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  2. excellent advice, thank you. So patience is the key--- I will have to work on that!!
  3. i've seen it suggested that not all of the squad needs to be in Qatar for the first match, and that some of these will stay in the UK to play villa. Anyone know if that's the case?
  4. Preach, really hoping this has a great line up and isn’t filled with hot garbage like Papa Roach and BFMV
  5. The queues for the bar were by far and away the worst I have ever seen at any festival. Stopped drinking at 7.30 as I just couldn’t be arsed.
  6. I've had to leave both Glasto Chat and Glasto Goers on Facebook. Consistently bonkers the comments on there.
  7. Absolutely fantastic! I've been a secret Taylor Swift lover for ages as it isn't 'cool' in my friend group, will not be missing this for the world!!
  8. Album: Taylor Swift - Lover Song: Sam Fender - Hypersonic Missiles Glastonbury Set: The Killers Non-Glastonbury Gig: The 1975 @ Reading Film: The Irishman TV Show: Liverpool v Barcelona CL Semi 2nd Leg (Obviously!) Book: Glastonbury 50 Game: (For those who play them) Mario Kart eFester of the Year 2019: I'm new round here so going to cop out and say all you lovely people 😁
  9. must be a sign of getting old that i couldnt name any of her songs! hoping for something similar to the year Beyonce headlined when we had Queens of the Stone Age on the other stage
  10. Gwen Stefani just announced for Cruilla in bcn a month later. Not sure if anyone was interested in her but these festivals very rarely share acts.
  11. Theres my predictions. I might have a look at the odds now.
  12. Almost no chance, surely. Wouldn't make sense tactically to release it then with no little media coverage possible. Surely we are still looking at Jan.
  13. billum

    2020 headliners

    Got to be - it's a nice compromise after Michael swearing he wouldn't have them back after their no-show - he puts them on the Other Stage as a slight rebuke, but they can still claim to be 'Pyramid Size' headliners
  14. Album: Can't decide between: The Cranberries - In The End / The Chemical Brothers - No Geography Song: Hypersonic Missiles - Sam Fender Glastonbury Set: Nick Mulvey, Ancient Futures Stage Non-Glastonbury Gig: Sons of the East @ The Cavern, Exeter Film: Only been to see Joker, which I didn't enjoy (but appreciated Phoenix's acting) TV Show: Love Island (sorry not sorry) Book: The Spy and the Traitor - Ben Macintyre Game: (For those who play them) Red Dead Redemption II (probably came out in 2018, but I refuse to pay £50 when they're released)
  15. I guess that two sided view gives me hope at least Third time lucky? Any time me old china
  16. a clash with Taylor would be helpful as i have no interest in her and a dilemma over the Boys if they play. i am seeing the Dreamland tour twice before Glastonbury so if it was a big clash i may have missed them, but the idea of being somewhere else when they are playing also seems insane. really didn't want to be at the Killers this year but only went to keep my wife happy, when they came out it made missing the Chems a little easier to cope with
  17. Ah I'll let you off Woff…. this time.
  18. I've never been tempted but I'd have thought the biggest positive would be if there is a bar without a queue? The main ones can get mega busy.
  19. Great news, glad he's back!
  20. good addition. what do you think are the chances for Supergrass which playing on 9.7 at BBK?
  21. Hugh Jass

    2020 headliners

    EDIT: Joke has already been done.
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