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  2. Have rage against the machine been ruled out as a possibility?
  3. Because a post on a message board made on a 4" phone screen whilst I'm doing 3 other things and an article on a new media website are the same thing aren't they?
  4. I’m forever on the internet saying “What is this garbage” And the answer is always the efestivals Headliners topic in November.
  5. Hodgson is touring Breakfast In America.
  6. I’m not sure there was sleeping bag air bed rental this year. I think they’ve moved away from it as they wanted to be more green. The shop was pretty small for the amount of people that were camped, There was an airbed pumping service though.
  7. I really don't think a socialist argument in a socialist publication is an attempt to corrupt anyone. Were you attempting to corrupt anyone saying the 1970s were crap? If you google you'll see loads of articles saying the doom and gloom was overstated, the unions and government used to negotiate, and the public saw good standards of living. It's a bit like hippies. We never saw hippies around here.
  8. I used to love Blood Sugar and Californication when I was a kid. I'm not a kid anymore.
  9. El gigante de festivales Live Nation negocia la compra del promotor de Arenal y FIB https://www.elmundo.es/comunidad-valenciana/castellon/2019/11/14/5dcc5e4afdddff5d7e8b4678.html
  10. Yep, but you're defending changes as natural evolution in one breath, and as substandard in another. "Of" is incorrect, as it's "have". You either accept that there are writing standards or not. Sure you can pick and choose, but don't then claim impartiality.
  11. H.M.V


    Lizzo playing Sydney opera House. Surely this is a big deal. I know capacity isn't huge but all the same. Lizzo Sydney opera house
  12. 39 years on this earth and I had no idea that scrunching was a thing.
  13. Doves / LCD Soundsystem / Massive Attack or Bjork
  14. Thought more would have been said about this. I quite like it, not much of a jump forward or anything but it sounds good.
  15. I tried to crumple today, but my brain couldn't comprehend the stupidity of it and just folded.
  16. Three hour headline shows at Glastonbury. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It all adds up, they're a huge band (there's 7 of them) and they're clearly negotiating the Friday set and whether they can show Footy Footy on the pyramid screens.
  17. Is that Supertramp or Hodgson you're thinking Neil?
  18. GrumpyRaver

    Taylor Swift

    Don't worry... He got riled about the accuracy of a fun video I posted about record sales the other day. Should tell you enough without reading his posts.
  19. Mattymooz

    Taylor Swift

    Dont even like him but this just comes off as dickish considering I presume you have nothing of substance behind the gay comment other than hes pretty...
  20. I hope they put on a good alternative while taylor is on cause I REALLY wanna see alt-J
  21. that's probably my rubbish folding, combined with my rubbish packing in not-great packaging (I have some better packaging arriving today). Either that, or it's all the postie's fault.
  22. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    This post reads like the gossip section of The Sun and says way more about you than it does Shawn Mendes.
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