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  2. Just signing up for a 1/2 marathon around Victoria Park on the first Sat of May. Strongly starting to suspect that I may actually hate myself!
  3. What are you having problems with? I've got no problem with individuals being held to account.
  4. Would love to be included and help others in the resale to. We have been 4 out the last 5 time and were gutted to miss out for the big 50. My usual trick of going into work turning on 20 odd PCs failed me this time round. Will email my details over now
  5. Maybe time to have Duffy back. This is horrific.
  6. Had a look at the O2 Priority for Alanis. Tickets on the floor are all diamond and gold VIP and whatnot. Front row is £385! No idea what the comes with. If these don't sell at this price they strip the VIP thing off them nearer the gig date and let them go for the ticket value, which I think is about £150. Worth checking about a week before the show, as I've got front row to WWE for normal ticket price (like £75 instead of £300 or whatever with the meet and greet they had bundled with them initially) this way before Upper deck seats in the closer blocks are £95.
  7. To be fair it was you who brought up your own arse and throat. Usually people just say things get shoved down your throat. Though in your case you do seem to do more talking out of your arse than using your throat so makes sense you'd bring it into the equation.
  8. I know that there are still Headliners and Subs missing. I posted that cause it sounded like they will add another huge number of acts. I didn't even ask for that but that's the reply I got.
  9. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. 90 mins and we should know more... Going to assume Mumford and Royal Blood because 1) keep hopes low 2) the guy who said it has been right in the past
  10. Yep. Flaming Lips I'm well pleased with. Band I really like but somehow never got around to seeing
  11. Mouseboy11

    2020 New Music

    Shamelessly jumping on the disco bandwagon
  12. Of course it is not, we have many gaps to fill. Making a quick count, more or less: - 2 Headliners - Up to 2 Sub-Headliners - Around 5-6 more Main Stage spots - Around 6-8 more A38 evening spots - Around 8-10 more A38 late night spots - Half of the Colosseum and Party Arena We are far from done, but taking a closer look, it is easy to understand that they gave a huge shape to the lineup this year, like it or not. I expect no more than 5-6 reasonable big names to come and the rest will be undercards and (hopefully) quality small names
  13. It's more that I've seen 80% of the labour types i follow on twitter say they've cast theirs! I'm not actually seriously worried.
  14. I don't think looking at the Euros and Olympics is that indicative of what will happen with Glastonbury. Those events, particularly the Euros with the various host countries, will involve hundreds of thousands of people travelling from all across the world. Most of the ticket holders and acts at Glastonbury will be coming from the UK. There may end up being travel restrictions on people/acts coming from certain countries, but we'd need the situation in the UK to escalate severely for it to be cancelled, and I certainly don't see them making that decision early. May/June would be decision time.
  15. Mika has a show in Southern France on the Saturday - potential to travel to Worthy Farm for the Friday or Sunday
  16. Seems to me you are the one crossing the line by being an internet troll..
  17. Very True, the posts from @Ken19 have been the most informative over the last few months. I've no idea where these stupid comments have come from.
  18. I second this. Anyone with any insider knowledge is always welcome and makes the forum a much more fun and active place!
  19. What does that even mean? Pretty poor form @eFestivals for you to like that post given you apparently want things on your forum to stay clean.....apparently not!
  20. Drat! I'm going to stop trying to play this game...
  21. I sent a message to Sziget and was told it's by far not the full Lineup yet: "There will be many more artists announced."
  22. Agreed, @Ken19 has been great and provided top information even though he has no reason to at all.
  23. I dunno if it’s been shared on here already, but this is an informative read: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/
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