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  2. It's Keith vaz who authorised it though, someone who is very much a blairite...
  3. dingbat2

    Sam Fender

    Real shame this, I was looking forward to catching him more than anyone this weekend, I really thought he would be the highlight. Never mind, hope he gets better soon, he is a real talent and sure we will catch him next year
  4. Yeah the Thursday posse! The Wednesdsy crew have all opened their presents on Christmas Eve. We are the sensible ones who have the presents to open on Christmas Day! We have all that childish excitement ahead of us....
  5. Can you imagine the joy of winning tickets before the October sale!
  6. ceetee


    Not on-site until tomorrow but I'll start adding when I'm there
  7. No worries mate. Try to be more careful though.
  8. It had well over 100 quid in it, genuinely thought I’d lost it and I heard people shouting my name out as they’d obviously looked at the ID and gave it back to me cash in tact. I’ve said thanks in person but it deserves publicising. Thank you so fucking much.
  9. Hey, Does anyone know if the generic main festival entry staff/performer bands for the pyramid stage are specific for each day? I am working on Friday and again on Sunday for different artists and want to make sure I can get in and out each day as we are staying in a hotel. Any help is much appreciated Cheers,
  10. 😲 I’m not there this year but this makes me very sad! Their breakfast was my staple for years!
  11. Call me a cynic but I think you'd still be complaining
  12. What a brilliant thread. An epic with a cast of thousands and (it looks like) a happy ending.
  13. Kasier chiefs are also playing I'm amssing they will play for 45 mins
  14. Could Sam fender dropped out of trnsmt as he's cancelled some shows
  15. I’ve seen this exact image from someone else trying to sell this ticket. So I’m guessing this image is flying around the internet and people are making a quick buck off us desperate souls 😂
  16. The timing is so that he (Corbyn's mate) can be in the round of MP selections. Also to cover it up under Johnson's shenanigans.
  17. hi - have you still space for 2 ? thanks Mike
  18. sisco

    Sam Fender

    Yep, that’s annoying
  19. snailcheeks

    Sam Fender

    Who do we think will replace him? Another one on my list scored off...
  20. hi - is your post still relevant ? let me know asap, looking for space for 2 maybe 3 people, and I may have a car pass already.. thanks!
  21. Don’t worry, there’s always space up there. Even in 2016 when loads of people camped there because of the mud there was still plenty of space on Thursday afternoon.
  22. No way to get in I don’t think thinking of driving down there to see what the crack is 🤣
  23. I don't know enough about Labour strategy to follow what's going on here. If it's because they expect a GE, why is now a good time to have him back? What's the rationale? Surely if it's just he's a mate, any time would do? Is he likely to win over another candidate in a GE? Otherwise, why?
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