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  2. So no one is allow to spill the beans about the Madame X dress rehearsal / sound check or something?
  3. Woffy

    Markets map

    1) Sausage Fest. 2) Wine Bar. Reads like the unintentional itinerary for pretty much the entirety of every unsuccessful night out of my early twenties.
  4. Schoolboy Q (Sat) Charlotte De Witte (Fri) GRANDSON (Sat) Young Thug (Sat) Les Louanges (Sat) are the new additions
  5. Excuse the dodgy numbering (hard to draw with a mouse), but... 1) Sausage Fest. 2) Wine Bar - A great meeting point and a great place to dance to some 70s/80s classic (they have their own PA system).
  6. did you write in depth about the festival? 😁 I am still in two minds, my boys are still at primary but I have never lied about them being off, my eldest will have finished his SATs by the time Glasto comes around but I am worried about the fine element, although I am sure they can't fine for under 5 days?
  7. I can see Clarke getting another opportunity in the championship which would (sadly) be a better prospect for most than the Scotland job. Can you see Scotland going younger? Both Wales (under Coleman) and Northern Ireland have had success with that approach.
  8. With any luck this also discourages the plummy gets from Worthy FM from posting “look at this shitty puddle” type content in the week leading up.
  9. Did a test pack of the car with the "large" items, all good. The list gets finished off tomorrow with the last items.
  10. This forum has produced some amazing resources in my own fallow period, with the thingy, BSR’s playlist and threads like the ‘what’s the best track by’ all great additions since I last frequented these pages. In the spirit of giving something back, and inspired by the food 2019 thread I thought another useful addition would be a map of the market places. Clearly this is tricky with changes taking place every year but I’m prepared to try. Having not been for 8 years I’m guessing things will be a bit different since I last attended but some things (brothers bar, Goan fish curry, cider bus, etc...) surely never change! If people post their regular food, drink and souvenir stalls in here with an idea of where they’re situated I’ll try to build an interactive map so we can all go back to that place we found at 3am one year and have never been able to locate it again since! Or if you think this is a crap idea and it spoils the fun of stumbling upon such places, tell me to do one 😂 EDIT: If anyone knows of a map of available traders plots can you share with me?
  11. I remember when i worked in 2017 for Greenpeace on the build, they gave us a glasto workers guide and it did ask in there not to post any build photos. Unfortunately I only saw this two days before the festival and had been posting photos on here from the beginning of June!
  12. I'm quite happy with a bit of a blackout tbh. Speculation and build up is great, but imagine if you'd wandered into the site and come face to face with a bloody pier as a complete surprise! The sort of thing that almost comes close to replicating the amazement you felt the first time you saw the site would be glorious.
  13. I for one would prefer not to see or hear spoilers for the new areas like the pier, Block 9, Arcadia, etc. If anyone is gonna post info on the new areas I'd appreciate advance warning or a creating a separate thread. I think there are some nice surprises lined up this year, personally I'd like to keep it that way. Only for another 69 days...
  14. Correct decision for me. Did a good job first time round. 2nd appointment was a mistake. Hoping for something different to Moyes. Talk that Steve Clark will be leaving Killie but would be very surprised if he took the Scotland job. Reckon he could do a job back down South.
  15. I’m hearing not bought them all ! I mean who in the right mind would want Y not 😂
  16. Interesting I already know things you lot don’t know and now I know they don’t want you lot to know what I know, I now know what I need to do with what I know. You know?
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/half-of-england-is-owned-by-less-than-1percent-of-the-population/ar-BBW2oP3?ocid=AMZN The figures show that if the land were distributed evenly across the entire population, each person would have almost an acre – an area roughly the size of Parliament Square in central London. 😮😮
  18. Day 1 is the only one I'm really worried about conflicts. I'm sure there will be conflicts on day 2 and 3 but each day only has a couple acts I'd be really upset if I missed.
  19. You can only change the name on a campervan pass if the person whose name it is in cancels their festival ticket. If you are travelling in convoy you will be fine, otherwise try and get a pass in the correct name. I believe there will be a resale of these on Sunday 28 April at 11am. You can then get a refund on the other pass before 03 May. Have a fantastic time, it's my 12th year and its still as exciting as my 1st!
  20. Not sure the tongue in cheek nature of that comment came across there! Unfortunately (for me at least) I have to agree. As a 13 year old in The Libs heyday Pete was a bit of an idol for me and I loved babyshambles other stage slot in 2007. Wasn’t around for the 2015 appearance and would be a real highlight if they showed up, especially as my must sees so far don’t include any bands
  21. Started my spreadsheet, including listing the food options from the food thread.
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