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  2. Personally I just didn't know any of them Thanks for your efforts...I think a lot of people have probably just stopped checking these forums for the time being as it's just bad news after bad news.
  3. Ok, when did John Peel move to its current location?
  4. Ah shit. I need to think of another one now.
  5. Yes, too easy, back to you then Stu.
  6. To clarify, I think the festival did go over the limit, but they got sacked off for being too quiet, rather than being too loud. What you really want is a system that can be loud in the arena, but quiet outside - which is what they've had since 2014. It's relatively easy to make it loud - just add more watts and speakers, but tackling overspill is the problem.
  7. I reckon Megan Thee Stallion could sub next year.
  8. O.K. here's my question then, when Yes played the festival in 2003, what was the name of the stage they appeared on?
  9. Cooter

    Good news thread..

    Well done mate, well done x
  10. That'll do. They used point based arrays rather than line based. On the Saturday, they were a little unlucky with the weather conditions, as a large band of cloud reflected The Killers set for miles, meaning that they had to turn it way way down to stop the festival going over the off site db levels. The other bit of bad luck was Iggy Pop turning it right up on Other at the same time. This led to Michael canning them off, saying the festival needed "something stronger" (or words to that effect), which worked out well in the end because Martin Audio later developed a system that was very good as cutting off the sound outside the arena, which I'm sure would have coped much better with the "unique atmospheric conditions" of 2007. https://www.funktion-one.com/dl/files/365.pdf So, over to you @gizmoman
  11. I think that's a fair assumption ahah (love ya Yog)
  12. I hope mrs pjfreak is ok after falling at the last fence ...
  13. 1 did a sweepstake for the virtual grand national today.... Did a video of the draw this morning then we were all watching it in our homes,, it was great seeing the old sons all sending in pictures of themselves.. Some had even dressed up etc.. Anyway we thought Mrs pjfreak was going to win but fell at the end last fence.. My mate won and had even put a tenner on the horse so he's one £50 from the sweep and I think it was £180 from bookies.. No wander he was drinking champagne in his hot tub lol.. Anyway it felt good to know that I had made my friends smile today..
  14. I can see measures being loosened until we get proper testing and deaths going down... I think it will be June before we see some changes, end of May absolute earliest IMO. I also think they will be stricter measures on going out ahead of Easter, as it's clear there is still a contingent of folk who are taking the piss and still not understanding the stay at home mantra I unfortunately think we'll see daily death figures pass 1000 by Tuesday too
  15. Don't know that so i'll guess they exceeded the sound level limits.
  16. You have the name right, but not the tech, but I'll give it to you if you can tell me what happened to stop them coming back?
  17. One would think this quiz isn't functioning.
  18. Funktion 1, I think there are more speaker arrays so the sound is spread out further. (it's taken me half a hour of racking my brain to remember this! i was determined not to look it up).
  19. My Mam, Dad and 2 brothers all self-isolating due to symptoms in the North-East, they seem to be on the mend but not always sure about Mam as she tends to down play things unfortunately = so there is 4 extra as well
  20. Today
  21. surely not sorry thought that was a ref to yog being stoned
  22. Yes surprised not to have had the announcement
  23. Official news today said that lockdown restrictions could be lifted at end of May if people adhere to the rules. Let's call that mid-late June as a worst case scenario. Still leaves 2.5 months to R+L! Surely it wouldn't take 2.5 months for no lockdown developing into large gatherings allowed? This is assuming things continue to improve, and surely the govt. won't risk lifting lockdown until that's next to certain?
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