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  2. Homer


    That’s the spirit! If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through
  3. Today
  4. Did anyone get the follow up email as promised with the more finer details?
  5. jow95

    2020 headliners

    They wouldn;t have elton and macca both headline the same year i would have thought, but would elton do the legends slot?
  6. jow95


    At what point usually does the light on top of the pyramid turn on? is this left only to when the festival is on?
  7. John the Moth


    According to Rob Da Bank’s podcast on Eden Sessions, 7 of their acts will be at Glasto, 5 I think are already confirmed so still a chance for Doves
  8. Also handy for getting pics of Neil wearing a Corbyn shirt. 😁
  9. I associate Beat Hotel with a nice cold San Miguel on a Thursday afternoon
  10. This. I can never remember everything I see or do so like to take ninja snaps as I go throughout the day. Tend to just bimble but also to try and meet up with others depending on what acts are on.
  11. I completely disagree with this. It is Uefa's responsibility to pick a suitable location for the final. Baku is possibly the worst place in Europe for the final to be placed. There really should be something in place where if the teams in the final of a European competition are both in the same nation, it is just played in that nation. Keeping the final in Baku is good for no one but Azerbaijan and UEFA. It is terrible for the fans, players and environment.
  12. Notice it is just the "Flying Bus" stage this year? Does that mean no Bez? Loved listening to his drivel through the mic
  13. SG87

    Other stage Sunday

    As I said in the very first page, it’s courteeners.
  14. Jarr

    The killers setlist

    Looking at their recent setlists there doesn’t seem to be any pattern. Can anyone shed a light on it?
  15. This will be my third year going. As has been mentioned. Amazing little festival. Great vibes!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Robv30

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    A band called river roots confirmed today.
  18. chatty

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Dan Owen is really good, one of the bands I used to have on my label played a night with him in Sunderland and he was superb. Very blues rock, Ill defo head and see him.
  19. TheSheriff

    Jake Black

    Sad news news indeed.... I’m sure Larry and the others will carry on spreading the message of The Presleyterian Church Of Elvis The Divine ❤️❤️
  20. Also https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11959/11724925/arsenals-henrikh-mkhitaryan-given-europa-league-safety-assurances-by-azerbaijan-uk-ambassador On Mkhitaryan's status, Taghizadeh explained: "His problem is that he has visited a military occupied portion of Azerbaijan which in doing so without permission from Azerbijani government. "This is a Class A event, if our purpose is to play political games around it it is something different, you are being paid as a footballer not a politician, lets leave other issues aside That's a dodgy as hell statement by the ambassador.
  21. I predict we will get Block 9 and The Wormhole tomorrow.
  22. Comfy Bean


    Nope. It’s just to give them an indication as far as I’m aware....
  23. LEAVE turning on each other
  24. I've had my DMs for over two years now and wear them for a few days at a time cos they still shred my feet. They're gold. 😍
  25. I don’t have a clue who this guy is but putting my tinfoil hat on, he follows Jordan Fish on insta, and none of the blokes from TOP. And I don’t know any members from Busted and cba checking.
  26. Well this was posted by Ollie Horner who’s the tour manager for various different bands. Good Charlotte, The Faim, Yungblud and Northlane. Obviously won’t be any of those bands but still
  27. Ah, that's sad news. There's a beautiful and typically "A3" tribute on their Facebook page. I was introduced to them about five or six years ago, a unique and very underrated live act and Jake was a witty and engaging co-front man, always lots of fun. Had some fun times and have happy memories watching them, I hope they continue
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