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  2. I think it's a very difficult situation and I fully appreciate the difficult balance that needs to be struck between human empathy and profit/loss/keeping the business running. My concern is that there appear to be all too many examples of profit/loss being weighed far more heavily in the mix than empathy. I'm not in the business of making judgments on people because of their views, and I don't think you've been unreasonable in what you've said, although there is a significant amount I wouldn't fully agree with. To pick up on one point in your latest post, which is quoted above, and clarify my situation and why I perhaps feel as I do about it: The organisation I work for is at zero risk of going out of business and all employees are on a flat salary based on a pay scale, with no overtime or additional pay. The colleagues who are covering for me not being physically on site are not being paid any more than them (this raises issues of whether that seems fair, but it is industry standard, and there has been a trade off where I am taking on additional work which can be done remotely).
  3. Thank you! Makes sense. They will probably add cities the would have played festivals in. Paris, London, Dublin, Berlin. Fingers crossed for a joint announcement. But with a ticket for Prague all I need is the postponement over cancellation and something to look forward to. Don‘t care if it‘s November. It might be even better, as I can‘t image this pandemic still being around then. At least in the stage, that it prohibits gatherings.
  4. That wasn't the geologists on my course, a load of them were my Glasto buddies in the late 90s. I only know one person who works on oil rigs and one works for BGS, everyone else I still know from my course works in other areas.
  5. If I go quiet for a while you will know why
  6. You're missing out on the Perry, it's really nice. Their Kingston Black and Glastonbury Gold (both medium) are lovely too. I wasn't keen on the Farmhouse medium.
  7. Nah, you just have more sense. These kids are daft, they act like they are immune to the virus. Hang round in big big groups near us. I'm sure they'd love it if their parents or grandparents became ill as a result of their neglect of the advice..
  8. I am not sure 100%, but a friend that works for Austrian promoter told me that this years Sept date will probably be moved to November 2021. I guess its a full on Arena tour then, i dont think the band would only do 3-4 shows in Europe then, makes no sense, plus no other festivals around in that period.
  9. Confirmed by ArcadeFireTube (on DM)
  10. Edit to remove comment about capitalism- not going down that road today 😂
  11. Also I misread your comment earlier and thought you were saying the resentment came from people forced back to work, so fair enough.
  12. For the record I wasn't being sarky when I said do you expect them to bring the kid to work. It was a genuine question, to which your answer is take unpaid leave. I completely understand that companies are in dire straits. Most people will put the welfare of their families above their employer though and I believe that's the way it should be. Going to leave it there.
  13. priest17

    2020 New Music

    I loved the OHMME one, dunno if you've tried that one. I haven't got to them yet but I've got the Gogo Penguin new one and the new Modern Nature ones on my radar. I'm kinda flummoxed coz I was 100% certain Nadine Shah's album was out yesterday and I was flat out wrong, nice 3 week for that one. EDIT: and the Lithics one if you've not touched it, might be my favourite from yesterday
  14. I expressed surprise at resentment from other people still working, who resent people on furlough in the company. That was the surprise. I would have thought a "live & let live" approach better, but I know some people are very bitter about it. I made the comment about the return to work in a particular callous way, as you made what I took to be an inflexible comment about the childcare issue. I was trying to copy the style, so to speak. The problem is there are no winners in all of this, and I thought my comments would be of interest as personally I only see the "well, it's the companies money, it can afford it" type comments on the internet. It's not that simple though.
  15. Yes, and that's what has happened. I've outlined the costs - it is a little more than "some", but yes they are currently being met. eventually, there will be no money left though. Certainly, the things that the money was going to be used for have gone. It's not quite "furlough" or "starve", interestingly. I did suggest some part-time working to bring in some money, but I was told a flat "no" by people.
  16. I'm not saying you should magic up a solution. It was the callous attitude that the personal circumstances of your colleagues and the effects of these on their reasons for not wanting to return to work were none of your company's concern that riled me. You expressed surprise at "resentment" and I am trying to explain why people who are being told to either not be paid or quit their job might feel a bit resentful.
  17. Also really liking this Westerman album. Have avoided listening to a lot of pre-release songs and glad I did as the album is mega. Shame it doesn’t seem to be getting too much traction, but can see him going places. Any other recommendations from yesterday anybody?
  18. Hummm that will either be horrible or amazing, update us once you have tried
  19. So do you think the current dates in Prague, Krakow and Vienna will be rescheduled to November 2021 soon? Or cancelled and a full tour announcement with additional arena dates later?
  20. In effect what will happen if the company goes under. As it happens, the company is spending circa £3,000 a month on unrecoverable costs to have people on furlough, as I said in my earlier post. I'm personally not offering anything as such, just interested in a discussion about employment and the virus. The stark choices are realistically though - find a workaround to do a job (like different hours, working from home etc, reduced hours etc), take money out of the company to cover pay (& thus slowly go bust) or universal credit. UC is considered "enough" for people (not that I'd agree but that's a different issue). It's not something that will be unique - it will be happening to most companies right now. I find it baffling that you are saying that it is down to the company to magic up a solution.
  21. I think I remember hearing Coachella will ask all/most of the 2020 lineup back for 2021 as it’d be a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to all of the 2020 acts if they just threw them to the side in favour of a whole new lineup, but I suppose we’ll see. Some acts might not want to tour that early in the year anyway due to the virus and Rage’s tour doesn’t start until June so they may well have decided against returning either way, but I’m certain Coachella will’ve asked them back - their reformation is too big of a deal to not want back, especially with the upcoming election.
  22. Thanks for the belated birthday best wishes crazyfool1. Well, if you tell us your birthday date now, then we can all bombard you with best wishes on the day. That should raise your spirits.
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