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  2. Is that the Pangea installation?
  3. Billie Eilish with Denzel Curry on the Truth stage, it would go off.
  4. Good news. I was just at a tech conference and I asked the guy promoting 5G why everyone was worried about it, and he said "I didn't realize they were" We can all sleep soundly now.
  5. Yesterday
  6. lexlogic

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    One for the germaphobes.... There are times when only a sit down dump will do, so I always pack a small pump action spray bottle of eco-friendly antibacterial spray. Giving the loo a wipe before and after makes that type of game of thrones a little easier to bear. 😬💩
  7. Don1

    Your 5 Must Sees

    Kurt Vile - The Park The Cure - Pyramid Fontaine’s DC - Sure they’ll play about four times but hopefully The Rabbit Hole Lauryn Hill - Pyramid Denzel Curry - Shangri-La
  8. Annoyed at missing Beans - stuck on shift.
  9. Not even a please. Apparently 4G has rotted some people’s basic manners synapses. I dread to think what 5G will do!!1!
  10. MrZigster


    Hmmm? Hang on! Isn't it missing the top level, outfacing angled overlap that makes grappling hooks an unfeasible strategy? (That may have been added post 2013 tbf).
  11. Why is Block 9 delayed because of the election? I don't get it. How does a poster drop have any effect on voting, which takes five seconds? Seems like it's just not ready to me.
  12. 2017, 5am Sunday morning. I’m at Genosys (natch) nearing the end of an absolute belter of a night when a hand slaps me on the shoulder. I turn around to see this naked from the waist up, grinning young man looking nicely worse for wear, his arm around a young lady who was certainly not his girlfriend of the time (as she was not at the festival!). That was Child 1, now properly immersed in his first Glastonbury and the first time I’d seen him since the coach. Just lovely. 🙂 Ben
  13. Jmei

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    https://www.change.org/p/michael-eavis-stop-the-trial-of-5g-at-glastonbury-festival-2019?recruiter=85202745&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition sign my petition!
  14. Sundays my birthday, Tuesday I'll be travelling. Let's see if the festival gods smile upon me.
  15. For sure - the boy starts high school in September and has already decided what song he’s going to listen to on his walk there. There is so much joy in a life lived in and with music. I told him he has to wheel me round Glasto when I’m older - then he’ll be the one taking me to the daytime raves. Thanks so much for sharing your happy memories too. One year (without child) we danced with a Dad and his 13-year-old son in the Acid Lounge about midnight on the Thursday. The young un was busting out some moves and the two of them were having a great time. Really stuck with me
  16. Snap @ravermum, well there you go. It's pretty likely that first bite of the Glasto apple sixteen years ago set me up for a life in dance music. Certainly got me clued-up on dudes in wedding dresses and oxygen bars faster than my peers. Might play out the same for yours too.
  17. Dang, that's a shame. I have indistinct but super warm memories of being taken to one of the dance areas by my ol' man when I was not much older than your son. Maybe a year older. 2003. Can't for the life of me find out who it was, even after much searching, but it was a fairly low-ceilinged, white tarpaulin tent with quite basic but bright lights arcing around it. Down a little slope in a green patch, I want to say it was an oval shape. Might have been Glade area, who knows. What I can remember is an elite father-son bonding moment, on his shoulders, at Rökysopp that year. Changed the both of us! So yeah, keep up the good work. Your son is 100% going to latch onto those memories in years to come.
  18. Totally agree. Glastonbury is the perfect place to show your children this side of life, if you want to. At one point in The Park before Kano in 2017, a group of (mashed) guys were all loving this mad hat my son was wearing and they had a whipround for him and gave him about a fiver in change. It was very sweet. To be honest, I don’t expect people to moderate their behaviour around him. I think it’s up to me to look about and take a view on whether or not it’s a good place, but I loved how he decided that for himself. Intergenerational raving is a great thing, in the right context. I would rather take him to see quality DJs than a family rave. I can’t imagine how fun it is to go to Glasto as a kid, but I’m sure glad I get to see him do it. This year, his Dad’s coming too and we have a few other adults in our party, so I’ll be sliding off to the grown-up dance floor as well
  19. MrZigster

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Upvote. I got questioned for recommending gloves earlier in this thread (albeit primarily for tent erecting purposes). They just make doing a lot of set up a lot less uncomfortable (e.g. I've found dragging a trolley is also so much easier with gloves on). Poundland gardening gloves are all it takes. Rubber at the front and cloth at the back. Therefore grippy and flexible. Use them at work constantly as they beat my issued by work expensive gloves hands down. (Choose your pair carefully though, as some of them are really badly moulded).
  20. I have to avoid gluten, dairy, high FODmap and meat from legged animals along with alcohol. I basically take 3 packets of quick boil rice and tins of tuna per day. That’s the basics sorted. I only buy from traders that look like they care about my avoidance needs. The best bunch of these are in the Greenfields. Places like Bhuddhafield Cafe etc. I do sympathise with you as it’s just easier to eat at home isn’t it. I’m on site for 10 days and it’s basically tough.
  21. Aw thanks. I try my best 😎 Also a good lesson for him in getting out of anywhere you get bad vibes from
  22. I agree, and I'm a massive Take That fan.
  23. You can buy fresh fruit at the fruit stalls, and there are plenty of vegan/veggie/ meat /fish other stalls who all cook fresh so you could specify any allergies . I would assume all traders would have to have a list of their ingredients for those with allergies. If you need to store medicine it would be worth talking to the Medical services/welfare services based up near the top farm. Keep an epi-pen with you and make sure anyone you are with are aware of what action to take if you have a reaction. Bear in mind it is an often crowded environment so hard to avoid any severe airborne contaminants. if you prefer to cook then unless you bring a cool box with frozen items or packet food you know is safe then keeping stuff fresh is problematic in a warm tent. Bring snacks, buy fruit and then other meals you can check out if they are safe for you. You could also speak to a trader to ask them to prepare a meal in advance for you? You certainly won’t be the only person amongst 250,000 people with food or other allergies. i bring a small kettle and gaz stove for heating water and could be used for cooking too. The co-op will have stuff plus there are other traders . Good luck!
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