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  2. frostypaw

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Everybody knows to use one of the three pairs of socks for today. Fairly sure the shitty pants in the loos aren't from people using them cos they happened to run out of loo roll.
  3. Redditch looks like an easy drop off and it only adds 15 mins. Would that work? No worries, wouldn't blame you!!
  4. Well according to these terms and conditions (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/39W67tNSXqqGZf3GnRNlCrz/how-to-enter-radio-2-s-glastonbury-festival-competition) they were supposed to pick one winner today, one tomorrow, and one Wednesday to go forward to Thursday's quiz, but they actually picked three this morning. So I don't know where we stand now....
  5. Well my rucksack strap just snapped so a new one will be getting delivered tomorrow morning. Serves me right for buying a cheap shit one.
  6. It's aimed at workers that may be camped outside the fence
  7. Yes, sometimes. It can feel overwhelming and a bit oppressive. Sometimes like something I have to measure up to as if not getting enough out of it or appreciating it enough would reflect poorly on me and the image I have of myself. It can seem like such a big thing to take on. Lots of people, particularly loud people, make me anxious also. Perhaps surprisingly, that’s partly why I choose to park myself at Pennards, among the more lively fields. I think feeling like I’m missing out on the party is worse than being amongst it and realising nobody is actually that different to me. A bit younger maybe, louder sure, but just ordinary. The Park is a lovely place to chill. The hill above it can be a fantastic getaway and observation point to put psychological distance between me and what’s happening. The green fields next door are a gentle meander into the intensity. I wouldn’t expect to on paper, but I like camping there for those reasons.
  8. After a ropey build up I'm pleased to say the excitement has finally got me. Not sure if it's because my flat currently resembles a rummage sale, or the pile of drinks on top of the washing machine, but this time tomorrow I'll be on the road. Cannot wait!!
  9. Pip Blom, Friday, Crows Nest 20:45 http://www.niceswanrecords.com/nice-swan-at-glastonbury-2019/ Also 2nd Sports Team set *somewhere*
  10. Muse, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Guns N' Roses have all done festivals and stadiums in the same run before - Tool this year as well. I could maybe agree if Rammstein hadn't just done a festivals-only run around Europe but they're gonna be doing festivals again at some point. I'm sure they still have the festival set in storage as well. I don't know how you can say KISS are on a genuine final tour when they've done so many final tours. They were playing all around Europe this summer and Download didn't book them. Hellfest and Graspop are hardly gonna book them just to be blindsided by them coming back with a 'last shows ever!' gimmick. They quite possibly legally can't put 'last UK show ever' under the KISS name because it's so obviously bullshit. As for Metallica, they are coming to the end of that Worldwired tour and really seem to feel the strain nowadays. I think they might do some parts of the world in 2020 but Europe is pretty much ticked off now (or it will be in September).
  11. Thank you! Spidey-sense says I’ll be fine, I just have to take it easy.
  12. Started feeling better this afternoon so booze, a new dress and random bits purchased, ice packs in the freezer, hair sorted and millions of piles of stuff spread around the flat. It's happening!
  13. Oh no! Worst nightmare. Hope you are better tomorrow!
  14. Yeah ofc, OP hasnt responded yet- but add my snap and we can sort out the details? Snap is noamanmaliiikk
  15. Amazingly our tent is in almost exactly the same place as 2017!
  17. I’ve unfortunately had a sore throat and a bit of a fever the past few days, though today is much much better. I’ve spent the day “preparing” by sleeping and hydrating and taking all the OTC meds. Cross your fingers that Wednesday morning this will have all passed
  18. Jimmerz95

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Some good pointers, many thanks
  19. Just sit back a bit from the stage where other people are sitting in chairs and there's more space.
  20. briddj

    Hot Chip

    Yeah should be. Lots of competition for them. Go round the back of the sound desk and in from the left.
  21. Happy Glastonbury Eve everyone-😀!! Hope you all have a fantastic time at the farm this year. May all your drinks be cold and your wellies /boots dry!!
  22. going alone too on Friday due to circumstances . Have normal tickets so can tag along
  23. What is the etiquette of folding chairs around the main stages. Getting a bit old and have not been since 2011 but managed to get Sunday tickets through new partner and very keen she should experience the magic of Glasto, if only for one day In the past I always felt rather negative towards people in chairs, particularly the Sunday locals and pledged not to take any. However as the day comes nearer and bones creak louder (both in our late sixties) I have relented and bought us both folding camping chairs today. Is it acceptable behaviour to leave chairs in place, unoccupied for few hours around a main stage, albeit not near the front, say half way back in the crowd? Happy to conform with accepted behaviour once I know what it is.
  24. Is anyone running secret Glasto this year?, I have it followed on twitter etc but nothing through as a test etc through text yet
  25. bennyboi

    Alcohol Thread

    Got to finish shopping tomorrow but between me n my missus (she isn’t a drinker, won’t drink in the day!) were taking:- 20x Cans of Bud Light 10x Cans Strongbow Dark fruits 10x Wee cans Old Mout 2.25ltr Buckfast 500ml of Rum 500ml of Southern Comfort 2ltr of Tesco Red Bull I’m driving home Sunday though (well she probably will be tbh) Going in with the standard Aldi cool bag with a few ice packs for at least a few coldish drinks on Friday, it becomes tent temp after 24hrs but it’s better than nothing.
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