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  2. Gnomicide


    2nd picture shows how it now points across the field.
  3. You're very good at this. One of the ones I'm more excited for next to Arcadia/Avalon.
  4. Doug85


    Wow feels early for this to be going up. Must be making the most of the decent weather! 😎
  5. Better than most of our major politicians.
  6. Actually, you're right, there are long drops there. Which will add a lovely smell of the sea (not) from the pier on hot day....... Nothing like that funky smell to remind you off Glastonbury.
  7. stephos83


    I think these are just the long drops in piles waiting to be assembled
  8. stephos83


    I think this is just the dirt track that runs on the outside of the fence reflecting in the sun
  9. https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/very-good-trip/very-good-trip-18-avril-2019
  10. Somebody more proficient than me may be able to do the zoom/crop/post thing, but today there appears to be a pile of something near the top of Pennards, where the new Pier installation will be?
  11. lmaltby1001


    Is this maybe the start of the fence you can just see behind the trees?
  12. Will DM you. Thanks. Yes as @Zoo Music Girl says your description of self harming is insightful. It squares with my experience, though it’s bloody hard to get over the ‘harm’ in order to focus on the underlying distress. out of upvotes already but take one in credit....
  13. No but still waiting for "MUCH MORE THAN A FESTIVAL".
  14. Not even a Friday I'm in love to be seen.
  15. Woffy

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Depends if your superstitious or not. I made a conscious decision because of Stevie Wonder not to be superstitious.
  16. I listened and think extremely impressive is a stretch. I didn't really consider it impressive or unimpressive. Most of the answers were stock Democrat 2019 answers.
  17. Weren't we half expecting to see Bros on this line up in the 'busted' slot?
  18. Ive been enjoying the shit out of Jungle's new album. Theres a load of good songs on it. I think their set is going to be an absolute party. Its perfect festival party music.
  19. Today
  20. Nor do I. I was pissed when I wrote it, and have now sobered up somewhat.
  21. Y Not, Truck, Standon come up the Count Of Ten Header. Count Of Ten owned by Global Festivals Limited. Superstruct Entertainment acquired Global Festivals Limited. Tramlines had a share purchase agreement with Broadwick and Global but it never went through before the agreed Feb deadline. However they still have outstanding loans with Global, Ground Control run the festival site and Broadwick book the festival (I think thats the set up they have anyway).
  22. Don’t know if they will this year if they’re having the co op there. They may just do the lot.
  23. Leave Stonehenge alone at least till after the solstice
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