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  2. Hey everyone, I was told to checkout this forum by a friend, I'm going solo this year from London. looking forward to meeting others who are going solo this year as it's my first year aswell!
  3. Yeah, to avoid the East Car Parks, you basically need to make sure you're arriving on the A361 Eastbound - so without knowing the back roads or which will be open, you need to get to Glastonbury Town - maybe cut across to Wells avoiding Shepton, and then loop round through Glastonbury Town. It may be possible to just outright ignore the stewards directions and drive straight through Pilton village to the west side, but that's very much a dick move.
  4. Yeah. Think we usually just go where directed but never really come in from this side before, usually come in past the Tor from the other side if memory serves and always been directed to pink/orange/yellow west parking
  5. I absolutely love the kids field! We took our daughter in 2017 and she had the best time. Just the simple task of getting tickets in Sunday’s resale and we’ll be taking a 5 year old and a 1 year old! Can’t wait to show her the line up if we’re successful Sunday. 😊
  6. Looks like LIDL had some camping gear in the 'middle of Lidl' last week. I was in there today and they had labels on the shelf for a Self-inflating Thermal mat £14.99, Sleeping bag £14.99 and 70L Hiking Rucksack £29.99. The Lidl I was in only had the rucksacks left, plenty of them though (no idea if they are any good). The sleeping mat looks like it is this type: https://www.lidl-ni.co.uk/en/special-offers.htm?articleId=13844 rather than the lilo one they used to sell.
  7. Don’t know the area intimately but if your coming from there you would presumably head through Shepton Mallet. You would have no option but to go to the car park you are directed to, especially on wed morning, the busy time. I am sure someone more local might know a bit more. I’ve always just came from Glastonbury town direction and parked where I was directed. No choice.
  8. Confess I normally skim past the Gizz but this album has had my feet tapping solidly for the last 45 mins
  9. Gnomicide


    Equally excitement inducing and terrifying at the same time. Some of that rain :0 Love watching the fance appear like a giant snake and the smaller tents seemingly pop up.
  10. Decent banger. Trying his hardest to sound like Drake. Still doubt i'll go and see him.
  11. There is, if City lose one and Liverpool draw one they'll be on equal points. Unlikely but possible. Liverpool have a great chance tonight to clock up 5 or 6. Or more. It could be an absolute massacre. Huddersfield have conceded 4 goals in 3 of their last 5 games. They're total shit.
  12. Omg keep us updated. Im starting to think this could be the final lineup. Or pretty much so. Why would they hold back big names that would help sell tickets at this stage when most people have decided what festivals they’re attending by now?
  13. Based on the moonlandingz set in 2017, I will be back at the Park for Fat White Family. That was a mad set, and we were having the same argument between us - "is that a loaf of bread???". Lias may have been hung over, but they performed a splendid set.
  14. If It Makes You Happy. Honourable mentions to Every Day is a Winding Road, Hard to Make A Stand, Maybe Angels, My Favourite Mistake, and Tomorrow Never Dies.
  15. Limp Bizkit? Gonna take a while to select the right side-eye dog for this one.
  16. So many to choose from but I'm really torn between Run, Baby Run and If It Makes You Happy. Based on the chorus being above many people's vocal range so the crowd sounds amazingly awful when singing along and also I just love the riff... If It Makes You Happy.
  17. Hawros

    Resale Club 2019

    Yup - they're there Ads
  18. If you're talking about the regular coaches to the festival, it's Bristol Bus & Coach Station. I don't know if the package coaches are going from there too but I assume so.
  19. Hello to all ex- lurkers who have posted recently. Let lurking be a thing of the past for you.
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