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  2. Jon Hopkins High Contrast Patrick Topping Wilkinson Prospa Annie Mac Just announced on R1
  3. The main hope is that his handlers are smart enough to come up with a way for him to bluff that he's changed the WA enough to get it through parliament.
  4. It’s the lineup for radio 1 on the Thursday, Wilkinson, Patrick topping, high contrast and some others
  5. I can speak with almost total confidence it will not be a live set. Like, 99.99999% – Bicep live is big bucks and a big production headache for anywhere smaller than a Printworks-sized venue. The next time Bicep play live on the farm it'll be headlining or subbing WH/JP
  6. This is very true. I was just listening to a John Peel stage playlist. As a long-time fan of the great man I must say that there is very little on there that Peel would play on his radio show, if he were around today....
  7. Yeah I think 3am is the cutoff for a lot of people
  8. Two bits of hope are that he's never really been anti-EU and only seemed to back leave to further his career and secondly he seemed to be backing away from hard brexit in the tv debates
  9. Istari

    Out of office

    I'm 'working' from home tomorrow, but have to hold off putting the out of office reply on til 5pm
  10. I'm going to start one of those "This time next week" threads next tuesday.
  11. 😀 in a similar vein, my daughter (due to work commitments) is not arriving till later on Friday. i steadfastly refuse to tell her where I am parking the caravan. will she be able to find us.?
  12. Doug85

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Gavs update https://www.gavsweathervids.com/glastonbury-festival-weather-forecast-2019.php Looking good apart from the risk of storms which we knew.
  13. I find at around 3am all the people who aren't on drugs go to bed and the place frees up a little.
  14. First time I'll have arrived early doors on the Wednesday having always arrived mid-afternoon previously. My coach is due in at 6 am though realise traffic may delay this somewhat. Does anyone have experience of what the queues are like at gate A when the gates open? I realise entrances accessed by the car parks can get quite bad but am, perhaps wishfully, thinking it might be a bit quieter for us public transport types.
  15. It's always felt inevitable, but it's not surprising that people wanted to hope.
  16. What i'll try to do, is delete the sets off as they happen. It might not be instant, as i'm juggling secretglasto duties with cleaning a newborns pooey nappies, hence not getting to make it to the farm this year. I'll endeavour to keep the first post as up to date and clear as possible though
  17. Need to get a read on whether a sundown spin of "Angels" will pop off in Maceo's next week, any advice from those on the ground appreciated.
  18. I don't think there has been any doubt from the start Boris was going to win and even that he wanted to face hunt in the final two.
  19. Yeah they are, maybe should of looked at that first lol
  20. The weather is just amazing! Can't believe I'm travelling to England and I'm going to have 29 degrees! Its going to be sooo pleasant at night. So excited. If Foals will really play the Park Stage my weekend can't go wrong
  21. Pretty sure they’re busy the whole weekend?
  22. I hate that they’ve listed two of their sets as DJ and the other one is a mystery. I’ve never been to The Gas Tower but it looks a bit small for a live set.
  23. Give her a pint of cider... ”yeah, the fella said it was Proseccish”
  24. SO who's already there, and how was Maceo's last night?
  25. Bradders

    TBAs 2019

    I swear I heard they were based in London now, but last time I mentioned it nobody could corroborate that.
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