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  2. right then... Album: Bruce - Western Stars Song: Nazamba - The Hills Glastonbury Set: Elephant Sessions Non-Glastonbury Gig: DubFX - one love festival Film: Little Monsters TV Show: Sons and Daughters (someone has uploaded them all to youtube so i'm re-watching this brilliant show) Book: Horrace Campbell - Rasta and Resistance (old book but keep re-reading) Game: (For those who play them) xbox gold ran out several years ago... never got round to renewing and kinda lost interest in games for some reason. eFester of the Year 2019: dunno, sorry.
  3. Are we completely ruling out 'the national" because they are playing BKS?
  4. It would be very sad and weird to see a 20th year celebration without any of Ty Segall, Deerhunter (or Bradford Cox in any kind of form) and Thee Oh Sees.
  5. Maggie Rogers is on there twice so it's definitely fake. Nice lineup though!
  6. Fucking hell, is anyone else through to pre-sale tickets being charged £81 for a day ticket or have I done something wrong here?
  7. Sonic youth aren't reforming. So that's one reason it's a fake!
  8. AlexOvd


    "Pyramid size headliners" - "we have gone big this year on Other" and then Dua Lipa and Noel? Are they actually bigger than Chemical Brothers or Tame Impala last year? Because I don't think so. I have seen this last two ones headlining European festivals and Dua Lipa/Noel in second lines always. I don't know, I am a bit sceptical about that even though technically/calendar it can be obvious.
  9. Also it's missing the last name from the list I was given. I can't share the name sadly but they aren't on that lineup.
  10. Missing the Dice logo again but I'd be over the fucking moon with that lineup. Been desperate for artists like Saba, Smino, Denzel, Brockhampton to come to Barcelona. Some names are way too far down the list for it to be realistic to me but nice to know we're getting closer to what the festival is going to look like.
  11. All that and no Daft Punk? I'll be returning my deposit.
  12. FloorFiller


    Anyway Foals possibly not being there, or having to play Sunday, is great news for me as it means I either won’t have to miss them in favour of Kendrick, or will see them sub Swifty, assuming Noel is taking the Other headline slot.
  13. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Did my postal vote last week. Dreading Friday morning and the chaos of the rest of that day. Supposed to be my Xmas party with work and I can't see there being much Xmas cheer. I am still slightly hopeful though. Hopeful that people will see some sense and see the shitstorm there has been for 10 years. If not i'll need some form of a Glasto announcement to cheer me up.
  14. Not usually. Even when Frank Ocean headlined it took a while. It's just the annoying tiered ticket system that can make it super expensive if you leave it too long
  15. I'd be well up for some ALFOS on the farm...
  16. Right then, you get one pick in each of the following categories... If I get time I'll collate them over the new year: Album: Lana Del Ray - Norman Fucking Rockwell Song: Fontaines DC - Boys in the Better Land Glastonbury Set: The Killers Non-Glastonbury Gig: The National @ The Brighton Centre Film: Avengers: Endgame (yes, yes, but I waited 22 films for it!) TV Show: Chernobyl (Toss up between this and Fleabag) Book: Elton John - Me Game: (For those who play them) Resident Evil 2 Remake eFester of the Year 2019: @a6l6e6x to whom I'm still grateful for sorting me out on T-Day
  17. Do you know, I thought that as I was about to submit. But I decided to stick to my guns. The principle remains sound
  18. Think TRNSMT already beat us to it, amiritelads? This has absolutely made my morning. Cap doffed.
  19. If it's a fake, someone has done a good job on making the Spanish names look believable.
  20. Ha ha I see what you’re going for, but in text form that’s just wrong 🤣
  21. You’re probably correct but nice to dream. I’d be pretty pleased if they get announced. Can’t see it mind you
  22. APE are in a bit of a difficult situation as it's quite a short lead time from Jan to May. Would leave only 4 pay days and Jan is usually quite tight. Would have thought the sooner they get the line up out the better but if people don't have cash, they don't have it
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