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  2. Ghost of You is the worst song on three cheers imo! I'd really want them to play Boy Division but they probably won't
  3. Be patient. I'm guessing next week...
  4. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/general-election-2019-nicola-sturgeon-s-victory-speech-in-full-1-5062155/amp Are you referring to this?
  5. I can't see much more being added to this at all to be honest.
  6. It seems like every other festival is announcing their headliners, but MC is making us wait for it 😭
  7. Yesterday you were saying something might come today at 11 the same time everything else has come, so why would you say this at half 10 lol
  8. I’ll say it again for those who are confused. Yes Elbow’s stock has dropped. Yes they aren’t really a Pyramid sub. But they have such a well established history with the festival and have played that slot on more than one occasion. Yes they have played other slots at Glastonbury. But they seem a good bet to sub the Pyramid this year. So yes they are touring around Glastonbury but I highly doubt they will play any slot other than Pyramid sub. Especially playing mid Other. It’s a catch 22 that Glastonbury unfortunately falls a bit foul of.
  9. If they did a tour of the U.K they’d play Arenas surely? How do you know maybe 2 of the lads from the strokes want to do Glastonbury and 3 are saying not unless we get our full money? Maybe they’ve been approached a few times and held out for the coin. Maybe they’ve decided their stock has dropped a bit and they’d probably do it now. It’s ridiculous to completely rule out a band playing Glastonbury when you haven’t sat in on the negations (if there has been any) and you aren’t in the band. Maybe they’ve just decided it’ll be a fucking laugh. You just don’t know.
  10. Mike Shinoda was pretty empty, a few up the front but mostly people standing around chatting, I was by the speakers and the only time most people paid attention was when he played In the End
  11. SwedgeAntilles

    2020 headliners

    Yes, but there's an another factor this year with Emily's "Pyramid size" comments which would describe the booking perfectly, so the conversation is different this time around, albeit marginally. Does it actually make if more likely? Are they realistically going to be one of the Other headliners? The answer to both questions is it remains unlikely but I don't think that justifies stifling discussion on the topic.
  12. mufcok

    2020 headliners

    Nobody is confused, you've just listed all that like it's fact rather than opinion For me personally they're one of my all time favourite bands and have a huge collection of stupidly good songs. Also a new record on the way. If they headlined the Pyramid, I'd be buzzing and wouldn't bat an eyelid.
  13. Prefer a bit of curvy cow shit on the farm myself
  14. Hayley Williams solo is a much bigger deal than either Gerard Way or Mike Shinoda. Think she’d demand a fairly big slot and pack the place out wherever she played.
  15. I'm getting tired of this... I can't do anything about it of course but I'm 100% sad today because I know that we'll probably have to wait more.
  16. back when Tents were real Tents non of this curvy bull shit
  17. Likewise. Didn’t think I’d be this invested in their reformation tbh, but here we are. As an aside, noticed that they didn’t play The Ghost of You at their comeback show, so they can either amend that for MK or face a riot started by me.
  18. They could still do it but I don’t think they’re probably even been considered tbh
  19. I expect Hayley Williams there, as these acts always use the UK to kickstart the campaign, but placement is a big question. Leeds was the first solo performance of Gerard Way, only 3 years after MCR split. He opened the Radio 1 stage on the saturday and it was about half full. I was there and amazed, because I thought I'd have trouble getting in! Mike Shinoda one year after the abrupt end of Linkin Park was put early doors on the main stage. No idea what the crowd size was, as I wasn't there. Paramore have a big fandom, but are smaller than the above bands. I'd say Radio 1 is the best place.
  20. That would be logical, but this festival becomes more and more unpredictable
  21. Ddiamondd

    Other Stage 2020

    Now you’ve lost me. I’m walking away.
  22. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    Every single year the strokes tour Europe around Glastonbury and we have the same conversations every year.
  23. Billie Eilish doesn't make sense to me also, but this is just a thing which i've heard from insider, so let"s see. I"m assuming because last year there were headliners Rag'n'Bone Man and Years&Years which are both similar size as Lumineers. ..Or we could be surprised by some indie rock name as LG or The Killers instead of Billie.
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