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  2. and damn fine they are likely to be too.... But they aint The Rev.
  3. The Hu are touring and free on the weekend. They'd be awesome.
  4. Added the Sonic lineup to the Glastonbury 2019 playlist, after Avalon. Enjoyed more of it than I expected tbh, esp the mellower tones of Crazy P, Dan Shake, and FKJ, all new to me. Also recent TBCs Freestylers, Land of Giants and brilliantly-named wonky Welsh slackers Sock.
  5. Neil..... Andrew Maxwell Morris is playing again according to his website. Not sure where and when... he will probably play a few of the smaller venues, but is a regular in Avalon Cafe.

  6. It's a family thing with me. You see, I like a touché, my dad likes a touché, and his dad before him liked a touché.
  7. aww brilliant! I am so glad they have allowed the time for her, I may try a similar approach for the boys school xx
  8. It takes a lot of hard work to reach the adult stage. Daily doses of buckfast and glue sniffing are required to see you through the teenage years and only a minority reach the rab c nesbitt stage. The rest of us fall away and are tempted by such evils as salad, fresh fruit and vegetables. We blend seamlessly into UK society and can wander through the Glastonbury festival unnoticed. Only the appearance of biffy clyro or Gerry cinnamon reawakens our primitive urges to swear uncontrollably and dine on deep fried confectionery and special brew.
  9. The house of York lost.
  10. I’m going to throw it out there as the next announcement being more names for the main 5 stages, like a bigger first poster. Just have a feeling after what Emily was saying. I am however very drunk
  11. Is it not a case that only those killed by the hands of the dead can rise/be reanimated? Or can the night king raise anyone? Or does anyone know? Thus far we have only witnessed the rise of those killed by the hands of the wights, white walkers and the night king, yeah? Why would the night king need an army if he could just silently stroll through Westeros and raise all the dead in the ground, surprise attacking all the living and ultimately taking over the world effectively, undetected? If he can raise any and all of the dead I would think the whole story to be majorly flawed and the night king to be tactically naive.... 🤔
  12. Despite the fact they said they hadn’t been asked before Twilight Sad have tweeted to say gig news tomorrow I’m still clinging onto hope
  13. Despite the fact they said they hadn’t been asked before Twilight Sad have tweeted to say gig news tomorrow I’m still clinging onto hope
  14. Where do people think Vampire Weekend would place these days? Maybe I'm biased as I'm a huge fan but they're new singles seem to be doing really well.
  15. It's all about the barcode.
  16. I did it at Hop Farm for Prince. We were let in at 12 and we just sprinted for the front. Was it worth it? Even though we had to stand through Tinie Tempah. Hell yeah.
  17. Ugh, what am I supposed to do with this rental dragon then?
  18. Least I’m not w*nking off over Wolf Alice and Brutus 🤢
  19. Hello. Does anyone know if there are any minimum age restrictions for children traveling on coaches without an adult. We are sorting groups for the resale and it maybe that one group is 2 14 year olds. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  20. a bit of an off the wall one today £8 Square(d) pie and mash or
  21. OG

    Happy St. George day

    I thought all Scottish kids looked like this and all adults like this
  22. Today
  23. https://www.iq-mag.net/2019/04/superstruct-broadwick-global-festival/#.XL9-cRbTWEc
  24. Nice live version from 6 music
  25. Luton 2 Wimbledon 2. No words to describe the Sunderland Pompey game on Saturday.
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