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  2. He won’t sell it out without dropping new material imo
  3. The only other tune that captures the mood IMHO of all of that madness / joy is Paul Oakenfold's remix of Wrote For Luck. Loaded and WFL give me a neck Mohican from start to end. I wanna be adored possibly in same esteem. My Manchester roots and LSD Dabbling 85-90 may have skewed things.
  4. I think that I'd rather drink fruit juice than alcohol free beer. Then again,it's each to their own, so wish you well on that front.
  5. Yeah just got the email about the NZ dates. Plenty of time to get back but really depends on their Aussie dates.
  6. Avoid the scrumpy. Try and drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. My issue is when to start drinking. I'm not a great day drinker, anything before 4.00pm and I NEED to take a nap. But I'll be so tempted by all the ice cold cider...
  7. Was kind of hoping she wouldn’t be there to be honest, not really my thing at all and feel like she’ll be taking up a big slot.
  8. Yes and maybe some alcohol free beer in the mix as well, god idea
  9. Not really sure it’ll sell out at all, maybe nearer the time
  10. Matt42

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Not a self confirmation but a user on Reddit is ‘confirming’ that Camila Cabello is there. Their source is within her management.
  11. Tame Impala and Post Malone, you heard it here first
  12. Just made my coworkers watch a full 30min video of metamorphosis. Im not going to get any work done for the next 2 weeks. https://reviewpromo.com/top-best-backpacking-pillow-reviews/
  13. What a great way of advertising. Tiny little LED screens with a running narco-menu. Then, when the Feds are nearby, a quick switch to "Pyramid Giza"
  14. Just made my coworkers watch a full 30min video of metamorphosis. Im not going to get any work done for the next 2 weeks. https://reviewpromo.com/top-best-backpacking-pillow-reviews/
  15. I assume that BST ticket sales aren't quite at they levels they need to be before they can make the Kendrick announcement?* Did we expect it to sell out quicker than it has? Will it sell out at all? *Obviously assuming it is him, of course.
  16. circus92

    The 1975 2020

    For anyone who is interested in The 1975 or is going to any of the remaining dates on the tour, I thought I would post a brief review from Friday night at The O2. As always with The O2 I started off cursing the sound quality as I am never that impressed with it, but once the show got into its flow that soon become forgotten about. At the Foo Fighters in Belfast last summer I can remember thinking Dave Grohl waffled on between tracks way too much which got pretty boring at times. This gig was the complete opposite - I couldn’t help noticing how Matty interacted noticeably less than normal – too little for my liking! There’s just no pleasing some people lol. The flipside is they managed to squeeze in 24 tracks in about 1hr 50 mins The setlist is roughly similar to last years tour, except for the fact they have brought in 6 new tracks from the upcoming album and switched a few notable positions around. Naturally that has also required some real favourites to be dropped - I was disappointed Loving Someone and Ballad Of Me And My Brain have been dropped, but I suppose something has to go. The most notable switch was Sex being moved from its normal position as the penultimate song, to the second song straight after People. This 2 song opening was incredible and the place was rocking right from the get go. I was a bit disappointed that Give Yourself A Try was the one that was moved to the penultimate position and was not sure how well it would work there – I shouldn’t have worried as it ended up being one of the highlights of the night for me – an inspired decision. It was one of those instances where a song just suddenly makes sense in a live environment and you suddenly get it. Now to the New songs which I was hearing live for the first time. People – Never really listen to it any other time, but great live and awesome set opener Me & You Together Song - pretty good - catchy enough if a bit repetitive and throwaway If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) – this is the one that has got everyone talking and wishing it had been the new single. Very catchy and poppy (with the trademark Sax Solo!)– but it actually sounded really good live and had the place bouncing. Liked it a lot even though it is a bit naff. Frail State of Mind - Not my favourite, but like it. Don’t think it will become a mainstay of their set at all. The Birthday Party - One of those examples of how some songs work better live and some don’t. It was my favourite of the new material before the gig, and I still really like it, but it just didn’t grab me live like some of the others did. It has a bit more chilled vibe. Guys – this one was pleasant enough and enjoyed it on the night because I was having such a good time, but in the cold light of day it does worry me a little about their direction and probably gives more ammunition to the naysayers One of the things I love about The 1975 is the variety in their music, from heavy guitar driven bangers, to electro, jazz, funk and straight up pop. So far the new tracks are just leaning a little bit too much to the cheesy pop side for my liking. Really hoping there is another few bangers like “Love It If We Made It” lurking on the new album as to me that is what they do best. The rest of the show was all similar stuff to their last tour. They also played the Greta Thunberg Speech which had everyone really quiet for about 5 minutes before they launched into the encore. Highlights for me – 1) Favourite Run – Robbers / fallingforyou / Milk / Lostmyhead 2) Amazing Encore - Love It If We Made It / Chocolate / Give Yourself a Try / The Sound 3) I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) sounded absolutely fantastic to close out the main set All in all, a great show with a fantastic atmosphere and non-stop energy. Anyone going this week – you will have an amazing time – they never disappoint 😁 (review wasn't as brief as I originally intended - had a few hours to kill sitting around the airport!)
  17. Headlining medium sized festivals and still selling out arenas in the UK, could certainly be somewhere on the line up, maybe not headliner though
  18. Stereophonics are pretty unknown in Spain. Are they even that big in the UK anymore?
  19. Saw the Scream again on the last tour. In a banger-centric set, none raised the roof quite like Loaded. An anthem for life.
  20. Has anyone considered Stereophonics? maybe not a huge band but if they’re gonna go for 2 medium bands then maybe them and Tame Impala etc?
  21. Amen Supernintedo. Loaded is fuckin loaded. Anthem
  22. I kept getting asked if I was a burner ... at that stage I hadn’t the foggiest what it was ... I presumed it was slang for some kind of dealer ... I later found out on here I think
  23. Hmmmm that's my packing on the bed. That pink thing to the right of me doesn't half look like a dildo in that pic. Pretty sure it isn't though!🤣 👍
  24. Unfortunately no longer have the outfit as I gave it away to another mate who took it to the burning man. I like to think it went out in style!
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