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  2. This is my real Clashfinder, can’t try them all arrrggghhh got to choose just a few a day.....
  3. mcshed

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Leftfield is specifically there to "recharge your activism" it's about like minded people getting together and talking about ideas, hearing about campaigns and bonding. If there's an element of "Fuck the Tories" to that then so be it, better to vent that amongst friends than let it out on the doorstep. Maybe Glastonbury would be a good place for the left to have some kind of outreach debates, and a beginner's guide to being a leftie but Leftfield isn't trying to be that if you find that off putting then don't go to Leftfield there's plenty of spaces where right wing ideas are the norm this is our space.
  4. Miesh

    Markets map

    Thank you. I'm impressed at your ability to remember that much!
  5. super shots and one of them reminds me when one trader in the early 80's started selling Jacket potatoes - no one had ever sold them before { at Glastonbury } - this guy was making a mint - we were able to chat to him one night as he was packing up and he said how many truck loads of potatoes that came in each day - he was kicking himself that he only had one stall - sadly the year later there had to have been six stalls or vans selling Jacket potatoes so I don't think he did so well. I miss all these places as we have a good canteen and I take provisions ' just in case ' as we have a handy Fridge truck so never have to go out and eat in these places. some very interesting shots - well done.
  6. crazyfool1

    Resale Club 2019

    @Joshuwarr maybe one for you ?
  7. Big durbs

    Resale Club 2019

    Ah , that’s a good thing then , as it has to be said , after the consumption of the first of my two four packs . I much prefer thatchers gold .
  8. I don't think they've topped Moonlandingz yet.
  9. crazyfool1


    seems odd its not been finished ... that bit has been on the ground for quite a few days now
  10. dotdash79


    in that video a few pages ago from the stage hire people they said that Glastonbury manage the structure and put the skin on then they do everything else. West Holts is all them, they also say they are on site from March. I wonder if there is an issue with the frame that needs repairing.
  11. The big moon have been added to line up posters around Cardiff. Still have Eels in headliner place.
  12. nikkic

    2019 New Music

    No drama, I was just checking as I thought I’d missed something new! Anyway, I agree latest album is great!
  13. Literally just found said photo so thought I'd share...
  14. crazyfool1


    think they have given up on the pyramid and gone over to west holts .... perhaps they have found some mould on that last bit of cape ?
  15. dotdash79


    Maybe they are going to open early (I wish)
  16. Bisque

    Silver Hayes 2019

    I’ll listen in a bit, Rampage events tends to be on the heavy side of DnB if I’m correct? Thank you! & when I say ‘proper’ D&B I meant as a producer, I was looking forward to his Arcadia gig in London before it got cancelled.
  17. kalifire


    Interesting! They're really getting a shift on with West Holts, aren't they?
  18. Another 7 miles today, was good to get out and do some hot weather training too, just in case it’s still hot next week. Same again on Monday then that’s it till the big day. The biggest challenge next week will be sticking to a diet, there’s a mountain of chocolate building up here!
  19. Started looking at t-shirts. I tend to buy a few shirts relating to the year's acts. It's my half-arsed attempt at 'dressing up'. I don't have space to carry elaborate outfits, but I can wear a few topical t-shirts, which then immediately get relegated to 'indoor only' on my return home.
  20. Her Roundhouse performance was fantastic. From memory she only played guitar on one of the new songs which frees her up to give full rein to her vocal and stage performance. I can't wait to see her again.
  21. Today
  22. Beers great. Just please remember to break up your plastic can 'ring' containers and put them in a bin. Those things are really harsh to wildlife.
  23. Hello again kalifire, Where there is demand, there is usually supply. But not always.
  24. Hello gfest2009, I understand and appreciate what you are saying, but it's a 'system' of attempted control which is kind of laughable to me. It would only take one person to spill the beans to someone, who then can't keep it to themselves and tells another etc, and then it's 'out'. I'm not exactly a full on gambler (by any means) but would say that it's a fair bet that people who are interested will find out detail. The vast majority probably wont, unless a journalist for a main stream news outlet sees an opportunity. Perhaps not in this instance. However, a sentence here, a sentence there, a short paragraph here and a short paragraph there, can stifle an organisation. It can even lead to contradictory policies and procedures. I guess I'm just saying that it's not a path that I'd like GFL to go down unecessarily, having seen it at work within the last organisation that I worked for. I guess I'd just like it if this were an isolated incident. It probably is really. I'm just a bit pissed up, drugged up and sleep deprived, so may be reading far far too much in to it.
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