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  2. I was there last night and it was great, the sound, the voices, the guitars, the setlist... everything. I was right up the top and saw hardly any empty seats apart from a block on the floor (touts?) . Couldn’t be sure exactly what Mick said apart from muddy field
  3. MJP

    2019 Map

    Still no SE Corner access point, but in the aerial pic of site you can see the metal turnstiles.
  4. I cares about this latest announcement but after so many weeks and months and nothing am now past caring!
  5. Winslow Leach

    2020 headliners

    Are they? What makes you say that? Beyond the fact that she's presumably on the permanent rolling wishlist.
  6. Does anyone have a link to plan of the site on a road or OS map ? I used to have one but cannot locate it now.
  7. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Having looked at the Met Office Hazard Manager site it looks like if the site can escape the worst on Tuesday/Wednesday we’re going to be ok. The Yellow Warning for rain doesn’t cover the site anyway. Looking at the predicted rain rates there’s a fair bit going to fall but nothing stupid. After that there are a few showers around but that’s it until Sunday. Tuesday/Wednesday is the key if we’re to avoid it cutting up too much as all the traders arrive. We may yet be ok.
  8. Would you consider going alone @Northern Soul? There's several Facebook groups for people going solo where you can meet up with others. Seems a shame to not go when you have a ticket, I know it won't be the experience you thought it would be but who knows what it could turn into? The comparison someone made with Glastonbury and Christmas is spot on, lots of pressure to get excited and make it "the best one ever". Try not to worry about what others are doing OP, if this ends up being a more subdued festival this year for whatever reason so what, things going on in your life are bound to impact your mood and how you experience these kind of events. And some people just don't get that excited about things, my other half for example doesn't get excited about anything (Glastonbury, holidays, Christmas, anything) until pretty much the day of the event. He dreads the trek from the car and getting the tent up etc, but once that is done he feels he can finally relax and always really enjoys himself. Everyone is different and there is no perfect way to feel about it.
  9. Will have to try and go early - reckon the queues will be crazy (people queueing for bottled water no doubt!).
  10. The showers are definitely worth it upto Friday I'd say, but the ques are just stupid beyond that, you'll save yourselves hours if you just walk along to lost horizons or sams magic hat. Definitely go the Wednesday, just have a quite one...
  11. Eep, looks like SE Corner access point is 100% a thing this year. Those bloody gates
  12. VR Weather updates, now how can I pretend to work with a VR headset on......Helps me concentrate to write reports?
  13. Leaving Southport around 2am so should arrive around 6am depending on traffic/toilet breaks/the driver's disregard for speed limits. Should get in early enough to have the pick of the pitches and be fully set up by noon.
  14. Keithy

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Has taken me flippin' ages to find the address but knew I'd posted it on here in every weather thread for the last few years. This - https://earth.nullschool.net/ - is a really cool global view of the weather. Think it is updated every few hours with the latest data. Menu options are in the bottom left - click on Earth. It then allows you to choose all manner of data sources and types as well as replay weather patterns from the last few hours, etc. Doesn't really add huge amounts to the 'prediction chat' but you can at least see the weather patterns at the moment and in the past. Plus i find it quite cool. Click and drag the 'earth' to rotate and zoom in. Is much cooler with a touch screen or VR
  15. Yes at least for a couple would be good.
  16. Currently sat in conference call meeting with US tech guys about new system roll out... think I’m managing to make it look like I’m answering work emails on my phone here..
  17. Dave, Metallica, Coldplay
  18. mandb

    2019 Map

    has anyone got a link showing the site on a road or OS map. I used to have one but cant put my hands on it now. Great for getting my group to the right parking area
  19. Hopefully I will have already set up my tent, and found out my shifts for the week. Then, it's a staff meeting followed by a wander around the festival site!
  20. 'The store will be inside a bespoke marquee located within the campsite area at each of the festivals. It will be trading from 7am – 3am and will be staffed 24 hours and will have up to 18 tills in operation.' No doubt they'll use the other four hours fully replenish the shelves.
  21. I don't finish my shift until 7pm, offsite on the south side! Enjoy all x
  22. OK, so that’s Wednesday in the Cabaret Field bar then, aiming to be there 😎
  23. mufcok

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Think I underestimated how bad the build up to 2016 was. Not sure how, given that our minibus was towed out.. upon entry That's made me a little bit more positive
  24. Volunteering with Oxfam so Monday afternoon for me. Ideally I'd have come straight after dropping daughter at school but my husband is having to work from home to look after our preschooler and wants me to hang around til lunchtime so he can get some work done. Only in Bristol so not too far to travel
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