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  2. Is it your first time? I guess I'm a bit complacent now, I know I've got all the camping stuff so though I'll be making a list, it'll be nearer the time and I know it's just really working out what to take from what I've already got. And going by coach, it'll have to be only the essentials. The spreadsheet I'm making is mainly working out what music I'm discovering and want to see/hear.
  3. I can only write very simple sentences. I lost my mother on Tuesday night. I came back to cross this event with my loved ones - I will not be able to sing this Saturday. I kiss you. (if, like for me, it's showing the french)
  4. I know, we did a test pitch last month as well. Still have to figure foods and stuff but all the camping stuff is bought.
  5. Rumshack have posted on Instagram "We smell a Glastonbury line up announcement. Days away"
  6. A couple of years ago I took about 100 photos of food stalls. Not really sure why, it was to prove to my mates who don't go to Glastonbury that it wasn't just full of burger vans and dodgy kebabs. I think I tried to take a photo of food from as many different countries as possible.
  7. my plan is to photograph all the main market areas before I'm at the point of forgetting my own name! Will be a good way to rebuild my familiarity with the place on the Wednesday afternoon too. Any help would be much appreciated
  8. What you do in the privacy of your own home is entirely up to you
  9. It’s a super idea, it may be more realistic to do the entire site in June if say twelve or so efesters did a defined area each, that way everything could be covered?? Maybe with a photo too!
  10. Quark

    Markets map

    Kindred spirit innit
  11. Well I've started a spreadsheet but while the thread is good fun and makes my mouth water, there isn't that much cold hard facts! Never mind, it's worth it just to have an idea of what's been mentioned, though it will probably as always be a question of stumbling across things when the time is right! Any more recommendations?
  12. Or not, as the case were.
  13. Literally was about to say... this is getting beyond desperate now
  14. I'd be fine with them taking a punt with someone younger. But for me the main skill required is persuading players to give a shit & turn up to play for the team.
  15. This was my general idea, click on an area, then have numbered stalls, with an accompanying key to find a stall by name. Will add these but having tried to make a start this is definitely a project for 2020. A lot harder than I thought!
  16. pink_triangle


    Yes I agree, the existence of AEW won’t make WWE change creative. However the likes of Usos and Styles have got better contracts, so it has had some impact. Only AEW becoming a huge success could impact on WWE over time, but I think that’s unlikely. WWE make some business decisions like a 3 hour raw which hurt creative, but there are no guarantees that they would make the money back from a better 2 hour show. My guess is if HHH took over today things wouldn’t change significantly as from a business perspective the model works. I agree, but can think of few reasons why some backstory can’t work. As I have said I’m a big fan of a few weeks of Vignettes, would have been perfect for a team like Vampire experience.
  17. As someone said, the glue is of the same type they used to affix the heat resistant panels to the space shuttle....
  18. You'll be refunded if they don't pay their balance. This happened to me in 2015. One (ex) friend, didn't pay their balance. My card got refunded the deposit, less the admin fee, after the balance payment window had closed.
  19. Mackem

    The National

    Film was great but should have thought about the sight lines before buying in the boxes. Bloody great speaker stack in front of the screen
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