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  2. He's touring the US. Electric performer, seen him last month in Berlin. Will do that again ASAP.
  3. shuttlep

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Fabio and Groove rider have announced for Thursday in the temple. I’m sure it’s not normally openness on Thursday
  4. I had two saved for today; I went with this one but will post the other later if it doesn't crop up!
  5. Nothing about added security or any thing... I hope. Llooll
  6. oneeye

    T minus & counting 2019

  7. Today
  8. That's nothing - I actually drive to the site in a special car shaped like a walking boot.
  9. Point is that if that happens then you still won't need them - you'll be better off in boots.
  10. I just got a pair of Solomon walking boots, that according to lovely lad from Cotswolds will take some battering in rain and mud (which there will be none, so perfect). I hate the feeling of wellies flapping round my legs and only taking boots and trainers. Just to be sure, if there’s apocalyptic downpour and sea of mud, is there anywhere on site to buy wellies?
  11. Over this beautiful weekend I’ve been trying out new Rekordlig Botanicals. It’s not heavy on the taste, but dont let it fool you, it’s more than capable to get you jolly as I found out! Rhubarb and lemons is my favourite. Unfortunately they don’t come in cans yet, or I’m not aware. Would be probably drink of my choice otherwise.
  12. Moved onto Underworld 2016. Great set,. Bumped into 2 hats at the bogs and lost my gvirgin mate later to be seen caked in mud back at the tent. Hoping the chemical bros playing Fri or sat for a change.
  13. Made an interesting decision to try some old stock to see if still good for g2019. Currently enjoying arcade fires 2014 Set. Great memories.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Thinking of you and your wife Yoghurt. Hope she's better soon.
  16. I have high hopes for the B52s. They are in Germany on the Thursday and playing the UK on the Saturday so free Friday. It would be a hard ask but I am buggered if I'm paying the 50 odd quid to see them at the Manchester Apollo in July (probably will though)
  17. Gnomicide

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    I reckon Tuesday unless they break the never at Easter rule*. *Probably not a rule.
  18. Hmmmm, I'm thinking we might get the Common announcement later today...
  19. Mott the hoople are touring at the moment, great reviews from their Glasgow gig.
  20. It definitely did not disappoint tonight. I was a little bit in shock at the end.
  21. There is always a little bit of music at Glastonbury thou
  22. If anyone is interested ... just went through the pictures on my mobile and found the below. On the left the prices in the VIP area, on the right the regular prices on the festival.
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