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  2. Yes there is - the exact words are about funding from "related interests" - but that's not what City have been done for anyway. City have been done for telling porkies about their genuine income. not true. Read the UEFA FFP rules to see for yourself. Do you think those highly respected judges who UEFA appointed to look at whether City broke UEFA's rules can't understand UEFA's rules? (If you do, City won't get anywhere on appeal, because it'll be judges of the same calibre who'll hear an appeal )
  3. That is sad to hear. Saw them in Brighton and they were terrific
  4. Oi .. theres only one god damn crazy fool around these parts ... ( ok apparently there’s 3 other inactive ones )
  5. Today
  6. I see Queen are free on the Saturday.... Would Dr. May join Macca for a song or 2?
  7. On the Psychic TV 'Themes' 1982 album it starts with a looped sound of what I took to be some kind of jungle animal. Years later I discovered it's the weird high pitched chuckle of Jim Jones. I've seen the BBC and other documentaries about him. A real horror story about what people can get away with under the guise of religion.
  8. There's been a disappointing lack of news from FN6. I hoped they would have something to announce for this year or next but hopefully not a change of location. Portmeirion is fantastic and worth the transport hassle.
  9. I spoke to them in Leeds a couple of weeks ago. They said no Glastonbury this year but hoping for next. The best new band I've seen for years is Ist Ist. They would be great for Williams Green or John Peel. Their debut album ‘Architecture’ is out on 1st May. I'm hoping for Girl Band on the Peel stage too.
  10. Perfect timing, with the prices going up in 9 days have you just come back to hand us some good news. Any shock changes, new acts or clues to tease us. Tell me Liam/London Grammer or Biffy? You said TDCC and the two headliners is this still the same?
  11. Astroman

    The Strokes?

    It's good but obviously Billy Idol gets a writing credit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG1NrQYXjLU
  12. I’ve got tickets for Black Boxes 30th Anniversary your of Ride On Time 😱
  13. Bands they need to add*- Whenyoung Grandson Deal Casino Sharon Van Etten Snail Mail Middle Kids Grouplove Idiot Pilot Dirty Nil Houses Local Natives Brutus Coach Phillips Secondhand Sound Smith street Band *bands I'd like to see
  14. I think you could be right with Hayley William's but I've a feeling she's going to appear as a secret act at Slam Dunk if she's around.
  15. Call me a god damn crazy fool..but I'd put a bet on the National and Bright Eyes turning up this year. Just have a feeling...
  16. Yeah, I was the dude trying to figure out how the hell people know about the tokens, etc. bummer I missed Lush.
  17. Stick it in the 'Touring Around Glastonbury' thread
  18. mclusky were banging tonight, starting a campaign to get Falco and the lads on the Hell Stage.
  19. It’s one AM and I’m scared to go to bed, I dozed off and had a momentary thought that alfie Boe and Michael Ball could be booked to headline. Petrified to go to sleep in case it resurfaces in some hellish nightmare.
  20. City Morgue, JPEG and Denzel all within a few minutes of each other would be one of the best nights the festival has ever put on for me and the idea of having ZillaKami, Peggy and Zel on one stage performing Vengeance would be a highlight of my life, but knowing FR they'd put them all on at the same time and i'd have to choose
  21. Snap. Had very similar dream. Slept in then messed about all the way through until the Sunday night. I put it down to anxiety about wasting time.
  22. Because they headlined the Other Stage at Glasto. The new album might be good but it clearly hasn't set the world alight. Headlining All Points East and then eventually Latitude and stuff is their level, and that's okay. Haven't been picked up by R+L in seven years now despite being perhaps the most notable indie rock band of the decade so a punt up to headline status doesn't look to be forthcoming.
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