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  2. Miyn

    Other Stage 2020

    I agree they've come far as a band with the visuals and everything, but the first album will always be my favourite. Also seeing them in February in Manchester, hope they're on the Friday, Wolf Alice into 1975 whilst eating a jumping bean burrito would be heavenly.
  3. It's not letting me edit for some reason, but as you can see my music tastes will somewhat be appeased with Macca and hopefully Taylor headlining.
  4. This idea I like!! Who can help with this?
  5. Predictions (plus a few randoms). Thoughts?
  6. DRIVE Still the most powerful four minutes of video I know
  7. IDLES, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Black Futures, Fontaines DC, The Comet Is Coming I was surprised by Black Futures and The Comet is Coming being in there as I didn't think I thought there were other bands I'd listened to more!
  8. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    The EP stuff, although they never play it, has some of their best songs. I have Haunt/Bed and Medicine up there as two of their best. They have came on massively, I remember them in 2016 and they just seemed to get lost on the Other Stage (he did rant on about Brexit too, can’t quite remember what he said though). But I’ve seen them several times since and they’ve gotten better and better each time. Visuals are some of the best I’ve seen. Would be gutted if they clashed with Kendrick. I am seeing them in Liverpool in February so that definitely sways me towards Kendrick, but think it’ll be a decision to be made on the night.
  9. Well. I did it. I bought myself a combi ticket, even though I swore not to do it again. See, I thought about it and I like a lot of bands that are coming to the festival. I think afterwards I'd regret skipping a year so here we are.. I also think this is the thing.. the headliners (apart from FNM) aren't all that bad. I think we can all agree on that, but we were all expecting way too much. In a way Graspop itself fueled this by making it a 4 days edition and by stressing out the fact that it's the 25th anniversary of the festival. We were all expecting the best line up ever. That's on us. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Aerosmith. If these were the headliners of a regular 3 days Graspop line up in 2014 or 2017 we'd all be more than ok with that 🙂 If they would have been able to add just one big name to the line up it would have been the best line up ever. It's that close. They can't help it though. I'm sure they tried. Lots of big names out there but I think it's nearly impossible to get them to headline next summer. I think Manowar won't headline Belgium again because they can't play as loud here as they used to. That ain't Graspop's fault. It's the law. AC/DC still hasn't made any plans to tour yet, and even if they did, I don't see them playing festivals. Same thing goes for The Who, Dream Theater, Fear Factory and Guns 'n Roses. Big names, but I don't see any plans for a European summer festival tour. Metallica and Mötley Cruë are touring North America. They won't be coming to Europe next summer. Tool does a concert tour, not a festival tour. Besides, they did that this summer and all the major festivals got to book them. Well, almost all of them. RATM is touring against Trump. We won't be seeing them in Europe in 2020. Machine Head doesn't wanna do festivals anymore. Rammstein doesn't wanna work with Live Nation anymore. SOAD wants to headline Werchter. The bastards Van Halen probably doesn't exist anymore and they don't often come over to Europe anymore anyway. Slipknot has headlined this year. I understand why they didn't try to book them again for this year. Kiss came to say goodbye this year. Very unlikely to see them again next summer. Scorpions even came to say goodbye twice. Booking them again would be a joke. I read something about Queen or Iggy Pop here on this forum. Either one of these two would have been great. It would have made this line up an anniversary line up. Especially Iggy.. I had no idea he was in the vicinity. Talking about missed opportunities. Ah well. Life goes on.
  10. Jeff Rosenstock Flying Lotus King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard AJJ Burial If FlyLo and King Gizz play 2020's Glasto I'll be ecstatic!
  11. MoveDirect

    Kendrick Lamar

    Very favourably. His content is far more important than anything Biggie ever did, whilst being a lyrical equal. Being a pedant, I'd put those 3 a bit further back than the previous gen. I'd put the previous generation as your 50 Cent's, Kanye's, Lil Wayne's, TI's etc. Of that era he smashes them all out the park. I'd put him in the godly category with Pac, Big, Andre 3k, Eminem, GZA, DMX, Black Thought, Scarface, Big L, Jadakiss, Rakim etc. It can be difficult to compare era's but if you break it down to lyrical ability, flow and content you get the best rappers.
  12. Now that one has moved the pound.. Well down on the news.
  13. Looks like boriss shitty antics over the hospitalised kid is hurting him
  14. Makes you wonder how we hadn't already worked it out.
  15. Weyes Blood will cover her spot nicely. Though yeah, having both would've been sweet
  16. I'd go just for the Collosseum vibe 😎
  17. edit: I don't get this quoting system. I suck
  18. They'll have 'sold out' to try get people that still want to see Capaldi to go buy a weekend ticket. Still very impressive nonetheless.
  19. Welcome to the forum Poorside, and congrats on getting a golden ticket!
  20. Oh that hurt! It’s no fun being DJ ,bouncer, alcohol and drug confiscation supremo, bog supervisor, relationships councillor and fight interventionist. But the consolation of necking the confiscated booze after the event is worth it. Just don’t wear suede shoes, guaranteed that some pupil will throw up on them.
  21. Don't think they fit in. They are still really expensive, tough terms (in 2018 they asked for a 3 hour set and no clashes) and already toured Europe in 2017 and 2018 so no big enticement.
  22. I would assume so, they need to make their money back somehow so I reckon they’ll announce a few more shows at the stadium, not sure what date the GNR show is but it’s getting announced 13th December
  23. Paramore + BMTH co-headline, yeah?
  24. Today
  25. A disturbingly plausible scenario about the potential reasons for the Labour electoral strategy : https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/james-ball-on-the-battle-over-jeremy-corbyn-future-1-6417985
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