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  2. Mrs Yeti and I have bought tickets to Weatherall's Convenenza festival. I'm a big fan and to get to see and hear several of his guises over a weekend in a spectacular location is something I'm very much looking forward to.
  3. not as yet ... but if I move and end up with a spare bedroom it could quite easily become a Glastonbury themed room ...
  4. Um, hence the "(at least)".
  5. funkychick2007

    Volunteering 2020

    Take thermal leggings and boot socks! No matter how hot the days are the temperature drops at night! The light wight packable down/wadded coats are great! Light but warm!
  6. I shall do my best Ben! Hoping for that kind of response from him! He's a good mate of my brothers, really nice guy. Stupidly good producer and engineer.
  7. Yeah sadly doesn't look likely same with vampire weekend if they miss out on tame aswell it seems odd they would miss all three for the last few years yet book some artists more regular than should be
  8. Ah , thought you had moved on from millinery and were upholstering a glasto leather chair
  9. Yeah, that would be a complete disaster. But I think one headliner must be of more alternative/rock nature.
  10. FNM is a great shout but I don't believe they will play. Would be an odd mix with Garrix, plus it seems their EU tour finishes in Madrid (as most bands do). Will see on Tue, just hoping it is not another left-field name such as Garrix 😉
  11. Bisque


    Are all of Rum DVD still alive?
  12. Firstly, 81 ways days to the coach resale... 😀 then hopefully the resale crew and I can start counting down too!!
  13. Ran 10k again this morning - got my 10k race next sat. Bit of pain in one knee so going to just run 5-7 on tues and fill out the rest of the week with spin, circuits, weights and cardio to take the strain off it
  14. A friend has just bought a ropey 2001 S500 Mercedes. £85k brand new, inflation works out at about £111,000 at 2.5% or something. Bought for £990. £8k in advisories though. 🤷🏿‍♂️
  15. Badlands

    2020 New Music

    Did they ever do a decent sized uk tour? I know they’ve not been seen in the north east but cannot whether they had a decent schlep or the obligitary London/Manchester/Glasgow ‘tour’.
  16. Just looked at Foals schedule, they have a gap on the 3rd (that would make them play 4 days in a row though so unlikely I'd say) and the 5th of July. I am still hoping they'll come, but I feel like they'll be at Pukkelpop, given this and the info given at a fan...
  17. The most probable option, but I'm hoping for Faith No More.
  18. Downloaded a countdown app to my phone the other day. The only events are Glasto & a christianing/naming day. Priorities.
  19. maelzoid


    This doesn't bother me too much. RunDMC get rather too much credit for Walk This Way, at the expense of Aerosmith, I reckon. Their delivery is almost identical to what Tyler laid down a decade before. Don't get me wrong, they more than earned their reputation with the rest of their catalogue, but their version of WTW is pretty faithful to the original to be considered so revolutionary.
  20. Wireless Festival is owned by Festival Republic if that's what you're asking. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.
  21. A great summary of the book! Since I got it I’ve read through it twice and pick it up almost daily to read bits of it. The photographs are so evocative and the book captures the essence of the festival. Can’t wait to be back!
  22. Which kind of suggests Behaviour is not as good. It's easily up there with the first three.
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