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  2. I wouldn't bet they will bring rammstein style pyro! Streamers, confetti, that kind of thing. Could easily bin all that off and get away with playing the hits
  3. I really can see Matodon happen. I can't believe they come to Europe for only one concert. Jinjer is already playing Ieper Hardcore Fest.
  4. Vampire Weekend are in the USA in the 15th of August. There haven't been European dates announced in August. I can't see it happen.
  5. Why didn't this happen during Johnny's set last year 😥
  6. Have to go brother bar drinks-wise. I don't even like cider that much, but love that weds vibe and it is next to my fave stage. Also have to visit deluxe diner.
  7. Aye. Huge Smiths/early moz fan, ardent green/remainer here. If he played (solo or even with Johnny) I would honestly not know how to feel. Seeing such a legend would be amazing OOTH, but on the other.. eugh. It won't happen now anyway, he'll never set foot again.
  8. Pet Shop Boys did No 6 one year so I'd assume they're reasonable
  9. Today
  10. And, that is where and when I first met you, GW.
  11. Merely a lighthearted comment, my brain needs 5 minutes with that accent before I get every word, I’ve always had problems with strong Scottish accents.
  12. I’d guess that if Primal Scream are playing they’re headlining so would need to be Thursday. Maybe they got Gerry Cinnamon signed up early last year. They like a repeat act so maybe Elbow ? Blossoms wouldn’t surprise me, Similar rise through the stages as catfish. Ocean colour scene to play and do an acoustic set in the Diner. Belinda Carlisle just for @bottonrob Are the pet shop boys expensive ?
  13. this is how it looked in 2011 - its the only WBC controlled bar that opens up a few days before the gates are open to the Public - this shot was the Tuesday night so its all various crews and workers. Its named after the WBC own pub { 68 Clapham Manor St Clapham Town SW4 6DZ} that they have owned for over 20 years. I will pass on your remarks to the Bar Manager as he will be pleased.
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  16. They need to put subtitles on the screens. Seems very popular with the bumbag across the shoulder people.
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  18. angelin

    Resale club 2020

    My Tescos online dont stock the cider. Is it only regional?
  19. you dont have time to fart about on Efest with all that bloody red tape - I know you will do it.
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  21. That's easy for you to say.
  22. Cheers glasto-worker. i will prepare for Monday, but not until Sunday will I do that. This is my last bit of freedom. Plus, the neighbour just gave me a nice bag of grass, just out of the blue. Result.
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