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  2. Hi, could I please change my username to Ahsee Thank you.
  3. crazyfool1


    doesn't mean nobody is watching the webcam .... when does the fence get completed normally ? apart from the obvious gaps ?
  4. Fence is coming along well. This thread was on Page 3!
  5. In 2017 I took some flip flops for pottering around the campsite. One one day (Friday?) I realised once I was enjoying the music that I still had them on. Couldn't be arsed to return to my tent to change them so wore them all day without a problem. Don't know that I would plan to do it again though! (and they are Birkenstocks so very comfortable for me AND the straps go further back on your foot so they don't flip flop very much).
  6. so who on here wants to come but isn't sure / might need a bit of encouragement .....
  7. You’ve just sold it to me
  8. Mate's voucher barcode is still showing after I used it today, he definitely hasn't done it much, so I think there were a maximum number of times it could be used and those vouchers that have changed today have maxed out the entries.
  9. coincidently I've just been reading a journal article about psytrance subculture in Goa and just reading it I can hear that repetitive drone and smell the white dreadlocks
  10. I always stay up to watch it but I am careful not to include spoilers in my post. I don't use the spoiler tab as it just screams to me "Click me".
  11. The chat on here has gone a bit damp in the past week or two. City and Liverpool slagging each other off every five minutes talking about anything other than football.
  12. Has to be, wouldn't be the same without them
  13. Although it has now just changed to voucher used...
  14. I might be wrong but I don’t think I’ve missed a day with this competition so not sure if that can be it?
  15. jump


    That's the nail on the head for me. With WWE's shoddy stop-start pushes, throwing shit on the wall to see if it sticks and 50/50 booking I was in hoping for more long term planning with AEW so it's not encouraging that literally the first announced AEW match gets canned as they didn't consider whom would win it. Of course it's still early days and I'm reading too much into it.
  16. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Yep every day as well but today it said "This voucher has already been used" fingers crossed now for everyone.
  17. Homer


    All I can say is don’t go on holiday to Goa! I was craving a breakdown, a synth line and build up for three weeks but it never materialised!
  18. The nearer it gets the more tickets come up as people suddenly have other commitments. You'll definitely get one. A couple of years ago I waited out to the last minute and got an EOTR ticket for £100 off someone who was desperate to sell.
  19. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    I had a few different experiences, but mostly the assistants being quite pleased with themselves that they got the code through and we're happy to help. I suppose it did help I was nice and early on a morning and not many people in the shops.
  20. That was bloody lovely! Yes, I did quote my own post.
  21. Exactly. It’s not an opportunity it’s economical suicide.
  22. Ahaha nice one but I was camped next to the Psytrance forest at boomtown a couple of years ago and I think I've heard enough to last me a life time. Bits of it I can get on with, but for me it gets way to samey... like I can deal with it for a bit but definitely need to be in the right mind set
  23. pink_triangle


    If you put wrestlers in the role of executive vice president there will always be doubt about who is in control. How do you define a good dude? People for example look at someone like Hogan as bad for bringing in his mates in WCW, yet others may consider looking after your friends as a good thing. In terms of egos if AEW is successful the egos will grow, people will moan about money, people will moan about putting people over etc. I think having another company around is positive, but thinking they won't have the same flaws as any other company is naive.
  24. I am hoping to make it too. And planning to attempt another 2017 resale survivor meet too!
  25. I reckon they'll load them at the start of June, but depends how the local council does it. I work for a large transport authority and we'd put this kinda thing in ASAP, but we probably have more resource than Mendip.
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