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  2. Depends when you arrive. At peak times, up to an hour. At other times, hardly anything. Unlike say the festival gates, it's not just a straight line of "earlier = longer queues" - if a big train from London has just dropped about a thousand people at Castle Cary, and you're at the back of that pack or on a local service arriving 5 minutes later then you may have to wait quite a while for it to clear. If you want to make an estimate, you can try looking at the schedule for the services arriving before yours, but really it's difficult to say.
  3. rubick


    Unbeatable music in the right setting - although I totally get some heads on the thread could be sick of hearing it due to over-saturation. I pretty much feel the same about techno and proggy house in Northern Ireland, which are the two prevalent styles here. I still enjoy a good 4-4 session of course, just that I find breakbeats much more interesting. You never forget your first love!
  4. jump


    I'm not so sure WWE are clever/willing enough to use her wanting to leave as part of a storyline even if it's just as a miss-direction for a surprise return. If someone high profile changed their mind about leaving in the current state of everyone wanting out I would have thought they'd bring her back to TV to make a show of her wanting to stay now. I'd love for her to turn heel and win the MITB tho, she's always been my favourite performer on the women's roster.
  5. +1 for the DnB/Jungle crew. Apart from it being a personal favourite genre I find it really good to take the less electronically inclined members of our group to. Musically it's more accessible than the average house or techno set; there's plenty of energy and fun (depending on the DJ) and the really filthy end of it always raises a grin from even the most dedicated indie kids.
  6. I think the way the OP framed it, he was just looking to vent at what he felt was unfair and people just responded to it the way he framed it- I don't think anyone's really particularly bothered what the truth of the situation is and his relationship is his and his partners business, not ours. Some people when they start threads are just trying to solicit a certain response, which is fair enough. Sometimes people just want a bit of empathy rather than object truth.
  7. I’m not sure about the Friday rock slot but I’ve just noticed that Weezer (sorry if this has been mentioned before!) are playing in Belgium on the Friday and London on the Saturday. Surely they’re going to be announced for the Sunday at Glastonbury?? Maybe in the slot that dropkick Murphy’s played on the Sunday in 2017.
  8. I really do hope so. Wish I could just go raving all day Thursday with quality DJ’s. I have such high hopes for the expanded Bloc9. I think I’d go to Bloc9 festival if it was just that area somewhere else.
  9. I don’t mind it. Think it’s more of a teaser than lead single definitely. Catchy hook, fuck Boris lyrics and many viral dances to come from it I’d guess. Probably a smart PR move for a comeback to get people’s attention.
  10. uscore

    Hot Chip

    I think it might be acoustic.
  11. Bit close to the Brixton logo, int it.
  12. Delighted that Laura Jane Grace has been announced. Lead singer from Against Me! Incase anyone didn’t know.
  13. ads1980

    Resale Club 2019

    I've added my details to the spreadsheet but it has been saying 'saving' at the top for ages and doesn't appear to be saving my entries? I'm probably doing something wrong somehwere!
  14. I listened to the first half of the Marina album when she released it a few weeks ago and yeah, other than Handmade Heaven I wasn't really too into the rest so doubt I'll bother with the full thing. I thought the Nick Murphy album was alright, I reckon you would probably enjoy it. King Gizzard's album has been the highlight for me so far, one of their best albums yet. I quite enjoyed Local Natives album too.
  15. Apologies for the hijack but does anyone know long you are likely to queue to get the bus into the Festival from Castle Cary on Wednesday?
  16. I think it's all about time and place. I was at this recently: https://www.printworkslondon.co.uk/listings/clash-in-the-capital/ and Jungle Warriors won it because the Ragga Twins were running around full of energy and cussing all the other crews nonstop with them. It stomped on the vibe a little bit for me and I thought Born on Road/Serial Killaz were far better BUT it was a soundclash and its sort of expected. For a festival set I'd want the MCs to have quite a low-key role: more about getting the energy up at the right moments then letting the DJs create a vibe.
  17. biggish hip hop act would be perfect for in between YM@6 and Wombats, Brockhampton would be nice but i can’t see it happening. KSI has just brought out an album, imagine the uproar with that 😂
  18. That would make more sense, not sure who could slot in there, or where they’d slot in. My best guess is between Juice WRLD and YMAS.
  19. This will also be fourth....so I guess that makes me a "newbie" in your book. The thing is, in my first year I went with a crew of veterans, all bonefida old timers, and met up with another friend from school who has been going since she was 16 (we're now 34). NONE of these people wanted to try and get tickets this year..... Babies and weddings getting in the way for most of them Also, I know that before only the old timers had ticket-buying systems, but I have a system which I learnt from my friends and have incorporated some newbie folk into it - I had to invite newbies, or this year I would be near enough going by myself! So, I dunno. I don't think it's a conspiracy, just more people getting wise to the tricks, and enough old timers having other things to do. The only conspiracy is quite how the fuck I've never seen a payment page in something like 12 different sales!
  20. ryaner77

    Cardiff coach

    Does anyone know the departure point for the Cardiff coach ? And possibly the time it left at in 2017?
  21. squareheadz

    Resale Club 2019

    Yes, it appears everyone who was successful yesterday and marked themselves green have been removed from the speadsheet.
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