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  2. Anywhere that avoids a clash - and I understand that that's a random sort of statement.
  3. I've now listened to the new album again. If this isn't your album of the year so far then you need to rethink yourself.
  4. scorp

    Glastonbury Videos

    This is classic. And the music is tops. The year is 1971 and the pyramid field is where it is now. The young woman on stage, with long fair hair and a lilac top, is the late, great Arabella Churchill. She funded the festival with a legacy.
  5. Very happy for her to be early Pyramid and stay out of the late night clusterfuck.
  6. Live stream tonight (and possibly all weekend?) from the Yuma tent at Coachella. Featuring Amelie Lens, Kolsch and Camelphat amongst others - starts 1am our time:
  7. H.M.V

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Cheers my lovely, we have already arranged future meetings and chats about how to make the world a better place. I thoroughly believe in talking and sharing ideas. Mainly we are all adamant that the NHS is something special and to be saved from privatisation. The rest is for future friendly debate.
  8. F off. I don't want hoards of people trailing past my tent in Darble all night looking for cheap booze, I camp there because it's Quiet!
  9. I think that a SPOILER ALERT thread would be a great idea. Unfortunately I haven't any spoiler alerts except that I know that the SE corner stewards had their briefing last weekend, so they might know stuff.
  10. Today
  11. I love this band (plus all spin offs & associated acts - Moonlandingz, Insecure Men IOTP , new album is indeed great - no it's better than that. On Wikipedia they list a band genres (never understood this and most genres I've never heard of- but that's another discussion). They need a new genre for FWF - "Malevolent Sleaze." I'm seeing them in Nottingham in 3 weeks - I so can't wait for that because they are even better live than on record.
  12. Any thoughts on where and when's she'll be playing then? Looking a bit crowded higher up on the bill already!
  13. Thank you. Bit of a walk ahead then 🙂
  14. Hoping this year's state of the ground is going to be filled with warnings about how hard it's going to be to get tent pegs into the rock hard ground
  15. The person that told me this is what could be described as 'core crew'. She's never shared secrets about the festival online because she simply can't be bothered and has a full, happy and entertaining life without having to resort to forums populated by Glastonbury obsessives. Having said that she couldn't actually have been to any more Glastonbury Festivals than she has been to and is hugely excited that she'll be on site in five or six weeks. The new clause (well, sentence anyway) in her contract means nowt to her and I'm sure that she'll still mention in conversation what's going on. Actually, she is a Glastonbury obsessive to the max, just not online. So, I'm not , as yet, bound by any gagging orders despite being involved in three different areas of the event. I think that the fairest way forward for me is to have a large SPOILER ALERT alert in any new threads that I may post on here in the future with no solid info in the thread title. Thoughts? (Doesn't apply to my usual 'State of the ground' thread, that's no secret)
  16. LILY They still belted it out at Glastonbury
  17. Badgers Firsty Ferret. Ok even when it's warm.
  18. Big durbs

    Resale Club 2019

    Always sad to lose a patient, I don’t know you you or Mrs Big D cope . I could not do it , my hat is off to all in the NHS , no matter how short staffed , stressed or tired you guys are . you always give the very best care . as you said , it’s all about living and family, and this wonderful family of resales group are all going this year , i truly believe in positive thoughts. And to that end , this weekend I will be putting the tent up for a check run in the garden. i have also been trialing this new cider “ mallets “ . On that front I am not impressed at all , I personally will be dragging as much thatchers in through the green gates as my poor aching body will carry.
  19. Ideal for the kids who havnt learned to read properly but know a few letters.
  20. If only the selection had been Cider, Real Ale, Alco-pops and Perry.
  21. Reckon it will be on a par with other supermarket own brands, apart of course for harrods
  22. TiZuff

    Glastonbury Videos

    where are they at 9:43 in this video?? that was on a thursday night?!
  23. H.M.V

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    We had some friends pop round earlier. We had a nice time and one of them is a Tory. We had a lovely chat about our vision for the future and our ideology has the same outcome we just agreed we have different methods to get there. It was rather nice to have a civilised chat without calling each other a snowflake. We can all be splendid when we chat and listen to each other. It's a too rare occurrence these days.
  24. Theoretically it should alleviate the amount of beer etc that you have to lug into the site but it all depends on the size of the shop and the queues. I don’t want to waste hours queuing or tramping across the site to and from it.
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