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  2. No kids myself but always thought getting your mobile number onto them somehow was a good move in case they got lost. Maybe a dog-tag / medallion they could wear, or DIY stick-on tattoos. "If found, please phone...." etc.
  3. I don't have an issue with selling them, it's selling them and not trying to find a replacement. Lukaku may not have been a stable 1st choice, but he would have played games and scored goals. There are absolutely no options for rotation or substitutes up front with Rashford injured. If you play 1 up front you still need 3 capable strikers for the season. You're right though, if they spent on strikers in the same way as midfielders it would be barely any improvement. Nearly every time the club spends money it creates as many problems as it solves.
  4. Just to mention (if it hasn't been already): Alicia Keys dates have a Glaso sized hole in them, could see her doing a similar set as Mary j Blige, Janet Jackson etc.
  5. Mint / Freeman's bars. Think they were paid staff rather than volunteers, not that it excuses it.
  6. A lot of very valid points. Should also be remembered that their mercenary approach to live shows over the last few years has been when they have had no new music to plug. Every show has been most, if not all, of Is This It plus the big singles from the other albums. If they have a new album to plug them they may well be open to more and lower paying shows.
  7. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    Ah. Sound. As Tim Booth once sang: "Born of frustration"? 😊
  8. Yeah really enjoyed that. New Curb Your Enthusiasm is so good
  9. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    Think it may have been the tone/hypocrisy rather than the content itself.
  10. That looks insane. Can't imagune it kicking off quite so much at Glasto but 3rd down other would work i reckon.
  11. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    Don't see why this has been downvoted. Weird. It's all true.
  12. I did mention it Some press getting it as well.
  13. OffshoreToon

    Kendrick Lamar

    After talking about Kendrick's upcoming shows this morning, Mary Anne Hobbs liked this tweet straight after.
  14. Stokesy10

    2020 headliners

    They do pal! I always keep an eye out. At least I'm pretty certain it gets a good airing? Fingers crossed we get to see. I'd fear for my life listening to Take It Or Leave It.
  15. With ref to The Strokes; What we know: They are playing multiple slots at European Festivals this year They said on Radio 6 that they weren't playing UK festival and doing their own show Glastonbury don't pay as much as other festivals What we think: They are (still) in it for the bucks before anything else They (might) have egos that mean they usually only accept headline slot (although this maybe related to the fees) They are unlikely to ever play Glastonbury because of the reduced payday Is there a bit of contradiction here? If they are only in it for the bucks, why would they not play Glastonbury if it fits into their schedule. Sure it won't be as profitable as a full paycheck elsewhere but they'd make money and get exposure(?); if they are that financially ruthless wouldn't it be more profitable than a night off? If they are going to play 1 big show in the UK why are they not taking that approach with the rest of Europe? Surely these cost a lot more than festival appearances to put on (the infrastructure and logistics alone, and you'd normally expect a higher production level) and there would be significant economies of scale. Why would they take one approach with UK and a seemingly conflicting one with European festivals? For a band that seem so cut and dry about the business rather than the art, either the festival circuit or exclusive shows seem to make the most sense, not a combination of both.
  16. I don't see having a terrible transfer policy as being a reason for having a poor manager.
  17. Kooks really fit that slot I think they are a massive singalong in my books
  18. Me and 3 others managed to sign up, do you reckon everyone who signed up in tune will get something or just some people?
  19. For Boomtown, not sure who it was with but one company was awful this year if you ask in the main boomtown thread they can probably tell you which. The volunteers weren't allowed to do anything except work and be at their separate camp.
  20. gfa

    2020 headliners

    Shame thats like the only song from Is This It they never play would love to see strokes though - getting them to headline would be a coup honestly they REALLY like their paydays, I can't see them ever taking a non-headline slot but it would be incredible if they get them!
  21. Enjoyed Dracula, see what people say about Ep 3 though Hail Satan - Was interesting and some great points in there Don't Fuck with Cats - Really enjoyed watching that, well put together. Luka Magnotta - Wow
  22. Meh. Team is listless, players rushed back from injury, lacking in genuine leaders and has the tactical purpose of an under 11 side. Get Poch in all 4 improve in a month. The Olly can get back to his P.E. job in Oslo.
  23. Yeah. Lukaku scored 27 in his first year at Utd and is probably going to hit 30 for Inter this season.
  24. Glass Animals Gang of Youths The Blaze Fatboy Chemical Brothers Strokes Two Door Cinema Club Brockhampton Pendulum RHCP (extra shout for vistas, banging band)
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