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  2. I don’t think any festivals will be happening this summer. I certainly don’t think schools will be fully reopened until September either.
  3. John Prines debut. John is in a bad way at the moment. I think if you look at "underlying health issues" he ticks every box.
  4. Will have to agree to disagree on this one
  5. Classic for me. Loved it at the time and it's still a regular one that I watch
  6. Just reflecting on the possible line up. In case it goes on I am confident that Pavement, Tyler LDR bad bunny beck will be there. Likely also the European bands such as Bauhaus Massive attack JAMC... The difficult ones to get are probably the Strokes (but I don't think they would drop a Primavera booking with the new album to promote), the national, brockhampton and young thug, Kacey musgraves. Maybe also iggy pop and bikini kill. It would make sense for acts smaller than these just to adapt
  7. ..there still a chance, that BKS might move to late August/September in case all headliner would be available to them.
  8. Prob best to leave the party politics for now. It's not the Tories' doing and I think we all know whose fault it all is.
  9. Full british lineup could be a cool thing if the fest is on
  10. I didn't find that when looking for something at these dates. I'll delete my comments. THANKS!
  11. https://www.b2s.nl/decibel/ Different festival, same location these dates in august.
  12. Ah, I missed that. It would be the battle of friendly fire versus Mojo. But I guess IF there were to be festivals from the second half of August on, people would be in such a state of withdrawal from concerts that both festivals could still sell very well.
  13. Interesting Prima just announced revised dates for the end of August whereas APE cancelled. Maybe they couldn’t get the site for the dates, didn’t want to compete with Reading/Victorious the same weekend or perhaps they thought cancelling was a better financial option...
  14. Euro 2000 was in my view much superior to 96. People look at the latter through rose tinted glasses.
  15. On the other hand, it would be really strange if Lowlands and BKS would be on the same weekend
  16. The full text of what they wanted to add to the bottom of the Queens Speech No one serious about passing an amendment to a speech would put "Respectfully regret ...fails to" on the end of it. So what they're cheering is a bit of political game-playing being stopped. There are ways and means of achieving pay rises that don't involve doing what they did here. Sorry to have to explain this but whenever I see a "nasty tories doing X" video I always think "ok, what was the context" and find it's being dressed up as something that's not. How that's meant to engender people to the left I have no idea, but as with so many other occasions, it just ends up pushing me away.
  17. Also you cant say its ok for footballers to play behind closed doors, while still telling people they cant have a kick around on the park. I don't know how longs some of these measures will be in place, but suspect we are going past June.
  18. Especially number 3) is a nice find! However, it is the same weekend as Lowlands Festival. Would surprise me if both festivals will take place in the same weekend (if festivals in August will go ahead in the first place...) Edit: an other festival is planned that weekend at Beekse Bergen, Decibel Outdoor (dance festival)
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