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  2. rubick


    Other Stage seems to be getting a fancy new summer hat.
  3. I have purchased welly boots. I shall not be needing them so I’ve left the tag on so they can be returned to the shop post - Glasto OM SOM SURYAYA NAMAHA!!!!
  4. I'm pretty sure it was near the path from The Wood area to The Other Stage last year
  5. mufcok

    This time next week...

    Staring long and hard at the clock, questioning why it isn't moving fast enough. It sure as hell moves fast enough when you get to the farm
  6. I've also got a spare car park pass. PM if you are in need!
  7. eFestivals

    Variety Bazaar

    My take is that it became that in the end, but there was a genuine idea to have another festival originally - to help cover the wages cost over the fallow year - but then ran out of time to get it together to cover the fallow year.
  8. GVF remind me of Wolfmother, who were bloody awful. At least there will be time to get booze/use the bogs I suppose.
  9. Edited: Chris should be on 72.
  10. foolee

    This time next week...

    I will only have 2 and a half hours of work left!
  11. Apparently the native SMS support from Twitter is working - at least for those on 3.
  12. There will be. Doesn't seem to be much demand for them which is surprising given IFTTT gone. Maybe people haven't realised
  13. They moved to near Silver Hayes in 2017 I think.
  14. bennyhana22


    I can barely see Pangea on that picture, let alone one of its smaller organs... Ben
  15. cool.. thanks mate Had a few other questions about the festival. What tie does the festival open during the day? What's the atmosphere like on the camp site? Are there any shops/ bars/food outlets on the camp site? any advice is much appreciated
  16. Yes, I think it was more about conditions. When they weather is OK, they don't 'close' the SEC, but you may have a long wait in the cattle pens at peak entry times, before you get in. My feeling is very much that the sheer breadth of late night stuff across the whole site is significantly expanded, even since 2017 and so, whilst the SEC will always be busy as it is like a homing beacon for people 'to have a look', I think it will be noticeably less congested. How the weather plays into that is, as for all aspects of the festival at this point, anyone's guess! Ben
  17. Although a large part of the Labour membership has left, they just don't acknowledge people leaving until 18 months after to massage membership figures.
  18. Gnomicide


    Is it just me or has it grown eyes?
  19. Where was it in 2017? I've got near Leftfield in my head but that could be way off
  20. Dry, as the "chance of rain" was "only" on Wednesday. And earlier the same day there was to be "minimal rain of any note through to Sunday 23rd". Apparently the BBC's forecasts are only right about 50% of the time just 3 days out: https://weather.slimyhorror.com/.
  21. foolee

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Chemical Brothers - 140 Hot Chip - 83 Kate Tempest - 80 The Cure - 45 Christine & The Queens - 92 Janelle Monae - 135 (-20)
  22. The curries are good and donate if you can. Have a bit of a sing a long as well
  23. my only Glasto experience is 2016 - pretty much every night by 11pm/midnight they had closed off the SE corner or at least had some long queuing system in place. was that solely down to the conditions and unsafe mud in crowds, or can i expect the same again next week?
  24. Productively used my lunch break to continue packing in the garage
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