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  2. This is true, but my assumption is they wouldn't reschedule a stadium tour in the middle of winter.
  3. For the same reason that Glastonbury don’t book Maroon 5.
  4. so we have still space for 4 more logo bands i guess. i believe they will be four between judas priest faith no more nightwish five finger death punch megadeth volbeat steel panther and alter bridge.
  5. I think that's a reason why Lib Dems are correct for not always following labour lead as some would like. There are definitely Tory votes up for grabs and accepting a role as labours junior party for Brexit isn't the way to get them.
  6. Charm

    Lunch near the farm

    Sounds lovely, staying in Glastonbury for a couple of nights next week and can’t wait to do all this. Charm x
  7. Glastonbury Hype Playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4e0WmFen0EqqW3m3wEzEIg?si=GCcpyy0eRP-Wg2B2B0AtJw
  8. I think Wimbledon is (or used to be) based on address. I'm sure I remember a friend of mine using her parent's address and one year getting two lots of very sought after tickets, one for each address. Two semi finals or one semi, one final. Something like that
  9. I’m going for this too. Sure it will be brilliant, don’t know why I’ve never been before as it seems perfect for me. Thinking about booking Shambala too, tickets go on sale next week. Charm x
  10. Andy0808 v5

    2020 headliners

    Illuminati shit mate, I don’t fuck with it and I don’t want to know. You’re best just to nod your head, and be at the pyramid on the Sunday of the festival.
  11. Worryingly, I reckon than the polls are reflecting the Tory voters drifting already. If the centre right tories, who voted remain, are going to desert, then they already have.....like me. There'll be some still on the fence and his behaviour with the letters will put some off, but many will have had the last straw before now.
  12. Radio 1 launching their treasure hunt competition on Thursday - prize is glasto tickets. You have to find them somewhere in the country it sounds like, God’s peed 🙏🏻
  13. wonker

    2020 headliners

    I don't get the whole Taylor Swift love - am I missing something? Are there particular songs I should listen to which might help me to 'see the light'? Or is it just a zeitgeist thing that I missed out on?
  14. In general as well ,people dont view age as something that stops you doing what you want. Not so much from 2004 but it means the pool of people wanting to go is getting bigger every year. Of course some people will drop off but not as many as decide they want to go.
  15. Got tickets for this. My 5yo child is ready for his second INmusic.
  16. How do Wimbledon and the London Marathon do it? Or is there nothing to stop it there either, if not I'm off to register for Wimbledon again 🤣
  17. Yea reckon that was me. 😁
  18. I get the feeling it may be Korn up on 2nd stage against KISS. So Faith No More as a sub headliner is deffo something I can see.
  19. Something coming today? https://www.instagram.com/p/B33zm67Iuu-/
  20. Would agree with all of this. Annoyingly you have to pay an add on if you’re arriving the Thursday. It’s definitely a festival on the up crowd size and line up wise. The site is much bigger now than when we started going. Be prepared for mud. Almost always wet.
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