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  2. Could Sam fender dropped out of trnsmt as he's cancelled some shows
  3. The timing is so that he (Corbyn's mate) can be in the round of MP selections. Also to cover it up under Johnson's shenanigans.
  4. hi - have you still space for 2 ? thanks Mike
  5. sisco

    Sam Fender

    Yep, that’s annoying
  6. snailcheeks

    Sam Fender

    Who do we think will replace him? Another one on my list scored off...
  7. hi - is your post still relevant ? let me know asap, looking for space for 2 maybe 3 people, and I may have a car pass already.. thanks!
  8. Don’t worry, there’s always space up there. Even in 2016 when loads of people camped there because of the mud there was still plenty of space on Thursday afternoon.
  9. No way to get in I don’t think thinking of driving down there to see what the crack is 🤣
  10. I don't know enough about Labour strategy to follow what's going on here. If it's because they expect a GE, why is now a good time to have him back? What's the rationale? Surely if it's just he's a mate, any time would do? Is he likely to win over another candidate in a GE? Otherwise, why?
  11. There are three locker sizes: Charging locker (12x22x30cm) with power supply to charge a mobile phone (bring your own cable!) - rental price €7/day or €25 for the entire festival Medium (25x30x45cm) - rental price €7/day or €25 for the entire festival XLarge (50x30x45cm) - rental price €12/day or €45 for the entire festival You have non-stop access to your locker and your belongings during the opening hours of the Festivalpark. One day lockers are cleared every night. All lockers need to be cleared on Sunday night, before the Festivalpark closes. Visit www.mobilelocker.eu for more info on the lockers.
  12. Yeah they’ve gone through the hoop
  13. You could put the lack of stage times down to an act or two missing, perhaps even a big one. If you take in to account how they go about organizing this festival however, I'd say it's way more likely they agreed with two or more main stage acts to play the same time slot and need to sort that out 😀
  14. Tame Impala vs Hot Chip is one of the worst clashes this year.
  15. Interesting to hear Snow Patrol are heavier than The Amazons.
  16. Hi - is this offer still available ? can you let me know asap thanks! Mike
  17. Yeah, stage times would be useful. I need to plan/see the clashes. I live in hope that there is one or two acts still to come, hence lack of stage times.
  18. Couple of the Bristol restaurants have closed recently , including the one next to my house. Real shame. also the jaldi jaldi food stand I believe is linked to thali has been missing from the central bristol food market on Fridays. Sounds like they could be having some difficulties. If anyone has a more positive take I would be delighted to hear good news
  19. Now I'm nervous to get onto Pylon tomorrow night! I just don't want a long walk from the car.
  20. JGP

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Just buy some if/when you need them!
  21. Does anyone know if this has moved or if it’s just gone? I was looking forward to having some food from there!
  22. Also up north in Leeds, been scouring the internet for a way into the festival. Can provide a lift down if you find a way in!
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