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  2. Bradders

    day and stage

    Ahh ok, cheers
  3. Mezhyp1


    I'd be very very surprised if Four Tet wasn't a Dj set
  4. Greatest MC in the galaxy. The rest are irrelevant.
  5. Kasra b2b InsideInfo b2b Kasra w/ Jakes - yesssss m8
  6. About 15 feet away from the reading crowd last time they played
  7. jyoung


    To be fair it must be a bit mad to be on the roof of Fatboy's house in the middle of November with only like 20 people. Tunes for days tho, like you said!
  8. I would definitely take two tickets for tonight if anyone won some and can't use them. Dice seem to be fine with transferring the tickets if you email them.
  9. but Farage doesn't have any policies to address economic dissatisfaction/concern for jobs/immigration. So what are thinking a vote for Farage will achieve?
  10. stuie


    I doubt he's bringing his LED's though. I saw that at Alexandra Palace the other week - quite something!
  11. No, hence my past frustrated rants and racism discussions on here https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-politics-48098512 Mr Farage was launching his party's Euro election campaign in Wales, in Caerphilly. 😭
  12. Kinkyinuit


    Fat boy eats everything, Craig Charles, the black madonna and four tet stand out for me there. Depending on when they're playing bicep, Andy c and Daniel avery are contenders. So that just leaves block9 as the last of the big announcements, right?
  13. Fork_UK


    The dancing crowd are awkward as hell, but the music in that vid is right up my street. I'm soooo worried about clashes now, when I wasn't really before!
  14. rzwodezwo


    Live set, I think? At least his other set in Stonebridge is specifically marked as a DJ Set.
  15. is there a lot of immigration in Caerphilly and Merthyr?
  16. Really curious to see how the nights run, could see me missing a headliner no problem to get up there early to start a good run to 3am
  17. Yep, as I say, only talking of what I know locally, so colleagues mainly. There was a strong Leave vote in the EU Referendum here, among working class voters. And a swing to UKIP last GE. Based on economic dissatisfaction/concern for jobs/immigration. Farage paid Caerphilly and Merthyr a visit. I think Corbyn visited Cardiff? Combination of local attitudes and political interest (as in, interest from politicians).
  18. Just started following this today - great work!!
  19. nope, tho it's not particularly likely that I would. I don't normally. edit: I'm thinking next Thursday or early Friday for that.
  20. I second (or third, or whatever) just going with the flow and seeing what happens. I've been known to pick what bands to see purely because I liked their name. If you don't like something then just go for a wander, something you do like will crop up soon enough. Saying that, if you want poppy-punky female vocals, Dream Wife should be right up your street.
  21. I think im taking a nice Cambozola, some crankers and some of this amazing stuff.... It is without doubt the most amazing thing you will put in your mouth at glastonbury...
  22. THe last time they were well stocked even on the Saturday
  23. found home in 2009


    Was curious as I know someone that loves Black Madonna and a few people on here mentioned her. Is this video representative of her sets? I find it a bit meh. Also didn't realise she wasn't actually black, but presume everyone else already knew that
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