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  2. Would love it. He sucked last time though.
  3. Foals, blossoms, the kooks, dizzee rascal, Johnny marr, dmas, sundara karma, Hannah wants. trust me on this one
  4. Cant see this happening. Not sure where he'd fit in to the line up as would surely demand a high slot/big fee.
  5. Just Blaze is Alisha Keys husband if I’m not mistaken... Would snatch Yer hand off for Nas
  6. Normally Kendrick will start when the last Barn act has finished.
  7. Looks like that little Mad Cool show they keep advertising is today? So at least that puts an end to me excitedly seeing Mad Cool with an insta story only for it to be about Sports Team and some other bands I dont know
  8. Cackling at the idea of Swans at EOTR. I saw them at Primavera Porto a few years ago and they were so loud they made me feel physically ill and I had to go and sit in the furthest part of the site away from them in order to recover
  9. Only act we know are definitely headlining are libertines, I think.
  10. Havors

    Volunteering 2020

    Well I believe there is like 2000 places ish over all?? Think i read that somewhere but I could be imagining things.... I would hazard a guess they open at least half those positions for priority?
  11. The effect Posty had on headlining last year....
  12. Could see Bombay headlining the Thursday maybe but not any of the other days
  13. I can’t see them doing a second day in France, when they don’t know how the first one will be received. You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run.
  14. i would love for this to happen
  15. Would be a great addition, but got a feeling Parklie and Lovebox will have a deal for him to just play those two. If he were to play I’d say he’d be more likely to take a midday Pyramid slot than headline WH. Other headliner would also be good but yeah, doesn’t look like there’s room for him there.
  16. stuie

    Volunteering 2020

    Keeping everything crossed! We'll just have to wait and see. Would be good to know though but they keep it secret, just like the number of GA tickets available in the resale!
  17. Imagine the crowd waiting for Taylor enduring The National
  18. She's on the poster Oh wait she's not any more. Was DEFO on the website poster earlier
  19. I assume that when Richard D. James is a bit peckish he has someone on his payroll who can make him a snack or meal.
  20. Been looking around truck festival forums and Ynot and they have been sent clues in the post, some clues point too royal blood, Bombay bicycle club, eve and rag and bone man predicted for truck especially! Would like royal blood and bbc but selfishly wouldn’t want them to headline and I suppose they should be demanding to headlines festivals of this size these days 🤷🏼‍♂️
  21. Nice work! Also worth noting 2019 had 6 stages on the main days and 4 on the 'opening party' not 7 which explains the lower number, obviously not an exact science because certain acts will play shorter/longer sets... but that put 2018 at an average of 40 acts per day and 2020 has 25 so plenty more to come, whether that's acts noteworthy or worth waiting for we'll have to see!
  22. Another Streets related tweet sent out
  23. Man, his Grammy performance was something wasn't it! He also just got announced for Parklife in June, is doing Lovebox in June, will be in Roskilde in July! What are the chances he's going to be at glasto? West holts headliner maybe (I'd argue he's an Other Headliner size, but apparently it's all been worked out so far?)?
  24. 😁. It’s actually not too bad, half of it has steps and heading back up in the early hours there’s a bar at the top! A burger and a few pints make the perfect night cap. Of course coming from up here in the wilds of Scotland our idea of what is a steep hill is different that maybe folk from rural Somerset!😉
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