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  2. You have my attention for the next 18 minutes
  3. For the ones traveling from other countries, it will be a mess if they cancel last minute as no one is going to refund us the expenses for the trip. I didn't book anything yet of course
  4. SOAD/Volbeat/Placebo is way stronger than last year's Muse/Greta/Balthazar
  5. Yes hoping its fairly contained by then and there is just extra anti bacterial stuff everywhere
  6. I think they are virtually confirmed... Supergrass were excellent last night. Bang on form. Played all the hits a good 22 tunes or so. They did everything. I forgot quite how many great tunes they had til last night. The Coral as support were good. I can't say I am a massive Coral Fan really, but they were very good too.
  7. So let's end that discussion before we start getting closer.. Dont need another board filled with fear mongering. Remember 500,000 people caught swine flu in the uk and nothing got cancelled.
  8. Getting back on track...anyone up for a big tease?
  9. That song was a Cancer on the album.
  10. Thanks all, I've plonked the recommendations from this and the other aforementioned thread in a YouTube playlist for later viewing here. Interesting opinions on the "Glastonbury" documentary. I guess I'll give it a try but not get my hopes up.
  11. Any chance of a act after System of a down? Like someone smbig with a new album on the way. Like the previous years MUSE and Arctic monkeys both had new albums
  12. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    Really like this, can't help feeling it'll be more effective if the sun ever comes out again though. Like the new Car Seat Headrest too; Yeah looks like they're touring US over June.
  13. They do, but I'm sure they would rather keep it in the bank, rather than losing their buffer.
  14. Definitely, it would be good to get some clarity before balance day. I’m also holding off on booking a coach ticket. Not sure if NE will refund if the festival is cancelled.
  15. Any further news on this? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  16. I'm sure discussions are underway and they must be prepared for every eventuality. Whatever decision is made, it won't be a knee jerk one. I'd be really surprised if we didn't see some kind of statement from GFL in the next two weeks or so and most definitely before the balance payment if the situation continues to escalate
  17. Dont they have a large chunk in the bank in case of this type of scenario? Sure i read that in an interview somewhere once.
  18. ModBoy

    The 1975 2020

    Went and saw them in Birmingham on Tuesday night, and I thought they were great, some songs I wanted that didn't get played, by the inclusion of Be My Mistake, and telling everyone to put their phones away for it was amazing, felt all the new songs had their place in the setlist except maybe Frail State Of Mind, which I assume will be dropped down the line. The opening 2 songs and the whole of the encore were crazy and a lot more lively than I was expecting (That's not me complaining I loved it), only saw them once before at Reading last year when I didn't know as much, so it was good to enjoy all songs this time even though Reading was the better show
  19. What a lovely read. Some first rave Gerd Janson and E. Mine was the relentless tent at Leeds Festival with fucking pendulum playing M-Cat which was legal at the time. Don’t turn your back on guitar indie rock stuff either or whatever else you’re into. You can like everything. Kick drum holidays are a great thing. I think a lot of people get into electronic music and turn their back on music they love/loved growing up. A shame if you ask me. If you’re in Manchester I’d get yourself to The White Hotel myself. Can’t speak for London... yet. Berlin is a bit of a lottery as long as you’re not looking too touristy or acting like too much of a dick you might get in anywhere on any given night. Knowing who’s playing helps. My mate got in Berghain in Kappa shorts and a Celtic top. I stayed at hotel Apollo right next to De School last time I went Dek. Was equidistant between town and the festival site but had the bonus of a club you’re likely to spend one night at on your door step so taxies weren’t too harsh over the weekend.
  20. Not from a financial perspective. By June they will have spent most of the ticket money they will have received and would have to go through the process of refunding every punter £250 then claiming all of the infrastructure costs back from their insurances. They’d most likely make a huge loss on the whole endeavour.
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