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  2. Some bands just like to keep themselves in the conversation for Glastonbury. I don’t think they’re playing again so soon. That new song tho. Fucking hell. 🤮
  3. The guy who created copy and paste died today. Just a random piece of news there. Imagine where we'd all be without copy and paste!!
  4. The cola was chilled but I cant remember if the ale/tonic/soda were.... and I think they were only singles... and I seem to remembering them being expensive for the tiny size of them, probably £1 like someone else said.
  5. The crown in Pilton has tasty food but nothing fancy. The rifleman's and the king Arthur in Glastonbury have nice pints and usually some good life music, saw Mick Jaggers brother band playing in beginning of Feb was pretty good. The sheppney which is a drive away had delicious food .
  6. Some point in April I think. It was shortly after a band who contain members that I personally know were announced for the This Feeling stage. I was pretty surprised by the scale of the thing as I thought it wasn't meant to be a huge festival - was certainly more people than I expected. Which might explain why the Monday morning traffic getting out of the thing was so awful. Or at least it did from images I saw on Twitter, given I left pretty much straight after 2 Door finished their thing.
  7. Well I chose Feb 20 in the sweepstakes to hopefully entertain me at work today but reading this thread this morning (NZT) has already killed two hours. Thanks for the hype!
  8. 35 acts being announced on Monday, anyone with X-ray vision?? 🧐 Sinead O’Connor? Playing Galway arts festival the week before...
  9. I reckon Biffy or Royal Blood before Kendrick. Then the 3 Other headliners being Strokes/PSB/Biffy or RB
  10. Blimey!!! Really? I'm not on any social media, but I would have thought no one would care for his advert selling sampling nonsense! (Btw, do listen to the heavyweight podcast about how a friend lent him a cd Boxset which led him to basically sample it all for the 'play' album. A link to a news article : http://www.vinylmeplease.com/magazine/moby-best-podcast-ever/ ), let alone his recent outing as a misogynist (allegedly). But I am also a 43 year old man who's finger is not on the pulse. In fact, the pulse my finger was on flatlined in about 2012. So what do I know?!?
  11. Haha that is definitely a good idea, I have listened to pretty much all the artists that are listed for the Friday. I rarely see any headliners at Primavera. The ones I wanna see on Friday are Tropical Fuck Storm, Fontaines DC, King Gizzard and Lightning Bolt. Also Chaqueta de Chandal, Amaia, Beach Bunny and Arthur Verocai looks like alternatives. I just feel the Friday is lacking in big draws for me but I mainly value noise, guitars, shoegaze etc.
  12. Possibly, though four or five Aussie dates and they could easily be back in the U.K. by the 24th.
  13. Last year was there, but i like him so he can come
  14. we've parked by the skatepark a couple of times ... as above ... wellies and a snorkel vital pieces of equipment
  15. I'm running it so don't worry about that, haven't thought as far as a prize. A jpg of a medal from mspaint should do the trick
  16. Evening all, A few of us are heading down to Glastonbury at the weekend. We’re planning to walk around the site first and then enjoy some pints / dinner in town. Does anyone have any recommendations? Best pub for a pint? Easiest place to park for a site visit? Nice place for dinner? Any tips welcome! We’ll share some pics from the site afterwards.
  17. yep, I started making a list some weeks ago but I would rule out most of them so...
  18. Matt42

    Self Confirmed 2020

    It’s nearly March. Bands know if they are there or not. If Biffy ain’t booked they’d just say no. Right I’m gonna moot that Calvin Harris is not playing. We don’t really have solid info he is, but we have some info now that Royal Blood, Biffy Clyro and Pet Shop Boys are there.
  19. At this rate, it might be easier to list who might be available than who is unlikely to turn up.
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