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  2. I totally agree it could have a bearing for next year. What we are seeing at the moment is a lack of global coordination. The opposite in fact, with countries acting purely in their own interests. The pressure to get people on planes back in proper numbers again will be great but getting a certificate that is globally accepted based on a universally accepted test, that is going to take a lot of time. This year? I can't see it. Plus at the rate the UK for example is testing, everybody that wants a test in August won't even be able to get one. The capacity looks like it will be able to handle low single digit millions. Just speculating but perhaps they will use weak proxy measures at the airport initially like checking temperatures, using thermal scanners, getting people to have a doctor's note that they are in good health, making people wear masks or asking people to self-quarantine the other side. The airlines can't be mostly grounded all year or it become too expensive for government. The other problem governments face is that airlines make most of their money from transatlantic routes so there will be pressure to open up more of these routes (which conversely you could see as a positive for the festival...)
  3. Bill withers Live at Carnegie Hall is something I am glad to own. .
  4. I remember back in the 70s one of our neighbours was addicted to amphetamine which had been prescribed by her GP as a slimming aid.
  5. That reminds me of a case where an Avon Lady was charged with selling speed pills to her customers saying that they were slimming tablets. He customers reported weight loss, as well as having the energy to do loads of jobs. It was a win win until someone grassed her up.
  6. Absolutely right. The point here is that having a 'rich parent' didn't guarantee refunds. And my original comment was about how irresponsible it was to guarantee at this stage that MadCool will refund people. I think they will, but no one can promise that. If MadCool doesn't have enough money in their account, it doesn't matter who the owner is...
  7. Keeping up the Street theme but a bit different.
  8. Bill Withers was the artist everyone loved but probably didn't talk about it enough. This tune was songwriting at it's finest. Perfect for this (isolated) spring day........
  9. ❤️ Saw this tour in Reading with a friend. We were sitting on the edge of a row and laughing so hard throughout that I was pretty much toppling into the aisle for the whole performance. I also kind of enjoyed how endearing tubby he'd got on tour (is that weird?). We had tickets to see him again on Snowflake/Tornado but it was postponed due to Covid. Another thing to look forward to when all this is over!
  10. You're probably right but when it's all over he'll probably carry the can - or take the credit if we come out OK.
  11. I thought it was rescheduled as opposed to cancelled. Of course if you can’t make the new dates and it doesn’t sell out that would kinda suck....
  12. They are just waiting for Dutch government to extend the ban on public gatherings (now until june 1st). Insurance thing.
  13. lost

    Football 19/20

    Yes we know. Wimbledon, famous for their rivalry and deep hatred of Manchester Utd and City.
  14. Mystery Jets revealed last night that they were going to be headlining the Left Field stage on the Sunday. If you listened closely at that point you would have heard my heart shatter into a million pieces.
  15. Well I would not underestimate the wish for international travel and tourism to flourish again, governments will push back due to safety, though the business world pressure for normalising things will be large. So I do not think it is far fetched to believe in a standard this calendar year, just like the yellow fever certificate. I personally do think this might have a bearing for the fest in 2021, this august is more or less out of reach anyway imho
  16. So this is what Portillo has been up to. Great facial expressions.
  17. Provided this is still on (whether it is on or not will go right down to the wire I believe), Evanescence and Within Temptation have rescheduled their UK tour to early September, and Evanescence seem to have history with Knotfest, so could see them maybe being there. I'm not too familiar with Within Temptation, so don't really know how big they are (assuming fairly big though).
  18. Fantastic news, particularly the scale of Starmer's win.
  19. I'm a Corbyn fan still (yes, yes, I know, I know)...and I'm happy with this But then, I did vote for both K&A, so I guess I would be
  20. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Lol what? I'm not a liverpool fan.
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