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  2. I have to disagree on the discussion above concerning that the headliners are past their prime. I don't think youth equals better concerts. Pearl Jam and SOAD are, imo, one of the best live bands out there, old or not.. Of course I might be biased on the older bands since I'm fulfilling the criteria of the "dad-rock generation"😄 I also think that the line up is the best I've seen in terms of variety this year compared with other festivals
  3. Also completely irrelevant has anyone seen the Who or Aerosmith live recently and are they any good
  4. I’m going to Scotland that weekend, literally I have it off and saw that was on and then my parents decided to say we’re driving up to Scotland that say. Sad times, but they’ll be back over here somewhen else hopefully at Reading
  5. Strokes - Robyn - Bon Iver Khalid - FKA Twigs - Burnaboy Dave - The Tallest Man on Earth - Michael Kiwanuka - Mac Demarco - Koffee 070 Shake - Bikini Kill - Denzel Curry - Slowthai - Caribou - Floating Points - The Black Madonna - Bicep - Kerri Chandler - Mwuana - Boy Pablo - Mafalda - Jayda G Shaping up quite nicely!
  6. Although not a huge Tame Impala fan, they were superb in 2018. Also if I had a choice between them and LG - it would be a complete non contest!
  7. I was in Singapore during SARS and it made me the man I am today
  8. That would be a holy grail kind of booking.
  9. Don’t you already pay? Whereabout do you live...just out of interest...
  10. I'm going to Japan in September and honestly, I'm very slightly concerned. I'm sure it'll work out. The funny thing is, I'm also meant to be in Venice next month and Milan in April! 😂
  11. Where were you going may I ask? I’m supposed to be flying to the Far East in 4 weeks, close to an outbreak, but it’s still on at present!
  12. nikkic

    The 1975 2020

    The lengths some people will go to for a leg over.... 😉
  13. I'm so happy they ended up playing! Their concert in 2011 was magic. Roskilde shaping up really nicely again this year
  14. yet. If it comes here it'll be waaaay worse than flu.
  15. they've been giving preference to the economy over health - supposedly on the basis that a crashed economy is a bigger risk to health than covid-19 ... but China managed to wangle itself a stronghold within WHO after SARS, so it does seem a little suspicious.
  16. the industry standard is half the fee paid a month before the show as a deposit.
  17. Other carriers may still be flying to your destination - or you could maybe transfer somewhere.
  18. Everyone needs to shut up about this virus. No one talks about flu every year and this is no where near as bad as that.
  19. I thought that as well as Michael once told me a couple of weeks after a festival he he was going home to write the cheques. It was a few years ago and he might well have been pulling my leg of course.
  20. I was supposed to fly to asia in late April and I just got an email from the airline telling me my flight is cancelled due to this and I’m getting a refund
  21. Does she normally play a lot of Burna Boy?
  22. What you getting Alphaflys for??
  23. And to brighter news- new Disclosure song https://pitchfork.com/news/disclosure-share-new-song-ecstasy-listen/
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