in USA gun nuts and allow them to carry arms as they would at home?
  22. It's still a weird concept to me pre booking a screening for a certain time at Glastonbury. The whole thought of a movie drive in is a good one though just a weird way of doing it I suppose. * Mind saying that it would be packed if they didnt do it that way.
  23. It's 4 man, but got my self one of these, the price dropped £33 this week to £67, you can stand in it and has black out. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8686361
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