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  2. zeppelin

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Haha I saw the reply to the tweet I think. Something like "can you DM me please?" 😂 I hope the DMs were good natured
  3. Hahaha Sia. Who the hell made that?
  4. Gutted I missed this. I knew they were going to that weekend but didn't know when, looked insane
  5. We’re staying in Barcelona for 3 nights , be getting the coach from there to Festival on the Monday. Anyone else in Barca before hand?
  6. And are we sure The Strokes are headlining? They don't seem to mention it on the website (the english version doesn't work so I'm using google translate)....
  7. A Shame, Green Day + Weezer on Friday would've made the day epic
  8. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    Its my first profile pic on here. It should feel honoured.
  9. Balls

    Taylor Swift

    fuck sake this cow has the exact energy I aspire to for my posts
  10. New standard avatar imho
  11. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

  12. Michael's giving Taylor a run in the shapely legs department.
  13. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    One of the only posts you've made that I agree with. Cursed image.
  14. Explains the pursed lip expression she's wearing.
  15. One of the insiders once mentioned that Green Day refuse to be part in co-headline constructions, which is why they skipped RW on their last festival tour.
  16. FuzzyDunlop

    Taylor Swift

    So is the Cow by the look of it
  17. Michael's slipping the hand.
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