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  2. Madness were on fine form last night. Went on the spur of the moment and got tix outside for £30. Did an older set then a hits one. They played pretty much everything!
  3. crazyfool1

    Taylor Swift

    im hopefull and if not party hard on my behalf
  4. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    Seems to be that if you catch them early on in their touring schedule then they're good. If you catch them towards the end of it though, it's bad. Frusciante has famously blamed his exits from the band on having to play the same songs every gig and becoming bored. There will be a honeymoon period now that he's fresh and rejoined, then maybe enthusiasm with a new record but he'll probably feel the same way in 2022. But I fully believe that this is the final formation of the RHCP. If John quits again, I think the band will retire.
  5. Thanks very much and thanks everyone that nominated me
  6. Think its a little early to rule them out. Enough bands are doing this and Pinkpop already. Sure there is loads they are still to announce! Edit - Had a quick look and in 2016 they started their tour June 4th at Rock AM and ended it at T in the Park 10th July.
  7. thanks think I got myself confused
  8. For Stewarding: No For Campaigning: Yes
  9. Would do me fine too, but they are both pure pop so I doubt they'd programme such a clash.
  10. have I read the page right that you need to apply for 2 festivals ? do we get a time that the page becomes available before ? just making sure for the umpteenth time
  11. I don't think I could possibly shrug any harder... But, if you're pleased then I'm pleased for you...
  12. They are talking about Coldplay and I admit that I would absolutely LOVE to see them performing Parachutes in full 20yrs after it’s release. I saw them in 2003 (for the first and last time) and it was brilliant. Not gonna happen tho I know.
  13. foolee

    2020 headliners

    With all the Chili's live talk I thought I'd get in on the act as I've seen them be great and terrible. V Festival - 2003 - Very good - By the way era Earls Court - 2006 - Terrible & didn't even play under the bridge. It probably didn't help that SA was awful Reading Festival - 2006 - Terrible - Even worse than Earls Court Rock Werchter - 2016 - Good/Okay - Good setlist and were okay live but nothing special
  14. 3/6 of us will definitely be there. No clash we can imagine that would make it a difficult choice. None of the 3 of us are big Swifties, we'd not pay to go to one of her own shows, but we can smell a good gig a mile off. To me that's what the Pyramid headline is about. Yeah, it's cool when one of your pet acts gets the shout but trying out other people's favs is great fun.
  15. hers my contribution to the Xmas funnies!
  16. a couple of funnys that came up on my Facebook , though i would share to lift the cheer :-)
  17. It is something that we don't hate to see. Already miles better than this year and that was still the tits.
  18. lukethekid

    2020 headliners

    I’ve saw Chili’s twice, Etihad (City of Manchester stadium it was called at the time) 2004. James Brown supported them which completely overshadowed the Chili Peppers, they were still good though, delivered. Saw them again Manchester Arena 2006, this time they were supported by The Mars Volta, they were good, Chilis not so.
  19. I think I'm in the depends what's on West Holts' camp. I can only hum 2 Taylor Swift songs. Mind you thats 2 more than Kendrick but I am more likely to go and see him.
  20. https://www.loudandquiet.com/podcasts/music-made-me-do-it-the-festival-founder-end-of-the-roads-simon-taffe/
  21. Sounds shit, sorry to hear your run of bad luck, hopefully resale gods shine on you!
  22. One thing I will say - the way the Oxfam website/applications system works, F5/refreshing hurts more than it helps. Best to just be patient - VERY patient - as if it's anything like the past couple years the system will get extremely slow but in most cases the page will come through eventually if you wait it out. So every refresh effectively puts you right to the back of the queue.
  23. I'm generally fairly now but still am not a fan at all. Glad to have a night away from the pyramid though because I'll be at kendrick & macca for sure
  24. I Think she is a great booking, speaking to my mates it's a big split . Taylor Swift..... she's martmite you know that ginger bollocks will come on stage with her , but people will love her massive sing along , great feelings I will be some where else , but good booking . the Eavis video reminded me of this
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